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I have been absolutely terrible when it comes to writing fandom things lately, especially kinky/porny things. Flist, if you would be so kind to help me out?

Leave a comment with a character/pairing/moresome, and a kink, and I will write up to 100 words** for that prompt.

Fandoms I can write for )

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Title: Without names or faces
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Amy, Raphael
Rating: PG
Words: 200
Summary: Amy and Raphael struggle to survive outside of Rouen's boundaries.

Salvation came from an unexpected source )
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Title: of love gone sour
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Amy, Raphael
Rating: PG
Words: 200
Summary: While tending to Raphael's wounds, Amy sees Raphael in a very different light.
Notes: Some one-sided Amy/Raphael.

I lay beside him, my hand pressed to his heart )
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Title: Trusting Strangers
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Amy, Raphael
Rating: G
Words: 200
Summary: A chance meeting between two very different kinds of outcasts.
Notes: Hey, remember that Destiny calls double-drabble series I was doing ages ago? no? In a fit of unexpected inspiration I actually wrote some new things for it. Also gave the series an actual name (and tag): We Were Meant to Wander.

The initial meeting between Amy and Raphael is waaaay overdone at this point but I wrote about it (again) anyway. :x

Curiosity, not concern, prompted me to leave )
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I ACTUALLY MADE A BINGO what is this. Granted, it's a tiny bingo, consisting only of four drabbles and a single icon, but at least it is finished.

Nothing explicit, but some of it is dark.


Title: All I Wanted
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Maxi/Kilik
Content Notes: For the Penance/Punishment kink. Contains consensual physical punishment.
Summary: Maxi doesn't think Kilik deserves this, but Kilik knows better.

I've hurt so many )

Title: You and I, and Everyone Else
Fandom: Ghost in the Shell
Characters: Motoko Kusanagi/Batou
Content Notes: For the Orgies and Decadence kink.
Summary: Batou and Motoko have an evening out. (Canon notes: Although this takes place in the Stand-Alone Complex continuity, the idea of sense-sharing/e-sex - people sharing their physical sensations through their cyberbrain connections - is from the manga. In the manga, e-sex can 'only' happen between people of the same sex due to physical differences.)

He'd been expecting dinner )

Title: The Sweetest Vintage
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Raphael/Siegfried
Content Notes: For the Bloodplay kink. Vampirism.
Summary: Raphael, doing what vampires do.

This will hurt )

Title: Heart and Mind, Separate
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Characters: Sayaka
Content Notes: For the Possession/Marking kink. Involves underage characters, no sex. Spoilers for Episode 7.
Summary: What magical girls dream of.

It's not just her soul )

And finally, one Revolutionary Girl Utena icon for the Historical Roleplay kink.


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