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I haven't had a day off since the first of the month, and my next day off is...this Friday. I thought I would be able to handle it, as it wouldn't be the first time this job has required me to work for 2 weeks straight, but today was a little troubling. Nothing bad happened but I found myself engaging in some repetitive behaviors (scratching and picking at my skin, although I was able to catch myself before I broke skin) which hasn't happened for months. I'm a little concerned that I might be more stressed from work than I realized.

On the other hand, I'm slowly adding small-but-necessary tasks to my morning routine, without taking much longer to get out the door. I used to just towel-dry my hair, pull it into a tight ponytail and go, but now I take the time to blow-dry and style it, and put some make-up on, so I look a bit more professional. I also make my bed most mornings--I'm embarrassed to say I never made my bed growing up, and even now I have to quiet the voice that says 'this is stupid you're just going to mess it up tonight.' But it does give me an excuse to set up my ever-expanding plush army, which I find calming in the morning and something of a treat to see at night before I go to sleep.

i like octopodes

I still haven't worked in 'making breakfast' into my morning routine, and continue to stop at the closest Dunkin' Donuts to get a grossly overpriced mini-bucket of coffee and whatever food thing that strikes me as least-shitty on the menu. (Fun aside: there are 50 Dunkin' Donuts within a 10-mile radius of my neighborhood.) I'd probably be in a much better mood if I stopped buying DD's terrible food and prepared my own, but I still haven't budgeted the time for it. Well, I guess it's just another thing to keep working on.

I'm a little better at making to-do lists and actually doing the stuff I put on them, although I tend to forget a lot more than I remember, even with lists. I guess overall I'm doing better than I was last year, though there are still lots of things I need to start and keep doing, while not forgetting I need to ease into things so I don't overtax my easily taxed resources and regress into a melty puddle of doing nothing. :p

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Date: 2015-11-11 06:22 am (UTC)
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Hey, good going! That is awesome improvement! Fixing shit like that is super super hard, go you! (If you think approaching it like a video game might help your brains do the thing, I've been using habitica and it's been working pretty well. The splash page is pretty side-eye worthy, but the site itself is better. Yes.)

Also holy crap your octopus friends are SUPER CUTE oh man. :D :D :D


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