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My Thanksgiving went something like this:

★ A car ride in which the soundtrack was the entire discography of Boyz II Men (and nothing else)

★ A Jenga game in which no one noticed that the tower was built improperly until the game was well underway. Also: I was the one who made the tower fall. :(

★ An Apples to Apples game that I won! Won with a convincing green apple card lead, even. It helped salve the deep psychological wounds I suffered from being the one who lost at Jenga.

★ A Thanksgiving dinner where my ratio of dinner to dessert was something like, one small plate of dinner food to five slices of pie. My priorities are in the best kind of order.

★ Cooperative Tetris, which is the hardest game ever created. Well, hardest ever after Ecco the fucking Dolphin. But yeah. No team could get past level 0.

★ A return trip in which we listened to an 'original story' on NPR and found it incredibly boring. I think it was about a single mother trying to restore an old house? It was extremely difficult to give any fucks.

And now I am going to bed and hopefully will sleep right through the worst parts of Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, flist, and if you don't, Happy Thursday! :Db
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HOW IS THANKSGIVING ONLY A WEEK AWAY?! Also it totally sucks that the week before Thanksgiving is the time when all the stores start blitzing you with CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ads and decorations and the like, since Thanksgiving is as early as it can possibly be and just ugh i am not ready for the false commercial cheer yet. I'M STILL MOURNING HALLOWEEN'S PASSING, DAMNIT.

I have been craving oysters on the half-shell for months now. I don't know why it started, but it's practically impossible to slake since the closest place that serves them (and that I would trust not to give me food poisoning) is kinda far away, and in a busy downtown area that has shitty parking. It is also on the expensive side, even for seafood, but I have a little extra cash to waste on something frivolous like an overpriced night out.

Speaking of nights out, my brother and sister took me out to dinner tonight to celebrate finishing my LNA licensing process (finally!) and I had the MOST AMAZING drink. It was a beer cocktail, which I have not tried because IDK, mixing beers and liquor sounds like it might be a bad idea? But this was just a chocolate stout mixed with a raspberry beer and sdlkfjasklenawofjkj IT WAS LIKE DRINKING A LIQUID CAKE. Well, okay, it wasn't as sickeningly sweet as it sounds, but that's a plus. The biggest reason I like beer is because there are like a bazillion flavored brews out there now, and they're not just glasses full of different corn syrup flavors, like most drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) these days. I like a little bite in my sweetness.

Thoughts on NaBloPoMo, having just passed the mid-way point:

-It's nice to look at the calendar and see all the days filled. (It would look even nicer if the calendar on this particular layout didn't get all wonky once the numbers hit double digits. Maybe I should mention this somewhere?)
-Good way to get a lot of unsorted thoughts out of the brain, haaha
-Remembered what's FUN about LJ/DW-style blogging after months of mostly tumblr'ing

-Let's be real, some days there is just nothing to blog about. Then you're stuck making a post that you aren't really thrilled to do, and probably isn't much fun to read, either.
-If you're writing something you haven't really thought through, trying to make it coherent can take a lot of time. Which is fine, but it does take up a big chunk of my leisure time. OH WELL. There are worse things than having less time to flail about in video games. :P

Uh, to not miss a day and hopefully write interesting things?
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whoa. sup, DW?

have spent a lot of the last week getting ready for April, which will be FULL OF HAPPENINGS:

April 6th-8th: NERDPOCALYPSE IN BOSTON. Seriously, Anime Boston's tenth anniversary and PAX on the same weekend? Can one city handle so much concentrated geekery for a whole weekend? I am SO EXCITE.

I may even be meeting a long-time internet-only pal there which is a little intimidating but mostly just fills me with glee! I mean, I'm not sure if it's going to happen but if it does it would be ~super cool~

April 15th: MS Walk My sister has been fund-raising up a storm for this and a whole bunch of family members who I don't get to see that often are planning to join us this year, so it looks like we'll have a pretty big team. Awesome.

April 21st: SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY (I have no idea what I should get the birthday surprisee...)

April 29th: Haru Matsuri~

wow. now that i have it written out, that's something happening every weekend. My life is never this eventful. :O

...I'm not even prepared for Animu Boston yet. O_O
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Friday I went to the Harvard Natural History Museum with my sister. It's one of those things I'd meant to do way back when I was still attending college in the Boston area but never got around to.

Also Jazz in July started that day and I really wanted to see Yoko Miwa live. (This I didn't actually get to do, but she'll be performing again this month so I was only a little bummed out.)

SO! I wasn't entirely sure what to expect at the museum, because I only knew about their glass flower exhibit, extensive taxidermy animal collection and super-low admission price. Basically my sister and I were just hoping it wouldn't be a) boring and b) smelly/gross.

cut for pictures )


thrilling isn't it
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In my universe shopping is dangerous )

Anyway, here is a meme from [personal profile] hamimi_fk:

- Comment with "Hit me!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people.

The questions [personal profile] hamimi_fk gave me:

1. Zombie apocalypse! What's your weapon of choice?
A Remington 7600 pump action rifle. A year ago I probably would have said automatic shotgun, the standard zombie slayer, but I had a talk with a friend who is a gun-nut about guns that are easy to use, and he said shotguns are simple to shoot but the recoil for most of them is strong enough that rapid-fire shooting is really painful unless you have the arm strength to handle it. Since I am always preparing for the zombie apocalypse, I asked him what gun he would recommend for a) the apocalypse and b) a person whose only gun experience was with the airsoft variety. And he was like, "A rifle."

Also rifles look cool, and you don't have to be up close to a zombie to be effective.

2. If you could write the story for a game, what's a basic idea of what you like to write?
OH GOSH. I don't know. I don't have many original story ideas. Um. I think I would start with a girl protagonist who somehow discovers the ruins of a massive underground civilization and starts exploring it, and then...stuff happens! Maybe I would write in supernatural shenanigans? It might be mysterious and fascinating, or full of horror, I don't know. I just would like to see girl protagonists and old civilizations and underground exploration.

3. Vehicle of choice (aka, favorite kind of vehicle)?
If I could drive anything in the world?

A 1997 Nissan 180SX. Preferably in blue. Was this choice influenced by Impact Blue from Initial D? Hells yes.

If you mean more generally, I really love cars, and driving, and racing people on the street at night

4. Best video game you ever played?
OH NO this is hard. But the first game that came to my mind was Phantasy Star IV. It is pretty much my ideal RPG: tons of things to explore and NPCs to speak to, world-building that is neither too vague nor too detailed, a storyline that is epic in scope but not pretentious or humorless, colorful and unique character designs (and character personalities), and a fun battle system with character-specific skills. I like character specific skills. c:

Also, it had really involved cutscenes that had been hand-drawn then pixel-fied for the Genesis. The game was supposed to be on the Sega CD and have animated cutscenes, but the Sega CD was pretty awful so they moved PSIV to the Genesis, but tried to keep the animated cutscene idea in as much as possible. The stills from PSIV's cutscenes look good even today.

It also had a side quest where you bought cake for a dog. EXCITING!

5. If a rooster lays an egg on the tip of a pointed roof, which side would the egg roll down?
I C WHUT U DID THERE! Roosters don't lay eggs.

But if they did, I bet the egg would just break on the point of the roof, and if it was a hot and sunny day, there would be fried egg for breakfast.


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