Nov. 28th, 2015

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LOOOOoooong day at work. I mean, it's always long because it's eleven hours, but also it was...a very eventful day, and a forty minute drive each way that happened to take place in the rain and darkness. HOORAY FOR THE ONSET OF WINTER AND DENTIST VISITS...?

Played roughly 15 minutes of Destiny last night. I wasn't even able to finish the tutorial because I was so tired, but I did create a violet-colored robot girl and I think I picked the tank class for her? (She's a Titan.) I'm glad that the robot girl faces aren't particularly feminized, although having them be smaller/slimmer than the male faces is a tiresome stereotype. Can't dismantle the gender binary all at once, I suppose.

The other game I played was the Xbox One dashboard, which I DO NOT recommend in its current state. It crashed like, 3 times last night! Once it was while I was trying to select an icon for my profile. The other times it just got hung up on menus for no discernible reason. Is that what I can expect if I upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Whatever, the point is that the Xbox One dashboard sucks and a huge downgrade from literally every single Xbox 360 dashboard that ever existed over the years. boooooooooo

I'm going to go back to the Destinylands for the evening, and will exhaust you with my thoughts about it tomorrow. Have fun, everyone~


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