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20 icons of Valentine from Skullgirls. For [community profile] kink_bingo's medical kink.


Tell me where it hurts... )
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Spent some free time making some Trouble Witches icons. If you're not familiar with the series, might I suggest watching some dubbed cutscenes from the Xbox Live HD version of the game? They are magical.

15 icons of Lady Aqua under the cut. Comments and credit appreciated but not necessary and let's be real these icons are probably only of interest to me


...but I really shine in the spotlight! )
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Instead of writing today, I wasted my free time making icons from Thor and The Warriors Four.

29 icons, mostly Thor (sometimes baby!Thor!) with a few random Loki and Beta Ray Bill (also Baby Ray Bill!); comments/credit appreciated but not necessary.


a story of valor and wit like none thou hast ever heard )
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15 icons of Leanne from the video game Resonance of Fate. For [community profile] kink_bingo's "guns" kink.

a girl and her gun )
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I ACTUALLY MADE A BINGO what is this. Granted, it's a tiny bingo, consisting only of four drabbles and a single icon, but at least it is finished.

Nothing explicit, but some of it is dark.


Title: All I Wanted
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Maxi/Kilik
Content Notes: For the Penance/Punishment kink. Contains consensual physical punishment.
Summary: Maxi doesn't think Kilik deserves this, but Kilik knows better.

I've hurt so many )

Title: You and I, and Everyone Else
Fandom: Ghost in the Shell
Characters: Motoko Kusanagi/Batou
Content Notes: For the Orgies and Decadence kink.
Summary: Batou and Motoko have an evening out. (Canon notes: Although this takes place in the Stand-Alone Complex continuity, the idea of sense-sharing/e-sex - people sharing their physical sensations through their cyberbrain connections - is from the manga. In the manga, e-sex can 'only' happen between people of the same sex due to physical differences.)

He'd been expecting dinner )

Title: The Sweetest Vintage
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Raphael/Siegfried
Content Notes: For the Bloodplay kink. Vampirism.
Summary: Raphael, doing what vampires do.

This will hurt )

Title: Heart and Mind, Separate
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Characters: Sayaka
Content Notes: For the Possession/Marking kink. Involves underage characters, no sex. Spoilers for Episode 7.
Summary: What magical girls dream of.

It's not just her soul )

And finally, one Revolutionary Girl Utena icon for the Historical Roleplay kink.


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