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Today was my day off and I spent the morning SLEEPING IN MY GLORIOUSLY COMFORTABLE BED~ Then I was out with my mother and sister doing what my sister called 'Christmas window shopping' which mostly consisted of us walking around shops, unsuccessfully trying to remember what friends and family already had or what they might like. I also tried to discreetly figure out what my sister would like for her birthday, and I think it's pajama sets and sweaters with Christmas/winter themed motifs of questionable taste. :P I'm not terribly surprised, as pajama sets and sweaters that straddle the line between charmingly festive and horrifyingly festive is also my aesthetic. That comfy, cheap pajama sets are in abundance this time of year is a nice bonus. I just have to decide between the poorly-drawn snowman set or the poorly-drawn reindeer set...

I also spotted this completely unnecessary, but utterly adorable jingle-bell collar and paw cuffs set and...I'm aware that dressing up a dog is a self-indulgent activity that has no benefits for the dog, (unless they've got an insufficient winter coat) but I keep thinking about Momo prancing around the house with jingle bells on and I can't stop giggling about it. Not that she needs MORE costume-y things to look ridiculously cute in--Mom bought her a reindeer costume about a month ago and Momo already has a jingle bell collar. (But imagine the little jingle bell cuffs, around her little doggie paws...!)

Shetland Reindog

I don't know if Momo likes dressing up or not. From how she acts, she tolerates it because she is a very well-behaved and thoughtful dog, and warms up to it because everyone starts cooing and awwing over her. She likes being the center of attention, as long as she knows the people around her. ♥


In ten days, November will be over...I'm pleased that so far, I've kept up with my commitment to post daily, even if I'm not wholly satisfied with the quality or content of my posts. At the very least, I know for certain that a daily schedule is a bit too fast-paced for me if I want to write more opinionated posts.

Two things I've been thinking about doing, once December rolls around: hosting another gaming-centric friending meme, and/or having weekly 'gaming progress posts' where people can comment about, uh...their weekly gaming progress. I've whined a lot about the lack of laid-back, small discussion communities in this internet day and age...I might as well do something about it :P

And since it's November 20th, of course I must mark the date by linking to dj Nagureo's (of Beatmania fame) catchy, self-composed birthday tune: 20, November!

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Date: 2015-11-21 02:51 am (UTC)
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Holy crap your dog is adorable. :x


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