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I spent all day looking for my writing notebook, without success. :c During the search I did find a couple of old filled notebooks and a sketchpad, though, and it was kind of interesting/mortifying to see some of that older stuff resurface.

anyway, continuing with the oft-abandoned daily meme...

6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?

I'm...not sure? I first tackled this question by looking through my past stuff and counting how many fics/drabbles were written from a female character's point of view and, going by that measure, I write slightly more female characters than male. (I think, anyway. I didn't count everything... /o\ )

However, I'm not sure how fic where the POV is female but the actual focus is on a male character ought to be classified. I mean, I think just about everything I've written in Soulcalibur about Amy is /really/ about Raphael so...I don't know if that counts as writing about a male character or as a female character or, or WHATEVER.

As to what I prefer without looking at what I've actually produced...I still don't know. I generally write only write fic about my favorite characters, and I'm split pretty evenly between male and female characters on that front. So....I don't have a gender preference per se?

I do find that when writing about male characters I tend to write them at...a distance, usually using another character's perspective to explore the nature of the first. It's a bit of a voyeuristic approach, and I often worry that my creepy fangirl is a little TOO obvious, hah. (Particularly in what I've done for Soulcalibur, where I write a lot of Raphael while writing very little from his perspective.)

Uh also most of the stuff I haven't posted publicly online is slash which probably says something about my preferences. Like, I write a lot of porn that I don't finish/am too shy to post, maybe. :P

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Almost forgot to post the last few days! :o

In the 'tentative plans' department I may be in the Boston area Monday-Tuesday to wallow in some schaudenfreude, get acquainted with the arcade versions of Beatmania IIDX: Lincle and Pop'n Music: Tone Street, and hopefully meet up with some old friends. Even more tentatively: I might be in Philadelphia in the first week of December for some extreme nerding out. Still unlikely as only a few of the details have been worked out.

Anyway, now it's MEME TIME.

5 –If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a fic, whether your "muse" or not, what did you do about it?

...I don't think I've ever had something like this happen to me. There have been times when I try to reduce or ignore a character that logically should be in a fic because of their relationship to the character I'm writing about - but that is always because doing so makes writing the fic easier, not because it's a good narrative choice. When that happens and I find myself admitting that I need to add in the ignored character, that's just me being a lazy writer, not the character trying to force their way into a story.

Though I should admit that I dislike thinking of writing in terms of uh...how to put it...sentient and separate entities, like muses. It has always struck me as a bit pretentious and uh...flighty? I know it's pretty mean to see it that way because it's a very common way for people to frame their writing process and there's nothing wrong with it but I can't help but get annoyed when I hear writers talk in terms of muses, characters/plots 'demanding' things of their authors, etc.

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Apropos of nothing: I enjoyed this pithy dig at Twilight.

On the subject of books, I set this year's goal at 40 books. So far I've finished sixteen. /FAIL If I count graphic novels the number is probably in the mid twenties but that feels like cheating. My book pile is still pretty huge, but I can't seem to concentrate on fiction these days, and I don't have much nonfiction in my list. Time to go browsing at the library! Suggestions are always welcome, of course - I'm most interested in Asian and Middle Eastern history at the moment, but any subject that's presented well is fine.

To round things out, it's meme revival time!

30 Days Fanfiction Meme

Day 4: Do you have a "muse" character, that speaks to you more than others, or that tries to push their way in, even when the fic isn't about them? Who are they, and why did that character became your muse?

Not really? I have favorite characters who I write about, but that's not the same as being inspired in the way people who say they have 'muses' are. For me, there is a lot of conscious thought that goes into the development of fic ideas - I'm not really the sort of person who gets random plot bunnies - though I wish I could. :c

boring answer is boring

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Day 3!

Jul. 6th, 2011 10:27 pm
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30 Days Fanfiction Meme

3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

hoooooo boy. Maybe I shouldn't have listed every little thing? For a lot of these it's going to be 'favorite character' just because I haven't written enough in the fandom. ^^;

Skies of Arcadia- Belleza and Enrique, for ANGST POTENTIAL. Also, Enrique's relationships with the main trio (Vyse, Aika, Fina) are...charming!

Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden- Ryu Hayabusa and Ein/Hayate, because they are sexy ninja boys, and DoA/NG's ninja clan storyline is like the bloodiest soap-opera ever, so there's lots of angst and slash and overwrought drama. It's a fun world to play in.

Soulcalibur- Raphael (oh surprise, surprise). I'm still a little bit annoyed by the decision to make him into a vampire-thing, but the more I poke at the subject the more I find it enjoyable and creepy, SO. but turning him into an incubus would have been more fun Amy and Siegfried are fun to work with, too...lots of internal conflict to mine there.

Left 4 Dead- Ohhh, tough one. Sweet Peanut is the most fun I've had writing a fic ever, buuuut I wouldn't say Nick is my favorite character to write. Ellis is fun, Louis is fun; I have some stuff I haven't posted about Rochelle and I do like writing her as an observant, reporter-type. HMMM. I think I might go with Ellis as a fave, then Louis - Ellis' voice is easy to pin down but it takes some care to keep him from becoming a parody of himself. Even Valve dropped the ball there (I'm looking at you, Passing campaign). So fun without being particularly difficult. Louis is more subdued and less crazy, and I think keeping him in character and interesting is harder.

Ghost in the Shell- Motoko's really the only character I care about. She's by far the best character to use to explore the possibilities in the Ghost in the Shell world - I guess Batou would work as well, but Motoko has a more appealing personality to write, I think. Also all of her bodies are hot (save the little boy one, okay. and her child body.)

Yuugioh- Uhhhh. I like Yuugi and Ryou Bakura - the sweet and adorable 'personalities,' not their yamis or other selves or whatever fanon term is least controversial and stupid sounding nowadays.

Final Fantasy 4/6/7/9/13- TERRA BRANDFORD FOREVER!!! uh I like writing Vanille as well.

Dead Rising 2- Chuck Greene is really the only interesting character. Leon Bell is mildly amusing as a foil/fanboy that wants to get in Chuck's pants.

Resident Evil- Sheva and Leon seem to be the easiest to write, although in Leon's case I kind of have to decide whether to go with his RE4 characterization or Degeneration characterization. Degeneration!Leon is pretty boring though so it's usually RE4!Leon. And I like writing about Chris, but not from his point of view, so much.

Resonance of Fate- Zephyr and Leanne. I actually haven't tried to write anything about Vashyron directly despite his awesomeness.

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30 Days Fanfiction meme

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

Uhhh. If you count drabbles and ficlets as writing in a fandom, it's a fair amount. If you go by 500+ words...not so much! I might as well list everything, though. Even if it's only like, 200 words of stuff. XD

Skies of Arcadia
Dead or Alive
Ninja Gaiden
Left 4 Dead
Ghost in the Shell
Final Fantasy 4/6/7/9/13
Dead Rising 2
Resident Evil
Resonance of Fate

I think that's it? I've written a lot of stuff that I haven't finished, posted anon, or not posted at all, for Azumanga Daioh, Blazblue, and Portal, but that might not...count. even though this is just a meme and nobody cares about stuff like that

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