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I spent the last two hours writing an entry on my ~~feels~~ about Cave's DoDonPachi series. I have finished about...one quarter of it. I have to get up for work by 7, so I should go to bed in fifteen minutes.

what I'm saying is: for tonight, I have to take a break. ^_^;; man, i haven't used this super-weeaboo smiley in ages look everyone it's the internet in the early 2000s This is essentially a placeholder so that the little DW calendar has all the days for November filled in.

SORRY, OBLIGATIONS. I can only meet you in a half-assed manner.

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So I guess Tumblr has instant messaging instead of replies now? It seems to function exactly like Gchat except, you know, only on tumblr, and there doesn't seem to be a way to tell if someone is online or not (thank god). It's not really effective as a replacement for replies, though--and was there really a need to completely ditch replies to add chat? Probably not, but I guess Tumblr wouldn't be Tumblr if it didn't randomly remove and add features with no explanation.

Also, it looks like the ability to see if a tracked tag has new posts has been removed. Ugh. Tracking tags is how I experience the majority of tumblr; even with blacklists and muting people, I feel like my dashboard is too busy and varied for me to follow closely. So I use the tags to engage with people and fandom at large, but now they're inexplicably less accessible and I'm salty about it. >:T


Things I wanted to write about for this year's NaBlo:
-Characters I like and why I like them
-Pairings I like and why I like them
-Video games I like and why I like them
-The above, but replace 'like' with 'healthy dislike'

Things I have actually written about:
-None of the above

Well, that's not entirely true. I have written a bit about assorted shoot-'em-ups, but not at length and not much beyond "I LOVE THIS GAME PLEASE TRY IT TOO." It's not exactly what I was aiming for this month. I want to write some decent character/pairing analysis, something that's a bit more substantial than squee, and not about relating to a character--it feels like what little meta exists these days is focused on drawing comparisons between the writer's life and what happens to a character in canon. Which is fine, but I'm thirsty for something more objective. Less 'I like this character because we're both shy,' and more 'This character expresses shyness in this way [examples in canon] which I like,' ...if that makes sense.

Unfortunately I have a really hard time organizing my thoughts, even with a goal as simple as 'write about a character you like.' I keep trying to create a basic framework to keep from going off on tangents while I'm writing, but I haven't come up with anything satisfactory yet. OH WELL. I still have...uh, a little more than half a month left to work something out.
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there are a lot of terrible memes on the tumblrs dot com but the ones i hate the most are the fUCUKING INESCAPABLE 'THE SIGNS AS' no wait that's a rant for another day OTP domesticity memes--specifically the ones that are just lists of mundane tasks like 'who cooks dinner' with the occasional hyper-specific, extremely detailed grocery shopping scenario that probably happened to the OP while they were shopping with a roommate or their parents or whoever (the 'I'm always a slut for Doritos!' meme).

MOSTLY i hate how these memes take completely unremarkable decisions and events (who does the dishes? who chooses curtain colors?? who drinks milk straight from the carton and who gets comically wound up because of it???) and assumes that each one is ~~fraught with meaning~~ and behind everything a person does there is a complicated and character-defining reason that guides their every move, which in turn makes it clear why said character is the Doer of Dishes. And I get that this romanticisation of the mundane is appealing to some, but wow I cannot help but look at these memes and want to scream OH MY GOD NEITHER ONE OF THEM CARES ABOUT INTERIOR DECORATING THIS MUCH.

--actually, I take that back. If people did answer these memes with long-winded (or even brief) explanations for why Character A likes to drink milk directly from the carton then I might actually read and enjoy them, but that doesn't happen ever often. Usually I end up scrolling by someone's daily chore list with the names of fictional characters next to each task, what an exciting trend that I could never get tired of!

I also dislike how domesticity memes assume one character has to be quirky/free-spirited/childish/a total mess and the other has to be the responsible/serious/kill-joy/semi-functioning adult type. Maybe I shouldn't refer to them as domesticity memes but as Type A/Type B personality memes? That's basically what they're trying to suss out, I think, through the dullest questionnaire imaginable.

AND! The memes straight up ignore canon settings, no matter how fantastic/unique/vital to the interactions and development of the characters of an OTP that setting is--in favor of imagining characters living in a vaguely modern, boring, Western-centric relationship. ugh pls stop internet.

OKAY I'm done getting upset at people having fun on the internet. thank you for letting me inflict this rant upon you, flist~
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SELF: *happily typing away* This is going so well!


SELF: W-what's wrong?

SELF TWO: Oh, I don't know, everything you've put down so far?

SELF: I think it's fine.

SELF TWO: Have you even seen how many adverbs are in this paragraph.

SELF: ...

SELF TWO: And oh, is that a dangling participle you just wrote? Oh well, you've done that so often I'm sure everyone will ignore it at this point. If they can make it to this point, at least.

SELF: Shut uuuuuup.

SELF TWO: What's up with this colon abuse? Are you going all ~experimental~ in your video game porn now?


SELF TWO: Oh my goooood, there is an actual instance of the pleasures of the flesh. It's not even a joke! HAHAHA, THIS SUCKS.



In spite of all this, I have managed to write some ponderous video game porn for you all. The world is running for the hills rejoicing, I'm sure. I may even post it soon.

But not before I deal with that pleasures of the flesh debacle.


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