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I am a very mature individual, and I took some time to take pictures of dolls action figures toys decorative items because I was tired of just looking and admiring them on shelves and/or my keys. Also it was easier to take silly pictures than write something for my last post of the month.

On that note, I actually completed a monthly challenge what is this. Hooray for sticking to schedules, or something like that!

hey homura
how u doin

wait what are you doing )
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The 30 days music meme got me thinking about Serial Experiments Lain again. I was reading through the Wikipedia article to brush up on the plot and while it wasn't especially helpful in that regard, (I still have no idea what the purpose of the K.I.D.S./Cyberia...stuff...was?) it did make me think about some other things.

First, the whole idea the creator had wrt American vs. Japanese audience interpretations...look, I admire his desire to create something with 'distinctly Japanese values' and reject American concepts that were imposed upon Japanese people after WWII. But...the philosophical concepts and technology theories presented in Lain are almost entirely Western in origin, and they aren't presented in a way that challenges their assertions on any level. When you invoke Western ideas without re-interpreting or challenging them, it seems rather naive to assume that an American audience will draw different conclusions from a Japanese audience.

I think Ghost in the Shell (the movies, in particular) is a series that generates different audience reactions more successfully than Lain, and that wasn't even a concern of the creators. (At least, I don't think it was a concern?) American audiences don't interpret the ending of the GiTS movie differently, per se, but the majority of the reviews and analysis miss the very obvious Buddhist underpinnings--I've only read one review that mentions how one of the last scenes with the Puppeteer and Motoko is supposed to be read as a Buddhist wedding/a symbol of Buddhist ideals of transcendence, for example. And I suspect the critical response to Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, which was fairly negative, was partially due to people being unfamiliar with Buddhist/Zen concepts and thus found the movie's philosophical musings as confusing. (Or worse, nonsensical--I do think Innocence was heavy-handed and clumsy in plotting and dialog, but the ideas it was trying to convey aren't nonsense, and I think it's really patronizing that some American critics have called it that.)

...wow, that was some tangent.

Secondly, even though I don't remember much about Lain's plot, I always enjoyed the initial hook, that Lain is just going through her lonely life until a dead person contacts her through the internet Wired. The idea of people dying in the material world and manifesting in the internet is one I really enjoy, and I wish I knew of more books/shows/movies that explore the concept. I've seen Kairo and Pulse (Kairo was pretty good, Pulse was not) a little bit of the .hack series, and pretty much everything connected to Ghost in the Shell--is there any other stuff that people have seen, in any media, that's concerned with people living in the internet, or sentient creations trying to contact/become people in the material world? I'd be interested in seeing it.
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★ One of the local hobby/comic shops is selling Madoka blind box figures! They're a bit pricey, but I am a weak-willed fangirl and bought two of them despite my better judgement. So now I have an itty-bitty Madoka and Homura attached to my keys. ♥ Hoping I can score a Kyubey and/or Mami the next time I stop in.

Blazblue Chronophantasma is in arcades now, and there's been a steady stream of gameplay and arcade storyline videos since its release. Some non-spoilery stuff worth sharing:

Bullet's Theme; Azrael's Theme; Amane Nishiki's Theme (I like all of them, but Bullet's is my favorite)

Makoto vs Amane; Bullet vs Arakune; Noel vs Azrael (I like this one because there is some CRAZY comeback action)

Relius' Astral on new characters, Bullet and Azrael's Astrals, Amane's Astral on all characters

★ Question: has anyone watched the Black Rock Shooter OAV/anime? The only Black Rock Shooter stuff I've seen is the Supercell video, and I wasn't enormously interested in the character, but the premise of the OAV and anime series sounds intriguing--like, it's about normal high-school girls who have alternate versions fighting in another world or something? I'm just curious if anyone has an opinion on whether or not to see it.

★ On that note, I've also had Mawaru Penguindrum and the Fate/stay night series on my 'to watch' list as well. Penguindrum because it's by the creator of Utena and it looks equally gorgeous and mind-trippy; Fate/stay night because...well, it's a little complicated. I want to see Fate/zero because Urobuchi wrote it, and I want to see how Fate/Zero compares to Madoka Magica and Saya no Uta. I figured I should watch Fate/stay night before Fate/Zero to get a sense of what the series is like, but I've gotten a lot of mixed information. The prevailing attitude seems to be that Fate/stay night, the anime, isn't particularly good or worth watching, and Fate/Zero can be watched and understood without having seen anything else in the canon. I've also heard the exact opposite said. :p So I dunno. Any suggestions?

Speaking of Fate/stay night, it seems to be universally accepted that the visual novel is better than the anime, and that I should just read that instead of watching the anime. I'm considering it, but truthfully, I've avoided the Type-Moon works because they seem so dense and complex and IDK, not very easy to get into quickly. I'm not sure I have the brainspace left to plough through another material-rich canon right now. :S

★ End note: A kind DW'er is holding a Depression Is A Lying Bastard Fest. From the post: It has come to my attention that it is That Time of Year again for most people with SAD in the Northern Hemisphere, and that for many other folks Bad Things and/or Anniversaries seem to be piling up. At times like this, it is hard to remember that Depression is a Lying Bastard and that it *does* get better again.

If you're feeling down for any reason at all, you can comment at the fest and hopefully find some encouragement and support to make things a little easier. ♥
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I spent most of today cleaning the house. On one hand, I'm pretty proud of the newly-shiny kitchen counter and empty sink. On the other hand, there is still a lot of work to be done and ugh i don't want to dooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeet tomorrow. /whine

I finished the kitchen a lot later than I expected (partially because I got distracted by silly interwebs things, whoops) so today's entry is going to be pretty short. Thank goodness for the 30 Days music meme that I still haven't finished! :P

day 28: a song that makes you feel guilty: Kiri no Ijigen by Nakaido Reichi )

day 29: a song from your childhood: Truly Outrageous by Jem and The Holograms )

the rest of the meme )
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Still plodding through Doom 3. I don't remember it being a particularly long game, although one of the achievements is to complete it in less than 10 hours which I guess means it's a lot longer than I thought. ANYWAY. When I first played through it took me aaaages to complete, because after like, half-an-hour I would be so creeped out I'd have to stop. (I'd like to say 'It was because I was young' but I was in college at the time, SO.) That hasn't really been an issue during this playthrough, but at one point, I was in a room that seemed like a dead end, and then a vent panel in the floor popped up, accompanied by ominous red light and eerie whispery noises to make it clear that a) crawling into a vent was inevitable and b) demons would be in said vent. And I just went lol NOPE and turned the game off.

THE THING IS, there were only two kinds of enemies that I could have encountered, both of which die in 1-2 hits, and I had approximately a zillion shotgun shells--it's not like any potential encounter would be unexpected or even hard to deal with. But somehow, using nothing more than ambient sound and dynamic shadows, the game convinced me to...I dunno, fearquit? WELL PLAYED, id.

Also! One of my favorite things about Doom 3 is the implication that Hell is like, not a religious thing at all, it's just a place where extremely kill-happy aliens live, and the human race's idea of demons and hell come from prehistoric encounters with those aliens. And stuff like pentagrams and demon-summoning rituals are just how the demon/alien teleportation technology manifests, so when humans begin faffing around with super-advanced science like instant teleportation, or building devices that break down materials at the atomic level to create crazy destructive weaponry demon-contact is inevitable. Then humanity discovers that what they thought was supernatural WAS REALLY SCIENCE THE WHOLE TIME OMG.

Obviously this is a well-worn trope but I always appreciate it when a story makes use of it. It's a fun way to subvert the 'religion/spiritual/paranormal vs. science' conflict, and because I am a great big dork I love it when a story goes the extra mile and tries to explain fantasy shenanigans with science-fiction technobabble. IT JUST MAKES ME INEXPLICABLY HAPPY.

SO ANYWAY. The whole "magic is really science" thing is one of my favorite things about the MCU version of Asgard. (I don't think it holds up for comics Asgard because--even though there are a lot of sci-fi elements in the Thor comics, there's a fairly strong definition between magic stuff and science stuff there.) But weirdly it has become an issue in the slash fiction I read lately. ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN. In like, nearly every slash fic involving Loki, the author uses Loki-magic to get around the 'boring' parts of the sexy bits, like taking off clothing and/or lubing up, because nobody ever wants to just like, describe people doing these things for some reason. And every single time this happens in fic instead of thinking about an undressed ready-for-fuckings Loki I start thinking 'BUT WAIT. If magic is just highly advanced science what are the processes involved in waving your hand to lube yourself up HOW DOES IT HAPPEN, EXPLAIN IT TO ME WITH SCIENCE PLEASE' and try to think of how one could manipulate the natural surroundings in such a way as to create lubricant out of thin air, and how to get the lube on/in the pertinent places without actually putting one's hands there which is maybe missing the point of the fic?

so yeah that's today's post

i am far, FAR too pleased at somehow seguing from Doom 3 to MCU slash fic tropes. clearly, I AM THE BEST BLOGGER.


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