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I don't know what else to do for today's entry, so...time to work on the Borderlands meme.

Day 5: Did the Sheriff of Lynchwood deserve her own introduction?

AAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHA what an oddly specific question. I DO remember back in the day when the Gearbox forums and tumblr tags were obsessed with this particular issue, though, so not only does this date the meme as 'a few months after BL2's release' I'm also familiar with the internets scuffle it refers to.

IIRC, the problem was something like this: given that very minor mini-bosses like the Badass Nomad 'guarding' the Bloodshot Stronghold get a name and a title card, why didn't the Sheriff of Lynchwood--the boss at the end of an extensive (by Borderlands standards) questline, and a character who had direct ties to Handsome Jack--get the same treatment? Some people suggested it was due to sexism, but the truth is almost certainly less nefarious: Lynchwood and the Sheriff's questline are entirely optional, and none of the optional sidequest bosses got formal introductions, even though many of them were more memorable and influenced the main plot more than a lot of the mini-bosses in the main quest.

Going by that reasoning: no, the Sheriff didn't deserve her own introduction.

Besides, Nisha became a playable character in the Pre-sequel and is possibly the most overpowered one, to boot; clearly she's moved on from this cruel oversight. :P

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Nov. 13th, 2015 10:31 pm
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Day 4: Favorite area in Borderlands

Oooh. There are a lot of areas I like, and I was having a hard time picking between the Southern Shelf, the Caustic Caverns, and the hub of Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt campaign, but I finally had to choose

the Caustic Caverns (cut for images) )
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Yet again it is late evening and I don't know what to write about. Good (bad?) thing that 30 day memes exist.

Day 3: Favorite Gun Manufacturer

This...is more difficult to answer than the first two. I tend to pick favorite guns by type rather than manufacturer, and with the sheer amount of guns in Borderlands, combined with red-text special effects, means that even if though I may dislike a manufacturer's gimmick (hello, Hyperion reverse recoil) they probably have at least a few guns that I make regular use of. (In the case of Hyperion, their Legendary-tier shotguns are all incredible and among my favorite weapons in the game.)

But if I had to choose a single manufacturer, I'd go with Dahl. Their gimmick is extremely low recoil and burst-fire when aiming down the sights, so overall their guns offer a lot of precision and control. The burst-fire while aiming annoys a lot of people, particularly when it involves Dahl's snipers, but Dahl snipers are actually my favorite kind for a few reasons. The stability and lack of recoil means Dahl snipers are extremely accurate when hip-firing, especially at a high rate of fire. (Vladof snipers can fire faster, but practically you have to pause every 3-4 shots to manage the recoil; Hyperion's reverse recoil means they're more accurate over time, but as a matter of principle I won't use a sniper rifle when its' initial shot is almost guaranteed to miss. :P) The burst-fire while aiming can be annoying at first, but again having low recoil means the burst fire doesn't get out of hand and it's possible to have all 3 shots in a burst hit a crit point, which makes Dahl snipers an ideal fit for Zer0's Critical Ascension skill.

I do find Dahl's in-game company theme to be...uninspired. It's a standard military theme, hence the low recoil gimmick--it's supposed to represent dependability and practicality and stuff. It's an attitude that I like as a player but in a universe where the competition is like, sleek and space-agey with an overwrought, poetic naming scheme and just comes off as totally inappropriate for a weapon manufacturer, (Maliwan) or run by a guy who fucking loves explosions (Torgue), being 'the military manufacturer' is pretty boring in comparison. I think Dahl's lols potential got a decent boost in the Pre-Sequel, though--I liked how they were in charge of the New-U stations, and the contrast between the generic 'army strong' encouragement and the absurdity of reconstructing your character over and over again.
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I've had plenty of free time to write today, and...there's nothing in particular I want to write about. so it looks like it's CHALLENGE TIME!, a.k.a. answer another question from that Borderlands meme that will probably take me two years to finish. d^_^b

Day 2: Favorite Vault Hunter

Well, that's easy. It's this mega-dork.

things i've learned from borderlands: what 'on fleek' means

Zer0 was my favorite Vault Hunter from the moment I saw the introduction; I am not immune to the cool factor of a gender-ambiguous humanoid slicin' and dicin' bandits and robots. I was pleased to discover that in-game, I could recreate the exact scenario presented in the intro! Kinda. Sorta. Okay, no. But I was able to distract enemies with a decoy then stab them in the back, which was satisfying enough.

To be honest, I probably wouldn't have played Borderlands for as long as I did (between the 360 and PC, I have 765 hours logged) if Zer0 didn't offer so many ways to approach the game. I started out as a pistol/melee hybrid, then moved to a pure melee build after hitting level 50 until I reached the end of Playthrough 3, and after that, I began experimenting with different builds...for months. I did things like kill Terramorphous with melee only (possible, and you only need to hit him about 4 times, but setting up each strike is obnoxiously difficult) or wipe out a Constructor bot using only kunai and AoE damage from Zer0's decoy. (also possible, and kind of hilarious???) In short: I became a BL2 elitist for Zer0. Which is kind of awful, I guess, but I try not to be a douchey elitist. I just have really strong feelings about weapon/skill synergy and damage formulas and the most efficient use of skill points, OKAY.

Gameplay aside, I love how Zer0 almost always speaks in belabored haiku, how his electronically altered voice can be, uh...awkwardly sensual at times, that he's Probably Not A Human but that's about as much as we'll ever know about his origins or personal life. Actually, that's a lie, his voice clips confirm that he's totally a nerd under the Grey Fox suit.

fun fact: this is one of my most reblogged gifs on tumblr

And that's why Zer0's my favorite. ♥
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I've been thinking about Borderlands a lot recently, so figured now would be as good a time as any to try this 30 Day Borderlands Challenge meme thingy.

Day One: Borderlands 1 or 2?

Haha, this one's easy: BL2, by a large margin. In all truth, I've never actually finished the first Borderlands--I've started it a few times, I have a Hunter at New Haven...but my interest in continuing never lasts very long and once it fades, takes months years to return.

I'm not sure why I have such a hard time getting into Borderlands: Original Recipe. My biggest gripe is the gun generation/stat system--it comes off as impenetrably complex, yet in practice just about everything works, so why have so many components that affect gun stats in the first place? I suppose in TVHM the difference between a theoretically bad gun and a theoretically good gun becomes more pronounced when actually used, but eeehhhhhhh I just don't care enough. The maps and side quests are also duller overall--side quests in particular are pretty blatant fetch quest busywork, without BL2's ridiculous and/or self-aware chatter to distract from that point.

There are a few things I prefer in BL1--Mordecai's voice is, um, a lot more attractive; Tannis has better, more consistent and less cringy dialog/characterization--but that's about it. HOORAY FOR IMPROVED SEQUELS!


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