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The 'Watch ALL Most of the Pokemon Anime' project I've been lazily working at for the past few months has finally brought me to the Best Wishes series. I knew two things about the BW series before starting it:

1. Lots of people hate it

2. Cilan's a creeper

I assumed people were probably overreacting on both accounts--as in, Best Wishes was probably no worse than any other pokeani series, and Cilan was probably not a creeper, just comedy relief or something. I was right on the first assumption. I was totally wrong about Cilan. He is 1000% creeper and it makes watching BW kind of awkward because he keeps talking about tasting time and fascinating flavors at the worst best most awkward times and usually it's about Ash and there has to be like, a ten year age gap between them and Cilan always seems to come onscreen by casually invading Ash's personal space and whenever Ash notices what's happening the reaction shot is usually one of PURE FEAR.

like i don't know how to react to these moments, even within context: )

seriously i think i might be going to special hell just for being a) over the age of 18 and b) watching this particular Pokemon arc.

I just

i'll make sure to taste him

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Have wasted last night and most of this morning reading this reddit thread:

I've been playing the same game of Civilization II for 10 years

...and it's essentially developed into 1984: The Game, with three superpowers perpetually at war. Most of the world is irradiated from constant nuclear strikes, and global warming is so severe that the polar ice caps melt away every century or so.

The OP posted the savefile and others eventually discovered a solution. A solution that involves allying with the American empire (a theocracy, heh) against the Neo-Vikings (HAH!), only to turn around and wipe them from the planet. We've always been at war with Eastasia America.

I've wasted hours reading this simulation saga. NO REGRETS.
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So, occasionally I buy from Play-Asia. Which means that, every now and then, they send me an email informing me of new products that may be relevant to my interests. Today I was notified of a game called Love Tore: Mint. The title wasn't exactly informative, but Play-Asia thoughtfully supplied a description:

In Mint, the sequel to Sweet, you are faced with a new problem. The school wants you to win the national dance championship. The girls are not used to discipli...


however! clicking to the Play-Asia site showed that Love Tore: Mint is just a Kinect exercise/dance game with a story mode. The 'discipline' that set off the hentai alarms is actually 'disciplined practice. Phew! The summary also indicated that this fluffy-looking game was in fact a tragedy, since the girl you want to dance with doesn't want to dance with you oh no!!11!!! and you have to crush your dreams by dancing with, gasp, some other girl you don't like as much at the state championship. Anyway, since I have bought a number of dance games and 360 games, the recommendation made a bit more sense. A dancing/bishojo game hybrid would not be the worst thing I have played by choice.

And then I watched the trailer and things got uncomfortable again. Because Love Tore (actually, the official name is Love*Tra, for, um, 'Love Training') is not particularly concerned with dance routines and catchy music; it's far more interested in letting you focus the camera on inappropriate areas and pretending to slow dance with virtual ladies. And here I was, hoping that it would be like Dance Dance Revolution but with lots more hilariously overwrought melodrama. Alas, the basement creeper demographic wins again. :c

And that's the story of today's email notifications. I know, I know, mine is a life of never-ending excitement.
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there is no way i can talk about RE: Retribution coherently so ready yourself for painful tumblr speak. sorry :S

Cut for ALL the spoilers, crimes against grammar )

tl;dr: this movie is awful and i loved every awful minute of it.

PS I haven't gotten a chance to write for the latest meme thing, but I'm hoping I'll have a decent amount of free time tomorrow for it.
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EXTREMELY LATE CHRISTMAS CARD UPDATE: due to dramallamas i had to send out Christmas-related things v. late and as you may have noticed have not been delivered on time. I don't know when they will eventually get to where they're supposed to be, but it's probably sometime in the next two weeks? I HOPE THAT'S NOT A PROBLEM.

speaking of problems, that new LJ comment style is astoundingly horrible, huh? Like wow. In a year full of shitty site redesigns, LJ has pulled a truly impressive feat by towering head and shoulders above the rest in terms of pure fuckery. The Netflix and Youtube redesigns were spectacularly ugly but at least they worked as intended and did not induce physical harm, unless you're one of those types who are very sensitive to ugly things and vomit upon viewing such abominations.

But LJ went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty and created a layout that, like movies in 3D, will severely strain your eyes with continued use. I can understand LJ's desire to update their dinosaur-era code, but the end result is supposed to be, y'know, better, not an actual assault on one's person.

I'm kind of glad there's been outside confirmation that the redesign really does hurt people's eyes more than the old one because at first I thought the mild headache was just like, a psychological thing, brought on by my BURNING RAGE. but no, it's a like a real thing that i will really have to look out for.

NOW, as I consider myself a particularly easy-going sort of person most of LJs recent updates have been, at most, a mild annoyance, and I haven't stopped using it, because of friends and active communities and such. BUT. Release 88 is physically causing me pain. I like LJ and all, but I'm pretty sure that when a site actually HURTS TO USE it is a good time to draw the line and just walk away. I like having eyes that work, after all.

also, LJ decided it would be an ~awesome~ idea to change my paid account to automatic renewal without notifying me (or anyone) first which is pretty fucking shitty. I NEVER use automatic payments for anything because I HATE THEM. That LJ just decided to switch them on for everyone without addressing the matter at all is just. I don't even. SURPRISE CREDIT CARD CHARGES ARE NOT OKAY.

What all this means: I'm going to withdraw from using LJ over the next few weeks, probably permanently and to the point where I delete [livejournal.com profile] m_aenea. Right now that account is only used to follow a few people and communities that aren't mirrored on DW, and while there's not much I can do about the communities, most of the LJ e-pals I can keep in touch with through FB/twitter/tumblr/etc. instead. LJ is just too much of a hassle to use now.

I'm still deciding whether or not to import the entries from [livejournal.com profile] m_aenea to [personal profile] terabient - there's stuff I'd like to save, of course, but there's also a lot of clutter that could stand to be tossed out. I'm going to hold off until the flurry of imports from other people has died down a bit before making a decision, though.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a heads-up so that those who are only on my LJ flist aren't all weirded out when they see [livejournal.com profile] m_aenea deleted or wonder why I stopped updating in a few weeks. It's okay if you'd rather stick with LJ and not deal with moving or following people on DW; I'll miss you, but I really can't handle the current changes for more than a few minutes, and they're only set to get worse. ;o;

If you're not on DW and you'd like to be, account creation is free and open until the end of the year, after which you'll need an invite code. BUT if you miss that cutoff date I have like, a billion invite codes if you need one.

Hope to see you around~


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