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terabient: A girl looks up at a glowing machine (Blazblue: Izanami)

paradise in the labyrinth

no exit or end

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Created on 2009-12-20 05:02:08 (#466519), last updated 2019-02-14 (4 weeks ago)

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Hello! On the vast and infinite net, I usually go by terabient or janejana.

Access/Subscription Policy: Open
What I use this journal for: Discussion about stuff I'm watching or reading, video games and gaming (my ~one true love~), RL events that strike me as noteworthy, occasional icon sets/fic/art, rants about how people are wrong on the internet. (This one is rare, though)
Stuff I'm interested in: Anime/manga/gaming, Asian pop culture, international/world literature, Western comics, general fandom/nerd culture
Stuff I'm NOT interested in: Western live-action TV/movies, YA fiction, discussions on making non-canon ships canon and related shipping wank
Warnings: Occasionally, I write about incest/dub-or-non-consensual/generally unhealthy 'ships, and guro (graphic depictions of grotesque things, including violence). I put such discussions and fic under cuts with warnings, but I understand if such topics are a subscription dealbreaker.
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