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I got a few games during Steam's Lunar New Year sale, despite having an enormous backlog of games already and a dwindling budget. At least this time, I actually played them instead of letting them sit uninstalled in my library forever. Some thoughts:

Strange Telephone
its body split apart...but it seems fine

Okay, this wasn't actually part of the sale, but I did have a coupon for it that was about to expire. Strange Telephone is a pixel adventure game where you play as Jill, a girl who wakes up locked in a strange room. A floating, living phone named Graham serves as her only method of leaving the room: by dialing any six digit number, Jill can connect to a random "world" which may or may not have something that will help her escape to her own world.

The creator cites Yume Nikki as a direct inspiration for Strange Telephone, and while they share the same pixelated, eerie-cute aesthetic and gameplay that focuses on finding items and using them to interact with the strange worlds you encounter, Strange Telephone is more directed and linear than Yume Nikki, and less unsettling as well. It's also much smaller in scope; even though the potential number combinations you can call exceed 3 million, there are only 10 or so world 'templates' available, and each world is the size of a single screen length. (Exiting the world by walking off screen sends you to another number based on what your initial dial, i.e. if you dialed 222222, then walked off-screen right, you'd be in world 222223. I called about 7 numbers (2 given to you at the start of the game, then 5 numbers from my IRL address book) and between them I managed to see every generic world within an hour. The variety comes from the creatures and interactable items you find within each world, but there are not a lot of characters or items either so the fun that comes from exploring wears out quickly.

Being an adventure/escape the room game, there are a fair amount of puzzles. Unfortunately, they're not done particularly well; the clues given are pretty vague (if any are given at all) and a lot of puzzles lead to alternate endings and thus end up being self-contained--having absolutely no bearing on solving the major puzzle of the game, unlocking the door in your room. Thankfully, it's easy enough to brute-force most puzzles just by using your entire inventory on any object or character you come across. Eventually something will happen.

I ended up clearing the game in about 4 hours (11 endings, all items, completed library) and while it was an enjoyable game I probably won't be returning to it again.

....and I was going to write more, but I'm falling asleep at my desk so I'll continue tomorrow.
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I put in a bunch of job applications last month, which means this month has been a lot of interviews. I've had two places decline already (oh well) the rest are undecided because it takes like a billion years to get through the hiring process in health care. There are a few other places I'm thinking of applying to, but they're either farther away, basically my old job but with a different agency, or sound a bit too uh...new-age....for my tastes, going by their mission statements. But a job is a job, and if nothing pans out locally I guess I'll have to look elsewhere.

anyway, since I'm basically waiting or calling people back all day, I've had a lot of time to...do nothing, really. Except play games even more because what am i doing with my life.

★ In Downwell I can get to the normal mode boss with some consistency, but I don't know if I'll ever get to a point where I can beat it...I get there with about 6-8 HP, then blow through it really fast because I can't keep track of where I am on-screen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I was using the floaty style at first for easier combos but now I use the arm spin for the guaranteed gun modules + the health/ammo upgrades they give. (also i just really love the sprite animation ♥) I might switch to the style that starts with extra health since my boss strategy is to tank most of its stuff @__@

★ I actually did this awhile ago, but mentioned it exactly nowhere: I customized an arcade stick. I'm thinking about painting the chassis with a more fitting color than black, but idk that would probably take more work than I'm willing to do.

I'm getting used to it by playing DoDonPachi Resurrection. My runs have been better overall so far, but I have trouble doing very slight movements with the stick. I'm still using the stock joystick, and I don't know if I should change it out...I'm not sure what the best choice would be for this particular problem. I don't think it's a matter of just switching from a square to an octagonal gate, since I don't have any issue with diagonal movements. Switching to something with high-tension sounds like it might help but I don't know for sure. I wish I knew where to ask around for help with these things. x_x

★ Taken from tumblr: For ten days, I post an image from a video game that has impacted me without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge.


I have a lot of mixed feelings about Type-Moon's writing, but I like Tsukihime a lot.

today's tag is [personal profile] masu_trout! ♥
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I've been cleaning up my A03 profile, summaries, and content tags, and I'm having a hard time tagging my M-rated fic. I'm generally someone who under-tags, as I've always felt that having too many tags is frustrating to readers. But undertagging means a reader has less control when it comes to content they want to avoid, so I'm trying to find a happy medium between over- and undertagging. Help me out, flist?

Poll #21200 AO3 Tag Etiquette
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What is your preferred method of tagging sexual content in M/E rated fic?

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Tag with every sex act that occurs, whether it is explicitly described or not
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Tag for sex that is explicitly described only (vague or implied acts are ignored)
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Only tag for acts that are uncommon/fetish/high trigger potential
2 (50.0%)

Only use general tags (i.e. "sexual content" "choose not to use warnings" etc.)
0 (0.0%)

I don't have any preference
1 (25.0%)

how explicit is explicit anyway
0 (0.0%)

what are tags
0 (0.0%)

Related, how useful do you find style tags--"present tense" "drabble format" "second-person POV" etc? Is it something you appreciate when provided, or do you not notice/ignore it?

anyway, meme time.

Taken from tumblr: For ten days, I post an image from a video game that has impacted me without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge.

Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

i've never beaten this game, or any Ecco game for that matter, despite playing all of them. okay, not Ecco Junior.

today's tag: [personal profile] rutato who i don't think visits here anymore, but 🤷
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from twitter, this "all these words make sense individually but not together" style headline: Farming Simulator Esports Expands with League and Farm-Tech Sponsors

things i have learned:

★ Farming Simulator League has a prize pool of $284,000 (US) what the F U C K

★ There's a FarmCon specifically for the Farm Simulator series, not for farm simulators in general or, uh, actual farming.

★ The competitive mode is 3v3 hay bale stacking

★ Logitech produces a line of Farming Simulator-specific controllers and is planning to expand this hardware line

★ Farming Simulator devs specifically barred farm-tech companies from sponsoring the league as they did not want to create conflicts of interest between sponsored teams and the league

★ Farming Simulator 2019 sold 1 million copies in the first 10 days of its release which lbr blows most video game sales out of the water and explains why all of the above exists

I, for one, am looking forward to the heated discussions on what is considered "cheap" "low-skilled" "uncompetitive" in team-based hay bale stacking and any other competitive farm activities the devs create.
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Taken from tumblr: For ten days, I post an image from a video game that has impacted me without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge.

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza

today's tag is [personal profile] weber_dubois22! (if you're interested in doing this ^^)

i wonder how many people on my subscribe list are still active?
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Taken from tumblr: For ten days, I post an image from a video game that has impacted me without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge.

Final Fantasy X-2

today's tag is [personal profile] fujicori! (i got ~fancy and used a virtual name drawing site this time)

Some other game stuff:

★ I got Downwell during the steam winter sale and uhhhh I LOVE IT. Very disappointed in myself for dying to bats like 90% of the time. Very pleased that one of the abilities you can get is gaining health by eating the bodies of your enemies. I also think this might be one of those games I play for a long time but never actually beat.

★ In Overwatch I've been trying to re-focus on improving my support play--for the past few competitive seasons I've basically been a D.va one-trick with some DPS fills when necessary (which happened more often than usual during the last two seasons.) But I feel like D.va + hitscans that aren't McCree is too narrow a hero pool and my performance is too streaky on DPS to make them my main role. I've been trying to get better at shotcalling as well, since I think I've got decent enough awareness to do so, at least for my rank...it's gone alright so far? At least when I'm playing Mercy or Lucio (I've had a few games where I've literally told the team's Reinhardt what to do, like "drop your shield and start swinging" levels of micromanaging...) I'm struggling a lot with Zenyatta, my aim is okay but I never feel like I'm using discord efficiently. I just kinda pick whoever's closest to me, or the Widow if they have one lol. I don't really know what to look for in terms of prioritizing discord targets :/

★ Soulcalibur VI released a balance patch last week and i've spent an inordinate amount of my free time trying to figure out how badly my main has been nerfed. (A LOT LOL) I've worked out how most of the changed stuff works, at least at a basic level, but I'm kind of nervous about posting it on public forums because I've never labbed stuff like this before, and I'm worried about being wrong. Only, being wrong is totally normal thing when you're trying to suss out game mechanics and it usually takes a group effort to do so...I shouldn't be nervous, but I am anyway hahAAA. I've just been sitting on this growing txt. file trying to talk myself into posting it.
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from tumblr: For ten days, I post an image from a video game that has impacted me without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge.


...not providing any sort of context is proving harder than i thought. it's like, you want to say why this moment and this game is impactful to you, but that's against the rules. :P

Wildly waving my cursor over my mutual subs list landed on [personal profile] jack_of_none, if you would like to do this. :>
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Taken from tumblr: For ten days, I post an image from a video game that has impacted me without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge.

Phantasy Star: End of the Millenium

tagging [personal profile] tehexile, whose drabbles have made me think about PS a lot lately :) (of course, don't feel pressured to do this if it doesn't interest you!)
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Title: these vices are my service
Fandom: Persona 4
Characters: Yu Narukami, Tohru Adachi; Adayu
Rating: T (mild sexual content, consent issues)
Words: 1100
Summary: A late summer evening. Adachi presumes too much, and Yu doesn't know how to respond. No direct references to P4's ending but I'd consider it spoilery all the same.
Notes: I literally do not remember writing this but it was in my Google docs, so ??? I also do not remember the Marie-Adachi scene mentioned at the beginning; it might have been from the mostly terrible anime adaptation, idk.

I didn't mean to scare you. )

fic recs

Jan. 3rd, 2019 10:10 pm
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I'm not going to do all of the snowflake challenges, but this one sounded fun, and gives me the chance to practice explaining why I like various things--something I'd like to do more of this year.

Day 2

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create.

Get ready for some >2,000 word fic with dark character interpretations and relationship angst, because that is my catnip.

Je le pansai, Dieu le guérit by en passant (Overwatch, Widowmaker/Ana Amari, graphic descriptions of violence, sexual content)

The cracks in the mirror extend down her reflection’s nose and across both eyes. A perfect T shape that warps her face. Her eyes are obscured, her nose broken and crooked, only her mouth remains a perfect image. She presses her fingertips to the glass, feeling the smoothness that puckers and dips into the crooked lines and cracks. It tears into her skin, just enough to draw blood but it’s cold enough in the bathroom that she barely feels it.

When did she break the glass?

Widowmaker, reflecting on the day she shot Ana, and thrilling at the idea of killing her again. The juxtaposition of violence and the pleasure Widowmaker takes in dealing it is deeply unsettling in a way that feels very in-character.

not when we could be enemies by cakecakecake (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Homura/everyone, sexual content)

homura's been close with all of them.

An angst-filled look (because it's PMMM, ofc) at the sexual relationships Homura has with all the magical girls. I didn't think it was possible to write Homura/Sayaka and have it be so tender, but this fic delivers while also breaking your heart. Some wonderful turns of phrase here; "not when we could be enemies" sunk deep into my brain when I first read it and hasn't left since.

born to die by x (Persona 4 Golden, Tohru Adachi/Yu Narukami, Yu/others, mild descriptions of violence)

You're not so different-- except that you are.

A darker take on what motivates New Game+ Yu Narukami. Does a great job of convincingly depicting Yu as someone cold, calculating, and methodically reaching for immense power; takes a game ending famous for its poignancy and turns into a much more ominous moment.
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The Steam winter sale is almost done (it ends January 3rd), and i probably should have done this sooner, but here is a list of all the shmups I have played, their sale price, and my extremely biased thoughts on which ones are worth getting and which ones are not. d^_^b

Cream of the Crop

Danmaku Unlimited 2 ($0.99) - A straightfoward shmup with a beautiful esoteric soundtrack, a clean, minimalist graphic style and mechanics that are easy to grasp and connect in such a way that it's relatively easy to survive if that's what you focus on, but requires a high-risk, high reward approach for high scores.

Crimzon Clover ($1.99) A shmup classic and one that's frequently recommended by people who haven't obsessively played everything in the genre. Simple in the sense that gameplay boils down to "kill these waves of blisteringly fast enemies before they kill you," made difficult through brilliant enemy placement, variety and fiendish bullet patterns. Excellent boss design; the Stage 3 boss is one of my favorite fights in any game.

Trouble Witches Origin ($4.99) I cannot speak objectively about this game: it's probably my favorite shmup of all time. A horizontal cute 'em up where you control magical girls instead of ships, with a heavy emphasis on bullet cancelling rather than dodging. Has a large selection of characters to choose from, with very distinct ways of playing each one due to differences in shot type, familiars (a permanent 'option' that isnt' directly controlled) and magic barriers (the thing you use to cancel bullets). A little anemic on modes but the ones that exist (arcade/story, time attack and boss rush) are all very different from one another. For some reason has a rather robust storyline with a lot of cute art and an atrocious translation that makes everything hilarious whether it's intentional or not.

Ikaruga ($4.99) Another classic shmup. Has a "polarity" mechanic where you become immune to one type of bullet and you must switch frequently between types to get through patterns; doesn't feel like anything else in the genre. Rewards a more methodical approach compared to the pace of most shmups, so while it's not easy it's more approachable to those turned off by the twitchiness of more frenetic bullet hells.

Deathsmiles ($7.99) This is...another horizontal cute 'em up with magical girls instead of ships. It's quite possibly CAVE's (a legendary shmup developer) most popular release. Has a creepy/cute gothic lolita aesthetic and soundtrack. Notable for having a non-linear stage progression and the ability to set the difficulty on a per-stage basis, excluding the extra and final stages. This release has several modes with different mechanics, with some featuring an extra character and stage.

Worth your time

Hurricane of the Varstray ($1.99) Made by the same developers as Trouble Witches, this is a vertical shmup that takes on an edgy sci-fi look. Suffers the same awful translation as Trouble Witches, but the ~edgy quality leads to some truly spectacular turns of phrase (there's a lot of very bizarre swearing and insulting that goes on). Like Trouble Witches, you're expected to cancel bullets rather than weave through them; in fact, it's literally impossible to dodge patterns after a certain point as the enemies and their bullets literally fill every inch of the screen for the vast majority of the levels. Instead of dodging, you fill up a super meter that sets off a screen clearing laser, which charges up another meter that temporarily turns your ship invincible and allows you to ram into literally everything for points. Timing your laser/invincibility use to coincide with the heaviest waves of enemies is where the difficulty lies. It's also pretty grueling at 12 stages with a second loop on top of that, so it's not suitable for short play sessions, although there is a Caravan mode included.

Diadra Empty ($2.99) An arena shmup heavily remincient of Defender, you play as a young girl searching for her sister with her dragon friend. Has a level-up mechanic where you can purchase different upgrades in between stages such as extra options, faster shield recharging, greater speed, etc. Stages are cleared by surviving for a set amount of time, then killing the boss that appears. I have the Amazon release, and the Steam release was apparently riddled with bugs on launch, though it appears a patch has fixed that issue.

RefRain -prism memories- ($7.49) This is another shmup that eschews dodging for cancelling mechanics; at higher difficulty levels, bullet patterns are deliberately designed to be impossible to weave through. Using bombs converts enemies into prisms that charge your bullet-cancelling weapon, and proper use of bombs and bullet cancelling can wipe out bosses within a second. Has a cyberpunkish plot that influences the presentation in a unique way (the idea is that you're hacking into some kind of database and each character has her own user interface/operating system(I think?). One of the few shmups where the story isn't an afterthought or complete nonsense.

Mushihimesama ($7.99) Vertical shooter that offers several different modes of varying difficulty levels and altered scoring mechanics. Normal is a straightforward "kill everything, don't die" affair, Manic and Ultra modes have a more complex scoring system that revolves around collecting gems to increase the points received on killing an enemy, and the Arrange/Version 1.5 modes add even more changes. Stages and sprites are beautiful and unlike any other shmup on the market; you play as the titular "Bug Princess" travelling through forests, deserts and mountains in order to find the God of the Kouju, the giant bugs you happen to be shooting down (but also serves as your mount and options). Infamous for having a bullet pattern so difficult it took 13 years to figure out how to survive it.

ESCHATOS (Wonder pack with Judgement Silversword and Cardinal Sins) ($12.99) While it's possible to purchase ESCHATOS and Judgement Silversword/Cardinal Sins separately, there's no reason not to buy them together; ESCHATOS is a semi-3D spiritual successor to Judgement Silversword, one of the last games released for the Wonderswan system, and playing both offers a nice contrast in how perspective can alter otherwise identical mechanics. ESCHATOS offers a time attack mode where you have a limited amount of time to clear level checkpoints and various actions will increase or decrease the time you have left. Both JSS and ESCHATOS have simple, understandable mechanics and don't feel as punishing as other shmups, although I wouldn't call either of them easy.

Wait on it these are good games, but you can probably wait for another price drop

BULLET SOUL and BULLET SOUL INFINITE BURST ($5.99 each) For some reason, Bullet Soul and Infinite Burst are separate releases on Steam, while the 360 release (the version I own) has both Bullet Soul and Infinite Burst in a single package. Bullet Soul vanilla is a mediocre game; it has very little in the way of gameplay that elevates it from 'shoot things before they shoot you' beyond the bizarre choice to cancel an enemy's bullet pattern upon their death. This makes things forgiving to the point of dullness for significant portions of the game. The secondary modes like Caravan, Score Attack and Version B are more enjoyable but it's hard to recommend a game when the main mode is so boring. Infinite Burst is essentially an Arrange mode that adds a coin-collecting mechanic where coins bounce up from the bottom of the screen before floating away at the top; letting coins disappear lowers your score. Bombs are replaced with a super-shot mode that is charged by collecting coins, and instead of extends there is a shield system in place. Infinite Burst is a much better game, but it's also devoid of secondary modes due the split release. So uh, idk wait until they're bundled or something?

DoDonPachi Resurrection ($14.99) The most accessible of CAVE's legendarily difficult DoDonPachi series, this is...still a hard game. Comes with a plethora of arranged/reworked modes in addition to the base game, which itself can be a massive time sink with multiple loops with strict requirements to access them. Scoring revolves around keeping a combo counter constantly active by either killing stuff or having your focus shot on an enemy; the counter resets very quickly if you aren't hitting something. Unique to this installment is a laser beam system where you can push back enemy lasers with your ship's focus shot; this leads to some brutal laser-grids-overlapped-with-bullet-waves sections in later levels. A great game if you don't mind the steep learning curve to become remotely proficient, but I find it hard to recommend at $15 when Deathsmiles and Mushihimesama are both below $10.

DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors ($24.99) The latest, and possibly, last release in the long-running DARIUSBURST series, this game has like a bajillion different modes, 9 ships with distinct, unique mechanics (and even more available as DLC) fantastic boss design and a eerie, beautiful soundtrack that stands out in a genre where a good soundtrack is practically a requirement. It is, in fact, so stuffed with content (which explains its high base price tag) that it becomes a little overwhelming: I've only played the arcade mode and cannot tell you much of anything about other modes. Arcade mode itself is quite robust; instead of a fixed level progression there are branching paths after each stage cleared and the boss you face at the end is determined by the route you picked. As a series that began in the 80s it features many of the design choices that defined shmups from that era--horizontal scrolling, several weapon types that you upgrade by collecting powerups, and tends to fill the screen with environmental hazards and varied enemy spawns instead of curtains of bullets. Has a "burst" system where you charge up a laser that can be shot and directed in several directions while your ship stays in a fixed position; against bosses, you can "intercept" their laser attacks by activating your own just before the opposing laser hits, which leads to enormous damage and can wipe out bosses quickly if you're willing to to take the risk. There's actually nothing bad and a lot that's good about DBCS; if you're a fan of older style shmups like Gradius it's worth buying even at this price, given that this is the lowest it's ever been. Still, it's significantly more than literally every other shmup on Steam, so a bit hard to recommend in that respect.

Not recommended for various reasons, i didn't enjoy these

QP Shooting Dangerous!! ($2.39) I played this very intensely for about a week then dropped it and I've never felt the need to revisit it. Not especially bad just kind of generic. There is only one character but there are a lot of option formations available but that's about all I remember.

Redux: Dark Matters ($2.59) This is R-Type stripped down to the absolute basic mechanics. Uninspired level design, some okay-ish bosses. Tends to be really easy OR obnoxiously difficult as the higher difficulty level just takes away some of your resources. Weird sound design that sometimes makes it hard to tell if you're hitting something or absorbing stuff with your bit, so dumb, unexpected deaths do occur.

XIIZEAL ($5.99) Vertical shmup that has a side-shot mechanic that you access by rapidly wiggling your ship from side-to-side. You're supposed to wiggle your analog or arcade stick to wiggle the ship, but in the PC release you can bind that to a button. The side-shot and enemy spawn patterns encourage you to use more of the screen real estate than most shmups but gameplay is pretty standard besides that. Has well-crafted sprites but the design is standard sci-fi military stuff.

Astebreed ($9.99) I played this for about 30 minutes and for the life of me I cannot remember anything about the experience beyond "I didn't like it." Uh, you pilot mechas instead of ships and I think meleeing enemies is involved?
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Because my mind goes blank every time I open up "new post," here is a ~thing:

Put "top 5" anything in the comments and I will answer ok go

Meme provided by [community profile] journalmemes.
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i've wasted a lot of time this weekend watching videos from a parody account of Tasty (a popular youtube/facebook cooking channel), Easy. it's like uh...if r/shittyfoodporn produced a cooking show:

other faves:
Emergency Spaghetti
Sushi Medley (be warned, this is the grossest one 🤢 but also the one that makes me laugh the hardest from start to finish)

anyway i hope everyone had a good weekend! ♥
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★ I had my final phlebotomy class today, and the important thing is, I passed the test with the worst score in the class orz I have a certification test next week but I can start applying for phlebotomy jobs now :o I'm not sure I will given how difficult I've found it, but at least it counts as contact hours for my LNA.

★ Google pushes a random assortment of gaming articles at me daily, some of which I understand and some which I do not, and sometimes I get stories like this: Fallout 76 canvas bags were given to social media influencers instead of the people who actually pre-ordered them? I'm not sure why Google thought this was RTMI given that I've played Fallout 4 for all of an hour, but then again, the Fallout 76 ongoing meltdown is fascinating enough to follow just for the drama alone. Everything surrounding it seems so....dumb? Why would you give away an item from an expensive premium game for FREE, to people who didn't need them, then replace the item you gave away with a low-quality version? Like just give the cheap bag to the '''''influencers''''' and let the people who actually pre-ordered the bag get....the exact thing they ordered???? EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY IS SO STUPID

★ I think I might try some sort of posting schedule for December--not daily, but maybe weekly or bi-weekly. I forgot how enjoyable just sitting down and journaling can be. Maybe post in some semi-dead communities like [community profile] girlgamers too -- I've been thinking about doing some kind of 'your week in gaming' posts to encourage people to share what they're doing and hopefully start up some conversations.

Pink Gorilla gaming had another "Twitch Shopping Network" stream and I probably shouldn't have gotten anything but I ordered more Pokemon plushies.......they also have pre-orders up for a Gamecube console mod thing so that it can output in true HD and digital sound BUT even with a discount applied it's like $100. I think it would be a great present for my brother, who still throws Gamecube parties (lol), but $100 is...a lot for a HDMI input.


Nov. 29th, 2018 11:49 pm
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I'm definitely not ready for this test tomorrow :D

EDIT: I really needed to spend the bulk of the day studying but I cleaned up the living room and put up Christmas decorations instead because I'm great at procrastinating. At least the living room looks inviting and festive now, i guess.

I have not used my Switch as much as I thought but it's also the last week of class and I'm working on job applications which is a lot more tedious than I remembered. Should have a lot of free time this weekend to really dig into Let's Go Pikachu :D

It's been a pretty quiet day so there's not much to talk about orz
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EDIT: okay and like 5 minutes after I posted this the internet went down and i had to contemplate posting from my phone or just calling it quits for tonight and settle for 'at least a post with some words went up so i don't break my NaBlo streak' but it came back on within the hour. pHEW

★ Phlebotomy class went well: I had six successful venipunctures tonight! Four of them were with the butterfly needle, which I've been struggling with throughout the course, but tonight I finally 'got' it. My sister was one of my volunteers tonight, and she said this was the first time she'd had a successful hand draw done on her, which was very nice to hear ^_^

★ Tumblr is getting real weird about what kind of content it will show in tags and whether or not NSFW blogs belong or not....so there's been a slight uptick in Dreamwidth activity as people start backing up their original content. I'm not sure if anyone will stick around given that the majority of communities are ghost-towns now :( I suppose I could start posting in some of them myself but all the ones I am interested in don't have active mods which could be an issue if spambots or real live jerks come around. :S

★ I sold off a huge amount of my gaming collection earlier this year, after realizing that I would never play large portions of it again (or ever, I am as bad as everyone else when it comes to buying games on sale) and...I feel like I should trim it down some more. There's not AS MUCH as there used to be, but there are still a lot of games that I'm not going to play any time soon, if ever, and they take up a fair amount of space. What's left is a lot harder to get rid of, though, due to emotional attachment or the rarity of the game itself.

Maybe I'll do some kind of Christmas giveway for the stuff that is hard to part with? When I'm attached to something I need to get rid of, I find it easier to give it to a friend than trying to sell it...
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★ I finished up a bunch of paperwork for job related stuff today, then started studying for my phlebotomy class tomorrow...and ended up falling asleep for two hours W H O O P S. I got a call from the pharmacy for a refilled prescription during that time frame as well, so I started errands at, oh, 8:30 this evening. I also managed to get all the way to the post office before realizing I'd left the mail at home, so I had to drive back home then back to the post office. Also also, some of the main roads were washed out from the melting snowbanks and rain today, so I had to take several detours each way.

Then, because I'm a basic bitch at heart, I stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts to get a pumpkin spice coffee but they had closed, like, 10 minutes before I got there. I probably should have gone straight home after that, but I felt like I had to get SOMETHING I wanted but didn't really need tonight so I drove 5 miles down the road to a different Dunkin' Donuts that I knew would be open because I used to stop by there when I had an overnight shift in the area. Then it took 15 minutes to get home because of the aforementioned water issue. I might not be making the best life decisions right now...but at least the coffee was nice and I had a lot of it.

★ Game stuff: I did part of the tutorial in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, and even though it uses a 4 button layout with only two of those buttons meant for attacking (the other two are dedicated to tag-related stuff) I still found it difficult to grasp beyond, like, the basics of autocombo and dedicated instant overhead moves. ~_~

I don't expect much from the story and nothing in the prologue suggests that I was wrong in this assumption, but I am glad to hear the dub voices for Blazblue again. I disliked Centralfiction's story and I think some of that is because I had to read its' vast amounts of stupid exposition instead of listening to it. Like it's a bit easier to tolerate walls of boring text when someone is passionately trying to sell it to you. And I've always preferred Noel's dub voice.

I played a few rounds of Overwatch and Soulcalibur VI. Nothing particularly exciting happened in Overwatch although I had a few games where dudes were mildly toxic about me picking Ashe >:| Also I headshot a blinking Tracer!!!, so now I have to quit Overwatch forever because I'm sure that will be my peak.

I was just grinding out the "play x number of matches online" type achievements in SCVI and ended up with an exactly 50% winrate, a rank up and a ragequit. Yay? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

★ I've been...thinking about writing fic lately. Which doesn't amount to much, I suppose, but given that I haven't considered fic for months (years?) until Kinktober this year, it's a significant change for *me,* lol. It mostly boils down to no one writing the porn I want to read but tbh that's always been my single greatest writing motivator.

wrt writing explicit material, I remember reading a tweet somewhere that suggested starting with the sex scene first which sounds like maybe a good idea? I often give up writing a thing because I lose motivation to get to 'the good part' which is always the strongest scene in my mind when I'm starting...so maybe starting at the part that is most interesting gives enough motivation to slog through the rest of the fic. Maybe something to try for next month.
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I think I have said this multiple times every year i do NaBloPoMo, but I really ought to set aside some time to write instead of waiting until 11PM to get started. WHOOPS.

★ I went to the day phlebotomy course to make up for the Friday I missed. Our instructor saved the liability/risks and dangers video for the last classes because it's uhhhh kind of terrifying. "Here's a recreation of a draw that ended in permanent disability for the patient!" It was hard enough doing draws on classmates & volunteers after weeks of practice...I would have quit the class if I'd seen the video BEFORE performing my first venipuncture.

The course ends December 8th. I'm not sure I'm going to apply for phlebotomy jobs specifically anymore, but I'm glad I took the course and like...found that out now instead of later, I guess. Next January I will hopefully be able to start a medication distribution certification course to broaden my prospects but I think I'll have the job I want anyway well before that.

★ I got a Nintendo Switch today! My sister had like, a bunch of coupons she wanted to use before her Gamestop membership thing expired, and they were running a promotion where you got a $50 gift card with the purchase of a Switch console, so...now seemed like a good time to buy one. I only have Let's Go Pikachu and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle right now; I don't want to get too many games because I don't have the time to play the ones I have :( But it's hard because the Switch has a bunch of stuff I'd LIKE to play.

Also it took me like 45 minutes to create a Nintendo account because I kept getting mixed up at the "sign in with your nintendo network id to easily make a Nintendo account, which is not the same thing as a nintendo network account" thing. @_@

Adventures in SCVI's Libra of Souls:

★ Mitsurugi abandoned me because uhhhh I guess he wants to fight people in Japan now
★ I beat up the Wind Priestess from yesterday, who turned out to be Talim's older cousin. Still haven't met Talim but I think that's for the next visit. I'm not sure what the purpose of this questline is beyond making sure my automaton avatar meets every character in SC canon, but maybe something interesting happens later on?
★ I was enlisted in the "Bring Seong Mi-Na home" army (I didn't have a choice orz) which i guess means my avatar has straight up replaced Hwang like a true Mary Sue AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
★ A weapons dealer tried to beat me up for my sword so I stole one of his weapons instead, which apparently is an Important Decision
★ I met Groh in a field full of rocks, told him "the truth about everything" and he ASSUMED I WAS LYING WHAT THE F U C K
★ Azwel showed up for the first time and in a mode filled with primarily pedestrian dialog he was GLORIOUS AND CAMPY and now I love his goofy evil!Jesus-lookin ass
★ Libra of Souls has a food mechanic where you "equip" a piece of food to get buffs, and because this is the 16th century like over half of the sidequests involve you protecting spice shipments. This means I have a sack full of rare and expensive spices and absolutely nothing else. So I keep imagining my human-sized doll shoving a big satchel of black pepper into her mouth before every fight. X)
★ On that note, absolutely no one has commented on the fact that my character is a giant, sentient ball-jointed doll. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Adventures in Overwatch

★ I had some goooooood games playing Ashe tonight (and a few not so good ones but whatever) I'm a little better at using B.O.B and detonating dynamite early. Still struggling a bit in sniper duels but I'm generally coming out on top in Ashe v. Ashe and Ashe v. McCree fights. Also been pretty consistent in taking out Pharahs, but a lot of people are playing Pharah way out of position after her direct damage buff so maybe it's less me being good and more them being reckless.
★ Managed to win a match without a shield tank on Hollywood defense while playing Mercy, which was PRETTY UNEXPECTED like no one on the team is quite sure how it worked. But that's Overwatch for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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