Jun. 4th, 2015

trip time

Jun. 4th, 2015 10:17 pm
terabient: Rise Kujikawa doesn't know what to think of this shit (P4: Rise 0_0)
So, I’ve been considering a trip abroad for awhile. Right now I’m trying to decide between going to Tokyo this September to see the Tokyo Game Show, or waiting until next year to visit Kyoto in the spring…

Waiting until next year would be a lot easier financially, and I’d have at least 2 travel buddies, but it would be for a shorter period of time (4 days, probs) and well, happening next year. But still: KYOTO IN SPRING. (I have this dream of visiting all of Boston’s sister cities, and the (few) people I've talked who have visited Kyoto have said it's an amazing experience. *__*)

Going to Tokyo and TGS would be super exciting, and there would be lots of things both touristy and slightly less touristy that I could do, but I might have to go alone :( and it would be significantly more expensive. But…TGS! THIS SEPTEMBER! I didn’t take a vacation last year and I know this summer is going to be super busy due to work and my brother’s wedding in August–a trip in September sounds so relaxing. ~.~

i dunno. i don’t have to make a decision about Tokyo until the end of June so I guess I’ll just…think about it some more. any suggestions?

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