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Instead of writing today, I wasted my free time making icons from Thor and The Warriors Four.

29 icons, mostly Thor (sometimes baby!Thor!) with a few random Loki and Beta Ray Bill (also Baby Ray Bill!); comments/credit appreciated but not necessary.


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★ The Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies were screened in NYC a week ago and while I could have gone, it would have taken a lot of time and effort and cash that I didn't really want to use, so I didn't go. But then I made the mistake of looking up the special opening and ending theme songs, which was all I needed to make my inner fangirl instantly regret my decision to not see said movies. They're not even particularly outstanding--Luminous is pretty standard j-pop anime opening fare, though it has a tinge of wistfulness that I find incredibly appealing, and Hikari Furu is just a vocal version of a track from Episode 12 (admittedly, a track from one of the most memorable scenes). But they're more than enough to make my heart ~flutter~ and renew my adoration of the series.

★ On the subject of PMMM, I don't think I've ever explained why I like the series so much. I think PMMM treats its characters with a seriousness and compassion that few shows match. In particular, when I think of magical girl shows, I think sparkles! melodrama. Not to say that PMMM doesn't have melodramatic moments, but they're...different, somehow. I'm thinking of moments like Sayaka's confrontation with the men on the train, or Homura's confession to Madoka in Episode 11; there's a very relatable quality to the emotions expressed that I generally don't feel in magical girl shows (and anime in general). I've never been fond of the way PMMM is described as a 'realistic' take on the magical girl genre, because it's anything but realistic, but it's more understandable if I assume that people mean "the characters' emotional struggles are easy to relate to."

★ Final PMMM note: I'm not sure I agree with the general consensus of it being a deconstruction of the MG genre. I fully admit that part of this is due to my lack of understanding of what 'deconstruction' actually means; I have a vague idea, but honestly I don't know a good, simple definition of the term. THAT SAID, when I think of examples of genre deconstruction I think of Watchmen and Evangelion, and one thing that sticks out for both series is how critical they are of their respective genres. PMMM certainly takes a lot of joy in subverting viewer expectations, but it's not critical in the way Watchmen/Evangelion are. Also, that much-lauded 'twist' on the true purpose of magical girls? TOTALLY done ages ago in Magic Knight Rayearth. Why does no one else seem to notice this?

★ Speaking of stories that like to tear your heart out: Journey Into Mystery #645 is downright devastating. Not going to mention anything spoiler-worthy (although I don't think anyone on my flist has been following this particular title?) but short thoughts: WOW, way to deliver on reader fears ever since Kid Loki appeared, and also this is one of the few comic titles written in this decade that really seemed to a) have a clear ending in mind from the start and b) each issue was a necessary piece in reaching said ending. One thing that makes the ending of JiM so painful is the realization that no, there isn't any other way out of the dilemma at hand. To make an unnecessary comparison, it reminds me of the way PMMM made Madoka's eventual wish truly inevitable, something that had to be done to achieve any real change.

★ The Everything Burns JiM/Thor crossover has really highlighted the fact that Matt Fraction is kind of awful at writing Thor. Like, I understand he's trying to make Thor more like the Thor from Norse mythology in temperament, but he mostly comes off as a total bastard, and not in an endearing or interesting way. Also, his speech is kinda wince-worthy. I am also bitter because I suspect if anyone but Fraction had been writing Thor alongside Kireon Gillen writing Loki, there would have been way more adorable bro-moments between the two. Instead there's lots of.....borderline abusive Thor. I AM DISPLEASED.

★ Have a spoiler filled interview with the creators of RE6! (Because everything I post nowadays must have something to do with RE.) As they say on tumblr, THIS VIDEO GIVES ME A LOT OF FEELS. Most of them are less than charitable. A few thoughts, cut for spoilers )

LJ is planning another wave of site changes. One of those changes: infinite scrolling FriendsLists. Because if there's one thing people love, it's infinite scrolling. Seriously though: who thought of infinite scrolling, and does anyone actually prefer it to finite scrolling? Because I have not met a single person who likes infinite scrolling. At most, people are neutral to it--at least in my experience.
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★ Apparently I can only focus on one site at a time when it comes to fannish participation. I'm sure there are people who frequent both Tumblr and LJ/DW without falling behind on either, but I'm certainly not one of them. I spent most of the summer on Tumblr, and basically ignored DW happenings until this month, when I started lurking on anon memes/[community profile] fandomsecrets. So now I miss, I dunno, approximately a bazillion posts on Tumblr each day I don't visit. Normally I wouldn't care because Tumblr is 90% amusing but ultimately disposable gifs, but in an ~unexpected twist~ I've been sending in asks and messages to other people/blogs and now I'm having trouble finding the replies, OH NOOOOOOOOO. I feel like I've blown them off. :(

★ Have been reading a lot of ani-manga and comics related meta and it makes me wish there were more communities and journals on DW/LJ for meta. There's a fair amount of discussion on the anon memes/F!S, but I'd really like to drown in some good old fashioned TL;DR fan essays on like...everything. WRT anime and manga, [community profile] frillsofjustice and the Magical Girl Project have been pretty good sources for mahou shoujo, but for Western comics there's...I dunno?

I've heard there are some tumblr users that post meta, but I'm not particularly interested in looking them up. I'm a skulking lurker type at heart, but even so I'd like the option of an involved discussion which tumblr does not facilitate well.

★ Speaking of TL;DR, I have a lot of FEEEEEEEELSSS some strong opinions on Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan, mostly wrt the pitfalls of using time-travel and pseudo-quantum theory bullshit as a plot point/trope; if I ever get my shit together I might even post them in a semi-readable manner. This is because most of the reactions I've read fall into three categories:

-Complaints about the writing/handling of the Before Watchmen series as a whole (with little in the way of specific criticism)
-Is it homage or plagiarism?

Of course I may just let this beautiful 'shoop illustrate my feelings.

what's quantum )

★ The two fics I'm currently working on for [community profile] kink_bingo are completely different from the ideas I initially had a few months ago. I don't know why I keep outline things only to throw them out before even starting them properly.

I am going ahead with Skullgirls, Painwheel-centric creepy!fic, though. It just doesn't involve Valentine anymore.
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★ I picked up Persona 4 Arena about a week ago and it is PRETTY EXCELLENT. Also Laura Bailey-as-Rise/Risette is just the cutest thing ever and I wish she could narrate my life the way she narrates my fights. She's so concerned and enthusiastic about my videya gaem playing! I was fond of Rise in P4, but she's easily my favorite in P4A, despite not being playable at all.

Summary of an interview with Blazblue producer Toshimichi Mori! There is a whole bunch of stuff mentioned here, but this is what interested me the most:

-Arakune speaks in coherent sentences now.
I don't know how I feel about this -- Arakune's shattered speech struck me as annoying at first, then I thought it was a great idea, and now...I don't know. I want to know what's caused the change noooooooooooow, gdi.

-The old characters all had their themes remixed.

-(Direct translation) First of all, as you might guess from his attention to young handsome boys, Amane is interested in adding Carl to his traveling troupe. However, he also interests Rachel for some reason, so there’s going to be some interaction between them, too.

Anyway, there's a full translation here for more detailed info.

Screencaps of the stills from the end Blazblue CP PV I posted these awhile ago on tumblr and forgot to link them here x_x

★ I haven't been particularly impressed with DC's Before Watchmen series; the art is gorgeous, obviously, considering the artists involved, but the writing is at best uninspired and at worst seems to utterly miss what drove certain characters to act as they did.

Anyway, Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan was released this week and like...Straczynski are you even trying anymore. Seriously, how many times are you going to misuse the Schrodinger's cat experiment and trot out the many-worlds hypothesis in your stories? ALL THE TIME? At this point, I'm fairly certain that JMS is building up to the ~shocking reveal~ that Jon's reactor accident was--gasp!--not an accident but deliberately caused by *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN!* Dr. Manhattan himself. Except JMS has used this plot before and it was pretty dumb then and would be even less compelling now, and it doesn't really add anything to the Watchmen universe or enrich the original text and god this whole thing is just an exercise in pointlessness, which is not really a surprise but still, annoying. Dr. Manhattan is my favorite Watchmen character and I was hoping his Before Watchmen series would be at least mildly interesting, but now I have no desire to read it, even with the absolutely stunning artwork. :(

★ My current comics pull list: Action Comics, Daredevil, Dial H for Hero. Been thinking about adding one more, but honestly nothing is really catching my eye right now.
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....because i've had 'write about X number of things' on my list of stuff to do for well, over a month, and now that number of things is somewhat overwhelming. Also after waiting forever to post about things I will undoubtedly forget details that will return to me only after i've finished, but whatever, gotta start somewhere.

so uh, i guess i'll just list all of the things that have been taking up my brainspace recently?

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