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May. 25th, 2011 05:58 am
The good news about my [community profile] hardmode fic: I'm well over the 10,000 word requirement. Woo!

The bad news: it's nowhere NEAR finished. PROBABLY I shouldn't have planned two major plotlines, each one involving four major characters, with one taking place in a fictional city in a country I've never been in and have had to research extensively just so I don't fall flat on my face and portray it in an embarrassing and offensively stereotypical way.

I made the decision to work on each plotline separately for the most part, which was maybe not the best idea? At this point, I'm almost finished with what I've affectionately dubbed the 'Sausage and Monster Fest' plot, while the plotline that has all the ladies and city-wide gunfights and zombies and quarantines has just a few scattered scenes here and there. So there's a lot of material, but it's completely incoherent as a whole. OH DEAR.

If push comes to shove, I mightmightmight be able to clear out the super-fun, super-not-worked on plotline out and submit the (mostly) finished plot by the deadline. But naturally that would suck for a few reasons. It's not like you can completely remove a major plotline without creating some plot holes and the nagging sense that somewhere, but definitely not in story the reader is reading, a different, totally rockin' story is happening.

Plus, as one may have already deduced, Sausage and Monster Fest plot has a lot of dudes in it. And monsters. And bad puns, but mostly dudes, while Super-Fun plot is full of girls with guns kicking ass and taking names and also delivering some moral platitudes about the largely non-existent issue of biological weapon development. The idea of dropping a female-centric plot for a guys beatin' up baddies story is something I really don't want to do. At the same time, I'd feel bad about signing up for a big bang and not being able to finish the first part of the challenge, namely writing and sending in a fic for beta reading.

I signed up for big bangs this year to see if I could actually produce a whole lot of creative writing by a deadline and to see what working with a beta reader is like. Well, the potential for getting custom-made art and/or a fanmix is nice too. But mostly I was curious about the beta reading aspect because I've never used one and I'm too shy to go about finding one myself. ^^;

Anyway, I don't know what I'll end up doing. My gut feeling is to drop from the challenge and work on the fic on my own time so I'll be able to write about everything I wanted to, and try again next year, but I dunno. Any suggestions, flist?

To wrap things up, here's a writing-ish meme that's been making the rounds for awhile. It's pretty relevant to my situation at the moment, hahahaha

Simply put, make a list of all file names for any WIPs you have on your computer.

The list )

If my terribly boring filenames pique your interest, you can ask for a summary or excerpt or whatever you want about them in the comments~
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Hey humanity, it's not that hard to act appropriately in the aftermath of a horrific natural disaster.

-Give what you can, when you can.
-If someone can't or won't give, ffs don't get all high and mighty and try to shame them into doing something. Giving aid is a wonderful act and one that is desperately needed, but even so - no one is obligated to do anything. Do not assume a person is in a position to give more than they have, or give at all. Ask, encourage, but do not judge.
-If you are one of those people who feel the need to dismiss the entirety of the quake/tsunami disaster because you don't know any Japanese personally/hate anime/j-pop/games/whatever - you are a gigantic gaping asshole. This is non-negotiable. You are a hateful creature whose opinion merits no serious consideration whatsoever.
-If you are one of those people who have decided this tragedy is a great plot device for your slash j-pop fic, you are going to the Special Hell. Yes - the one with the child molesters and the people who talk during movies.

Seriously, people. Do good when you can. Move along quietly if you can't. IS IT THAT HARD TO BE DECENT.
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so, every time i make a personal commitment to do something, uh, internetty, for lack of a better term, like this blog once a day thing or finish some mediocre fanfiction or doodle shit or whatever, my life - which until said decision had been content to be a gaping hole of boredom and suck - decides it would be a really great time to become ~eventful~ once again. And it's never, you know, one or two ~events~, it's like the universe is making up for lost time and crunching three or four months' worth of THE HAPS into a week. And I am like: "Why, Fate? Why?"

Then I stop because talking to nonexistent entities, like multiple exclamation points, is a sure sign of a diseased mind, and also counterproductive to my current task of filling out a sea of paperwork in which i must give detailed answers to the question Why do you fail so hard at life?

If you are wondering what i am going on about, don't. because i'm not quite sure i know, either, only that i have been doing it for the past uhhhh three days i believe.


in other news, i think i have a book problem.

book stack )

Out of that to-read pile, i've only finished The River Ki, The Stranger, and What is the What; I've started Dracula: Prince of Many Faces, Dracula's Guest, Kraken, 2666, and P.S. Your Cat Is Dead. Which sounds ridiculous, i know, but my reading sessions go something like this:

"Hey, self! You know what sounds like a smashing good read? Victorian vampire fiction!"

*30 pages in*

"You know what, I am just not feeling up for fictional vampires today. I'm going to read about the real Dracula!"

*30 pages in*

"Okay, let's be honest, even Dracula can't salvage dry history texts. Time for some giant squid cult action!"

*30 pages in*

"Fuck, could this narrator be any more of a hipster douchebag? Gawd. I'm going to read some real literature."

*30 pages in*

"Oh. I forgot a hundred pages describing nothing but the passage of time as expressed through the changing of seasons is the calling card of Japanese writers. Fuck this, I'm going to watch some douchebags fail at life on tv."

And thus, five books started, no books finished. MISERY AND WOE!



Anyway, I was planning to dick around on XBL like I usually do last night, BUT i had completely forgotten that there was a SUPER IMPORTANT BASKETBALL GAME between MAH TEAM the Celtics and the Miami Superfriends that i had to watch w/ assorted RL semi-friends. I do like to pretend i have some actual, flesh-and-blood people i can tolerate for the approximate length of a basketball game, and also i genuinely enjoy b-ball, so i resisted my first inclination to ditch everyone for the joys of the interwebs.

And man, i was NOT disappointed.

Since I'm pretty sure 0% of my flist is interested in basketball, i'll try to keep the summary to the juicy drama: the Miami Heat Superfriends currently has the NBA's most self-indulgent player, Lebron James, on its roster. How self-indulgent, you may ask? Well, he had an hour-long ESPN special broadcast that was basically about how fabulous he was as a human being, and so that he could destroy the city of Cleveland with this really awkward announcement of his move to Miami:

the show was called 'The Decision.' With capital letters and everything, for added gravitas and/or asshattery )
Seriously. "Taking my talents to South Beach." Who talks like that? Assholes, that's who.

Anyway, the Miami Superfriends are were supposed to be *the* team to beat this year, with people predicting 72+ wins (in an 82-game season) and all sorts of jackassery. Currently, though, they are 5-4, and they lost last night in the *best* way possible: a massive, embarrassing meltdown in the face of a monstrously good Celtics performance. Basically, I got both the childish glee of watching my favorite team perform high-flying dunks and ridiculous ally-oops and ninja passes and all sorts of cool things while also indulging in the sweet, sweet taste of schaudenfreude that comes from watching the 'best player in the league' brick a three-pointer by hurling the ball off the backboard. A+++++ game, Miami!

AND THEN! After the game my favorite player ever, Paul Pierce (seriously i have his jersey and wore it last night and everything it is kind of embarrassing because it hurts my geek cred) used the Amazing Technology of Twitter to start some awesome trash talking:

tweet tweet ;D )


Also after the game he was wearing some pretty rockin' glasses that made me :)

glasses )

4 minutes before i miss the day! PHEW.


Jan. 10th, 2010 06:41 pm
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it reached 10°F last night

so, self

what possessed you to wear a chiffon dress and open-toed stiletto heels to a wedding held in a barn

my legs may never recover

(aside from the FREEZING TEMPERATURES the wedding was fine.)


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