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Title: a monster we've created
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Patroklos, Graf Dumas
Rating: T (violence)
Words: 845
Summary: Patroklos' first encounter with the malfested does not go well.
Notes: oh wow something with more than 200 words. Amazing?! Pre-SCV, when Patroklos first joins Graf Dumas' army.

He who would fight the darkness must not be afraid to steep his hands in blood. )
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so uh i play a lot of SCV online, mostly with the occasionally fine folks who post at gamefaqs, and the guy who sets up the room has started streaming and recording the sessions.

anyway i got recorded last night and it was kind of intimidating but also kind of cool? the voice chat was recorded too, which was neat until i heard my own voice, and came to the disappointing realization that my laugh is distinctly 'nervous chipmunk' like. :c

IF you are so inclined to watch some people of wildly varying skill levels beat each other up for like 4 hours, the saved stream from Saturday is here:


(1:43:00 is about the time I joined in. i won my first match and then went on a ~TOTALLY AWESOME~ 13-game losing streak, which is actually what I usually average. i'm so pro at this game!)

other things in this stream: a badass Maxi player, a discussion about zubats, Hipster Douchebag Patroklos (actually there's a lot of Patroklos in general) and some Dorito taco shell talk somewhere.

it's exciting, maybe?
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Title: Without names or faces
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Amy, Raphael
Rating: PG
Words: 200
Summary: Amy and Raphael struggle to survive outside of Rouen's boundaries.

Salvation came from an unexpected source )
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Title: of love gone sour
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Amy, Raphael
Rating: PG
Words: 200
Summary: While tending to Raphael's wounds, Amy sees Raphael in a very different light.
Notes: Some one-sided Amy/Raphael.

I lay beside him, my hand pressed to his heart )
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Title: Trusting Strangers
Fandom: Soulcalibur
Characters: Amy, Raphael
Rating: G
Words: 200
Summary: A chance meeting between two very different kinds of outcasts.
Notes: Hey, remember that Destiny calls double-drabble series I was doing ages ago? no? In a fit of unexpected inspiration I actually wrote some new things for it. Also gave the series an actual name (and tag): We Were Meant to Wander.

The initial meeting between Amy and Raphael is waaaay overdone at this point but I wrote about it (again) anyway. :x

Curiosity, not concern, prompted me to leave )


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