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For the first time in months, I do not have anything pressing to do on my day off. Which means I am now paralyzed with indecision with a WHOLE DAY OF NO OBLIGATIONS. Do I take an hour-long drive over to an arcade to play a bunch of rhythm games during off-peak hours? Do I go to the beach and walk my dog along the boardwalk because the state doesn't allow pets on the beach proper and Momo doesn't particularly like getting wet anyway? Do I just sit around and enjoy the innumerable video games and anime series that I haven't had a chance to touch yet? The possibilities are not endless, but numerous enough to make a course of action difficult.

which means I'll probably sit around at home with a mild sense of unease due to 'wasting the day away.' On the plus side, the temperature is supposed to get real high tomorrow--the reports are saying into the triple digits--and the house has air conditioning, so lounging about sounds like a pretty good idea.
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ahAHAHAHA i was making such a big deal over whether or not to get a next-gen console (well, I guess current gen by now...) last night, and then today...my parents went out Black Friday shopping, and around 10am my mom called me and said: "JANE. THERE IS AN XBOX THING HERE IT'S $300 AND HAS [asks salesperson a question]...GEARS OF WAR? DO YOU HAVE THIS XBOX. DO YOU WANT IT IF YOU DON'T???"

I waffled for a minute but then said, I did want this Xbox. So...now I have an Xbox. Which I've yet to play, because I've spent literal hours waiting for Destiny to download/install updates (SEVENTEEN POINT THREE GIGABYTES OF UPDATES, FFS BUNGEE). It literally has just finished installing so I am going to check it out for like, ten minutes before I go to bed for my 11 hour shift tomorrow.

Some other things I have been excited about:

★ I have two days off a week instead of one going into December. HOORAY \o/

★ My Persona OTP is MAKING A SNOWMAN even though one of them is pretty dead:

It's just (just?! screams my not-very-inner fangirl) an advertisement for a Persona event at a ski resort (where you can rent/buy Izanagi snowboards and Thanatos skis, from what I've gathered from Twitter) so, you know, promo image, but look, sometimes you get excited over fictional characters hanging out in art.
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It was my sister's birthday today, and she stopped over at the house before I left for work this morning. She brought her dog Byson, who is a a Cane Corso breed and kind of takes over any house he is in through sheer size and enthusiasm. He's well-behaved and so is Momo, but she gets rather upset when people coo over Byson instead of her. She spent the morning yipping and wriggling her way in between Byson and whoever was petting him, then hopping on the person's lap to...show Byson who the boss was, I suppose.

Sister liked the pajama set, but tonight when we went out for dinner she said the cloth eyemask that came with it had shrunk to the point of uselessness when she washed it. I guess we should have expected it, given that the eyemask looked like scrap fabrics stitched together.

On the subject of dinner, it was kind of disappointing. Sister wanted sushi, so we went to the closest sushi-serving restaurant, a Hibachi grill/modern 'Asian fusion' place that appears to be staffed primarily by white people. This was not especially weird since we happen to live in a place where 98% of the population is white (there are more confirmed opioid addicts than people of color here) but given that this restaurant advertised its authentic Japanese cuisine it was a bit odd. But it was also ~~modern~~ and ~~fusion~~ and ~~inspired~~ so we figured the food would be really good and unique, or...a trainwreck. In the end, it was neither of these things, although it was decidedly leaning towards 'trainwreck' and not unique. The beef negimaki was waaaaay overcooked, but the peanut sauce chicken wings were good; the sushi rolls looked like they had waaaaaaaaay too much going on but the one we ended up ordering turned out to be pretty nice, even though I couldn't tell you what was in it besides tuna, avocado, and tempura flakes. I only remember there were like, 3 different sauces and at least two other fish, and cucumber might have been in there??? Anyway, like I said, a lot going on. But it tasted alright. The entrees were literally forgettable, as in, my server packed up whatever I ordered and I didn't remember to take it with me and didn't realize it until I was halfway home. I didn't go back to pick it up; IIRC it was ginger orange duck? The duck was overcooked just like the negimaki, and the orange sauce was okay but there was way too much of it.

The pumpkin pie cocktail was pretty good though. I wasn't aware that pumpkin flavored vodka was a thing yet, but it is. Next year, I expect everything edible in America will be pumpkin infused from September to December.

and that's how the day went.
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I did a fair amount today:

★ Worked until noon

★ Got my sister's pajama set, which was way more than I was expecting, $56...! They came with free slippers which are supposedly ~$26 in value~ which I doubt, but they do look cozy, at least.

★ Made my way to the arcade and played some rhythm games for the first time this month. I am getting better at Pop'n Music after years of hovering around the same level, EXCITING. And I tried jubeat on an arcade machine for the first time. (I've played the iOS release) I was a bit surprised to see that the arcade machine doesn't utilize a touchscreen, it's just clear plastic buttons in a grid...it does make tapping the right beats feel a bit more satisfying, but hitting multiple notes or 'following' a fast beat as it moves across the grid is harder.

★ Did some grocery shopping and made...way too much stuffing dressing for 3 people. I had a mild moment of panic when I discovered that we were way lower on rosemary and parsley than I thought, and I forgot to put in craisins, but the stuffing ended up tasting fine, which is the important thing.

★ Watched 90 Day Fiance with my mom, which has become our guilty pleasure watch. We both hope the Filipina girl who might possibly marry a man who is old enough to be her grandfather decides to go home instead. In some kind of reverse miracle, the guy's advanced age is the least creepy thing in their, um, relationship: he talks constantly about his ex-wife (who was also Filipina) to the point where he buys his bride-to-(maybe)-be the exact same car and compares their behavior constantly. Also his house is trapped in the 80s and he gets really upset when someone tries to change it, has an alarming amount of books about divorce with titles that sound suspiciously wife-blamey, and just...good lord. Absolutely no woman of any age should marry this guy, he is the sort of person who will passive-aggressively comment a woman into misery then blame her for the inevitable divorce.
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Today was my day off and I spent the morning SLEEPING IN MY GLORIOUSLY COMFORTABLE BED~ Then I was out with my mother and sister doing what my sister called 'Christmas window shopping' which mostly consisted of us walking around shops, unsuccessfully trying to remember what friends and family already had or what they might like. I also tried to discreetly figure out what my sister would like for her birthday, and I think it's pajama sets and sweaters with Christmas/winter themed motifs of questionable taste. :P I'm not terribly surprised, as pajama sets and sweaters that straddle the line between charmingly festive and horrifyingly festive is also my aesthetic. That comfy, cheap pajama sets are in abundance this time of year is a nice bonus. I just have to decide between the poorly-drawn snowman set or the poorly-drawn reindeer set...

I also spotted this completely unnecessary, but utterly adorable jingle-bell collar and paw cuffs set and...I'm aware that dressing up a dog is a self-indulgent activity that has no benefits for the dog, (unless they've got an insufficient winter coat) but I keep thinking about Momo prancing around the house with jingle bells on and I can't stop giggling about it. Not that she needs MORE costume-y things to look ridiculously cute in--Mom bought her a reindeer costume about a month ago and Momo already has a jingle bell collar. (But imagine the little jingle bell cuffs, around her little doggie paws...!)

Shetland Reindog

I don't know if Momo likes dressing up or not. From how she acts, she tolerates it because she is a very well-behaved and thoughtful dog, and warms up to it because everyone starts cooing and awwing over her. She likes being the center of attention, as long as she knows the people around her. ♥


In ten days, November will be over...I'm pleased that so far, I've kept up with my commitment to post daily, even if I'm not wholly satisfied with the quality or content of my posts. At the very least, I know for certain that a daily schedule is a bit too fast-paced for me if I want to write more opinionated posts.

Two things I've been thinking about doing, once December rolls around: hosting another gaming-centric friending meme, and/or having weekly 'gaming progress posts' where people can comment about, uh...their weekly gaming progress. I've whined a lot about the lack of laid-back, small discussion communities in this internet day and age...I might as well do something about it :P

And since it's November 20th, of course I must mark the date by linking to dj Nagureo's (of Beatmania fame) catchy, self-composed birthday tune: 20, November!


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