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List of Things Found during Kitchen Cleanup so far:

-750mL bottle Crème de menthe
-750mL bottle Jose Cuervo Gold tequila
-a bottle of California shiraz
-a bottle of pre-mixed Manhattan cocktail
-4 opened wine bottles that had to be thrown out because ewwww
-4 'artistic' glass cutting boards, never used
-1 plastic cutting board too small to cut anything. Well, it could probably handle one lemon-sized fruit, but no more.
-20+ tupperware, pot and pan lids without matching kitchenware (also thrown out, this time because of how the hell did this happen)
-1 entire china set, never opened
-4 china teapots, never opened
-2 pewter goblets

My brother and I were hoping to start work on the dining room today, but cleaning out and re-organizing the myriad kitchen cabinets was a full-day ordeal. On a hilarious/terribly unfortunate note: when we had pulled out all of the food storage containers, pots, and pans, it became painfully clear that we had FAR more lids than actual kitchenware. It was kind of bizarre - we had a big pile of lids, and a smaller pile of pots and tupperware.

On a fun note: HOORAY FOR HIDDEN ALCOHOL DISCOVERIES \o/ Time to make a trip for ice cream and chocolate liquer~

ALSO. NaBlo is done, at least for this month. I'm still a little bummed out that I didn't do two days when I was SO CLOSE to the end...although I don't know that I would have posted anything of interest. I still don't know if I post anything of interest. :p

Now, it's time for naps! -.- zzzzzzzz
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Spent the majority of the day cleaning the kitchen. Didn't finish cleaning but at least the countertops and floor are clean and lots of random spices & jars of what-the-hell-ever have been sorted and/or thrown out. Tomorrow's plan of attack: scrub the hell out of the refrigerator, sort the junk in the cupboards, and ideally get started on cleaning the dining room.

The area around the oven was the worst to deal with. My parents just kind of cook stuff without paying much attention to what they are doing or cleaning up after themselves so the walls and floors and, honestly, everything nearby was discolored by grease and smoke. Like, the walls went from dull yellow to white during the cleaning process and it was PRETTY GROSS. eeeeeerrrrrghhhhhhhh

On the plus side, the kitchen is by far the worst room so now that it's out of the way, the cleaning process should be less rigorous. And while everything smells like windex and febreeze right now, that's an improvement over old, burned grease and garlic.

Hopefully the whole house will be SHINY and CLEAN by this time next week. c:
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Not much to talk about today. Here's 11 animated Magica Madoka icons to amuse you. Spoilers for episodes 10-12.

(yeah, i might be a teeny bit obsessed right now...)


As if we met in a dream )
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And I would like to say it was because I was super busy or sick or you know, something major and life-altering, but no. I was doing a lot of (forced) holiday shopping and cleaning and I was pretty tired in the evening, completely forgot about posting and fell asleep at 9pm instead.

As for Saturday night, I just lost track of time @_@


Anyway, here is some more questionable Madoka Magica art. I'M PRETTY BAD WITH MARKERS AND PROPORTIONS just so you know ;o

what is this i don't even )

I had a lot more colored pencil stuff I was thinking of scanning in, but looking at them now I am filled with self-loathing and see nothing but a pile of mistakes SO you spared...for today. When those feelings pass NO ONE SHALL BE SAFE FROM THE PICSPAM!
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For those in the US, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! ♥

Not a whole lot to say about this year's experience. It was quieter than it usually is, there was no food eating competition, (which was actually pretty nice b/c for once people just ate what they wanted at a comfortable pace, instead of OM NOM NOMMing to win a turkey trophy) and there was enough peanut butter ice cream pie for EVERYONE.

My cousin introduced a new party game called The T-Shirt Game which is an awful lot like Apples to Apples but with a lot less arguing about why a certain card does or doesn't fit. So basically, a little smoother but also a little more boring. Also the card illustrators seem to have a thing for caveman-themed pictures, it was a little weird.

Mom wants to go Black Friday shopping around 5-6am but i am pretty sure I'll still be deep in a turkey coma at that time. OTHERWISE i might brave the consumption-mad hordes to get some stuffs.

Good night~


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