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i don't know why i'm writing this late. well, i do, it's because i'm in that limbo of being really tired but also not being able to fall asleep. woe is me.

so have a jumble of shallow thoughts on animus.

pokeani squee )

Sailor Moon Crystal siiiiiiiiiiiigh )

I still haven't watched any Dramatical Murder. WHOOPS.

In video games: I started the FFX HD remaster. I'm only at Besaid, so I don't have much in the way impressions beyond wow this is stunningly pretty and wow i forgot how much i disliked Tidus in the beginning.

Also I enjoy the remastered soundtrack, for the most part. I haven't come across a rearrangement that I've disliked yet--I know the one for Besaid had, um, a mixed reception, but I liked it a lot. The violin sounds beautiful.
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Pokemon Y update )


A few animu thoughts:

★ Pokeani XY continues to be mostly boring for the human characters but pretty great for the pokemon. Like, I hated disliked Hawlucha in the game, but in the anime it is hilarious and adorable--his gag is that he's really powerful, but his signature move Flying Press never hits anything because he takes too much time making the move stylish and cool looking. Also, I'm liking the trend of having the pokemon choose to travel with Ash rather then being caught--Froakie picked Ash as his trainer, and Hawlucha did the same--and it's kind of implied that, once Hawlucha has learned enough from Ash then he will go back to his forest. I just like seeing pokemon portrayed as equal to humans in intelligence/sentience, or close to it.

★ I'm actually more excited for Viz's re-release/re-dub of the original Sailor Moon anime after seeing some new dub clips. Christina Vee as Rei/Sailor Mars! Luna as, well, not an old lady! Scripts/translations that make sense! Original anime music! I'M SO HAPPY~

★ I kinda sorta want to watch DRAMAtical Murder even though I haven't played the VN and the general consensus of the anime is that it's not particularly good. I don't really have the patience to work through visual novels, and uh, I have somewhat low standards when it comes to anime, so I thought, 'hmmm, maybe I'll be someone who can enjoy the adaptation.' I guess I'll check out the first two episodes and see how I feel about it from there. (I admit the major reason I want to watch it is because I like the character designs. The premise sounds kind of confusing...)

★ Persona 4 Golden Animation is pretty inessential viewing, and I'm starting to lean towards the 'Marie is an obnoxious character' camp, but in the end, I don't care. Characters I like are being cute and in cute situations, which is all I need to be satisfied. I understand why people are unimpressed or annoyed at its existence, and I can't objectively recommend it as something to watch, but on a personal level...high-school boys re-enacting the Birth of Venus, in animated form, is A++++ material.

Also I like that little character quirks, like Chie being rather fashionable and good at styling, are getting some attention. c:
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...but restores my will to bitch over the internet, I guess. I figure reading about Pokemon breeding is as exciting as actually breeding, i.e. not at all, so under the cut it goes! )


In other news, I watched the first Sailor Moon Crystal episode and my reaction is, apparently, quite common: lots of fangirlish/nostalgia driven glee paired with some disappointment that the animation quality is, er, somewhat soulless. Honestly, while I'm not actively following many shows right now, Crystal's animation is some of the laziest I've seen in the past three years. (I would say it's the laziest, but I did watch Blazblue Alter Memory, so...) I can't think of another current show that is so static. Did all of the animation budget go cuz most of the time, that's the only thing moving.

I hear the second episode is better animation-wise, though, so fingers crossed that this is just a pilot episode problem.

I've been hoping that Jadeite might get more development than he did in the original series but I wouldn't be surprised if that were not the case, given the shorter run schedule--Rei's supposed to come in ep. 3, which means Jadeite is not long for this world--and also, approximately no one cares about Jadeite. :c
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The 'Watch ALL Most of the Pokemon Anime' project I've been lazily working at for the past few months has finally brought me to the Best Wishes series. I knew two things about the BW series before starting it:

1. Lots of people hate it

2. Cilan's a creeper

I assumed people were probably overreacting on both accounts--as in, Best Wishes was probably no worse than any other pokeani series, and Cilan was probably not a creeper, just comedy relief or something. I was right on the first assumption. I was totally wrong about Cilan. He is 1000% creeper and it makes watching BW kind of awkward because he keeps talking about tasting time and fascinating flavors at the worst best most awkward times and usually it's about Ash and there has to be like, a ten year age gap between them and Cilan always seems to come onscreen by casually invading Ash's personal space and whenever Ash notices what's happening the reaction shot is usually one of PURE FEAR.

like i don't know how to react to these moments, even within context: )

seriously i think i might be going to special hell just for being a) over the age of 18 and b) watching this particular Pokemon arc.

I just

i'll make sure to taste him

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HI DREAMWIDTH I haven't updated for awhile because I'm a derp and I don't know how to manage my free time at all. My hours have kinda-sorta stabilized at work in the past two months, though, and I have at least one day a week when I'm off. I guess the next goal would be to actually get things done in my free time, instead of going OOOMMMMGGG DAY OFFFF! and then sitting in front of my computer with Tumblr opened in five tags while I angrily argue on video game forums about bullshit. Because yes, that's mostly what I've been doing with my free time and I wish that wasn't the case.

Anyway, fun things!

★ I bought a PS Vita last week. I've been waffling over it for months, and then my birthday happened and I decided: yes, this is what I'm going to spend my birthday money + money I have been saving. Ended up getting the Borderlands 2 bundle, which means I have officially triple-dipped on Borderlands 2, something I never would have thought would happen given that I never really warmed up to the first game. I GUESS IT'S TIME TO START ANOTHER ASSASSIN unless I can port my Xbox 360 save to the Vita via Gibbed. I assume not, though.

So anyway, I have BL2 and Persona 4 Golden atm, and I am planning to get the FFX/X-2 remaster, Dangan Ronpa, and maaaaaybe Dragon's Crown, but I don't know what else to pick up after that. Blazblue Chronophantasma doesn't come out until the end of June, and I have NO idea when Risk of Rain--my current gaming obsession and one that I would very much like to have in handheld form--will be ported over. If anyone has suggestions or recommendations for what to get I would really appreciate them!

★ I did eventually breed a Timid nature, Protean Froakie, but then I went 'well, why stop there? GO FOR THE 6 PERFECT IVS' and
that was a poor decision

In other Pokemon related news: I am playing HeartGold again because Gen II is the best. Have also been watching the XY anime and the only character I'm invested in is Froakie/Keromatsu, because all the human characters are boring right now. I'm super disappointed that Serena has approximately one and half character traits: she's a good cook and likes dressing up, because I enjoyed the her personality in the XY game and just assumed it would carry over to the anime. OH WELL. At least there is an adorable frog ninja-in-training to watch. ♥

★ I have been trying to write crappy shipping fic for like the past month and have just been failing utterly. Well, not at the crappy writing, I have tons and tons of crappy writing filling up my notebook right now. But I'm completely unable to either finish the crap and/or edit it to an acceptable level and ugh it's discouraging. I've thought about doing a drabble/ficlet-a-day to practice more and maybe get my confidence up, but I'm awful at keeping to those sorts of things. On the other hand, I've gotten a little better at scheduling things and keeping to them in the past month...maybe writing and posting something small would be a good way to measure how well I can manage my free time. At the very least, it would keep me from reblogging a bunch of junk from Tumblr for hours on end. :P

That's it for now~


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