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there are a lot of terrible memes on the tumblrs dot com but the ones i hate the most are the fUCUKING INESCAPABLE 'THE SIGNS AS' no wait that's a rant for another day OTP domesticity memes--specifically the ones that are just lists of mundane tasks like 'who cooks dinner' with the occasional hyper-specific, extremely detailed grocery shopping scenario that probably happened to the OP while they were shopping with a roommate or their parents or whoever (the 'I'm always a slut for Doritos!' meme).

MOSTLY i hate how these memes take completely unremarkable decisions and events (who does the dishes? who chooses curtain colors?? who drinks milk straight from the carton and who gets comically wound up because of it???) and assumes that each one is ~~fraught with meaning~~ and behind everything a person does there is a complicated and character-defining reason that guides their every move, which in turn makes it clear why said character is the Doer of Dishes. And I get that this romanticisation of the mundane is appealing to some, but wow I cannot help but look at these memes and want to scream OH MY GOD NEITHER ONE OF THEM CARES ABOUT INTERIOR DECORATING THIS MUCH.

--actually, I take that back. If people did answer these memes with long-winded (or even brief) explanations for why Character A likes to drink milk directly from the carton then I might actually read and enjoy them, but that doesn't happen ever often. Usually I end up scrolling by someone's daily chore list with the names of fictional characters next to each task, what an exciting trend that I could never get tired of!

I also dislike how domesticity memes assume one character has to be quirky/free-spirited/childish/a total mess and the other has to be the responsible/serious/kill-joy/semi-functioning adult type. Maybe I shouldn't refer to them as domesticity memes but as Type A/Type B personality memes? That's basically what they're trying to suss out, I think, through the dullest questionnaire imaginable.

AND! The memes straight up ignore canon settings, no matter how fantastic/unique/vital to the interactions and development of the characters of an OTP that setting is--in favor of imagining characters living in a vaguely modern, boring, Western-centric relationship. ugh pls stop internet.

OKAY I'm done getting upset at people having fun on the internet. thank you for letting me inflict this rant upon you, flist~

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Date: 2015-10-14 11:46 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ukefied
But how on earth could two partners in a fucking grown-ass relationship ever learn to compromise and cooperate with running a household? HOW?

aka, god i hate those memes too

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Date: 2015-10-14 12:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hamimi_fk
*patpat* I don't particularly care for this meme either. Like, how do I know, or care, who in an OTP decides what color the tea cozies are!? O.o

(I do, though, get a bit of a kick out of the 'I'm a slut for Doritos' meme - but in fairness, in one of my fandoms, one of the characters was affectionately dubbed 'Space Dorito' (now she's Key Lime Pie, er, okay) so it works for me in that context.)


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