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was kinda tagged by a tumblr pal with this meme:

List 10 favourite characters (1 per series/fandom) and then tag 10 people

Favorites, and semi-coherent reasons for why they are so )

and now it's time for the tagging game!

the 'i already tagged you on tumblr, i'm pretty sure, but here's a second one, 'cuz you're cool' group: [personal profile] hamimi_fk [personal profile] jack_of_none [profile] kotesu

the 'i should talk to you more often, 'cuz you're cool" group: [personal profile] arcanelegacy [personal profile] badgal [personal profile] chibichan [personal profile] ein_papier [personal profile] gemais [personal profile] john_egbert [personal profile] rutato [personal profile] sirvalkyrie [personal profile] tyger [personal profile] ukefied [personal profile] weber_dubois22

that's more than ten i think but whatever, i wanna hear opinions and leave comments on other people's journals, so. :)
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15 icons of Leanne from the video game Resonance of Fate. For [community profile] kink_bingo's "guns" kink.

a girl and her gun )

5 drabbles

May. 24th, 2011 03:29 am
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Drabbles written for [community profile] fiction_drabbles and [community profile] easymode. All 100 words, mostly fannish with one bit of context-less original material.

Title: Omen
Fandom: Resident Evil
Characters: Sheva Alomar
Rating: PG-13 (violence)
Summary: Sheva Alomar makes a disturbing discovery.

The beginning )

Title: She Trusts
Fandom: Resident Evil
Characters: Jill Valentine, Sheva Alomar (slightly Jill/Sheva)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for RE5's Chapter 5-3
Summary: Sheva and Jill's first meeting.

Her knife was sheathed. )

Title: Reflection
Fandom: Ghost in the Shell
Characters: Motoko Kusinagi
Rating: G
Summary: On a late night walk, Motoko wonders what she is.

Reflections in a sea of neon )

Title: Hail of Steel
Fandom: Resonance of Fate
Characters: Vashyron, Zephyr
Rating: PG
Summary: Vashyron asks Zephyr about the Seminary incident.

Part of the procedure )

Title: One Step Forward
Original Fiction
Rating: G
Summary: A girl takes the first step into discovery.

It's a bad idea. )


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