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surfacing from the depths to ask a question:

there's an inactive fic challenge community that i want to post to--like, i finished the community challenge (well, one of them) and i could post the fic whenever, but since there are no mods checking claim requests i can't have my request approved.

BUT i do have posting access to the community, so i technically don't need mod approval to post the finished fic. is...is that okay, or should i not post to the community and just keep it to my personal accounts? or should i try getting in touch with the mods...? i dunno.

it's not like it's especially scintillating fic that MUST BE SHARED, i just want to get back in the habit of posting stuff i've written publicly, even it's kinda meh
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I have been absolutely terrible when it comes to writing fandom things lately, especially kinky/porny things. Flist, if you would be so kind to help me out?

Leave a comment with a character/pairing/moresome, and a kink, and I will write up to 100 words** for that prompt.

Fandoms I can write for )

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Spoilers for TWD: Judge, Jury, Executioner )

Totally unrelated: This month I signed up for [community profile] writethisfanfic - basically it's a motivation comm. where you can get some outside help for reaching fanfic goals, and I have two I want to finish for [community profile] bloodyvalentine by the end of the month. It has been going pretty well, all things considered. I haven't been averaging a lot of words, but I've managed to finish the first draft for one fic (still needs a TON of editing, though) and started on the second today. And I haven't missed a day, which is HUUUUUGE for me. :o I don't know if I can keep it up for the whole month, but honestly, just being able to work on fic for a whole week is kind of a big deal for me. XD
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Ugh. I have a headache from sitting in an auto garage for two hours and I started cooking my first meal of the day at 8:30pm.


In not annoying whiny girl news, a friend pointed me in the direction of a writing program called Autocrit; it's essentially an automated beta reader. I've never made use of a beta before (too shy and paranoid, lol) so I was curious to see if this program would be of any use.

And it turned out to be quite helpful )

I would suggest trying it just for fun/curiosity's sake. and if you try the full version tell me what it's like o3o
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When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I am absolutely in love with pen-and-paper writing, and always will be. I have 3 notebooks I currently use for writing - a personal journal I got from my grandmother and two that I use for writing fiction and occasionally blog posts when I know I won't have internet or computer access for some time.

I almost always end up writing my first drafts (and sometimes second and third) on paper. I'm not sure if students are taught how to write in a way that makes drafts and corrections easier anymore, now that word processors are so ubiquitous, but I was taught to skip every other line when writing so that there would be plenty of free space for corrections or notes. So, I end up going through a lot of pages even for relatively short pieces. I feel a little guilty about using up so much paper, though I do make an effort to buy notebooks made out of recycled product whenever possible.

On that note...in college, somebody gave me a banana leaf & bamboo paper notebook...it looked awesome, but actually writing on it was rather problematic. After filling it up I didn't feel the need to replace it.

I didn't get a computer for personal use until college, and I think that might have had an impact on how I approach composition today. I have the worst time trying to write initial drafts on the computer - I need a written copy to work off of. I also find something really intimidating about a big empty screen or entry box, while a blank piece of paper just seems to invite me to fill it up with words. Granted, those words and sentences are often borderline incoherent, but then, that's how most initial drafts turn out, right? :p

The other perk I find with pen-and-paper is the lack of internet and other computer related distractions. I know there are lots of programs out there now for writers to block internet access while writing, and programs that restrict a person's ability to access non-writing related programs until they hit a certain quota. When I write on paper, I have fewer problems resisting distractions, since they aren't as easily accessible.

That being said, I do find I become more drowsy while writing on paper...usually because I am in a very comfortable chair, couch or bed while doing so. Heh.

That's all for today~ I think tomorrow I'm going to dork out hardcore and post a lot of video game related stuff which I HOPE will be a little more interesting than reading about power outages and pens & notebooks. :p


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