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So Rolling Stone had this interview with COMIC WRITER SUPERSTAR!!1!1* Grant Morrison and it was pretty strange because hey, Grant Morrison. But it did have a lot of good stuff, including one of my personal favorite pastimes: bitching about Alan Moore.

Cut for talk about rape in comics )

So over at [community profile] scans_daily somebody posted a 90s comic satirizing Silver Age comic plotlines and attitudes.

and then there was this gem )

In other news, I have failed miserably at my goal of posting every day in June. In my defense, I was put on a new medication and went up in dosage on another one, and for the past week that one-two punch has left me feeling like ¯\(ºдಠ)/¯ this

but it's ok now
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Hey humanity, it's not that hard to act appropriately in the aftermath of a horrific natural disaster.

-Give what you can, when you can.
-If someone can't or won't give, ffs don't get all high and mighty and try to shame them into doing something. Giving aid is a wonderful act and one that is desperately needed, but even so - no one is obligated to do anything. Do not assume a person is in a position to give more than they have, or give at all. Ask, encourage, but do not judge.
-If you are one of those people who feel the need to dismiss the entirety of the quake/tsunami disaster because you don't know any Japanese personally/hate anime/j-pop/games/whatever - you are a gigantic gaping asshole. This is non-negotiable. You are a hateful creature whose opinion merits no serious consideration whatsoever.
-If you are one of those people who have decided this tragedy is a great plot device for your slash j-pop fic, you are going to the Special Hell. Yes - the one with the child molesters and the people who talk during movies.

Seriously, people. Do good when you can. Move along quietly if you can't. IS IT THAT HARD TO BE DECENT.
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so today this article came up on my faceboooooooooooook:

For the last four years, Capitol restaurants used eco-friendly plates, cups and utensils. Now, the Republicans in charge of the House have switched to plastic and foam.


in all seriousness, though, what am i supposed to do now? i have spent a decent sum of cash purchasing reusable grocery bags, recycled paper products, eco-friendly clothing and utensils, organic food, and general uh, 'greenery,' all the while thinking i was doing a good thing supporting fledgling businesses selling innovative, useful products for mass consumption. but apparently i was undermining the pillar of community we call the styrofoam and plastics industry instead!!! i was just a gullible hippie after all :T

anyway since this qualifies a serious policy business on Capitol Hill i think it's safe to say we're all fucked regardless of how you feel about hippies.


on an equally petty but less depressing note, i have slooooowly been inching my way through Resident Evil 5's achievement list with some success. i am now LOADED WITH GUNS and have one thing left on those stupid scavenger hunt-type achievements. next up: raising approximately a bajillion dollars by looting the homes of outrageous racist caricatures for treasure. why am i playing this game again?


okay it's pretty fun with all the shooting and the tentacle beasts and the COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION and the boulder punching and Sheva and Chris and all


Today's plan: prepare for the apocalypse go to the Borders closing near the NH-MA border. i would be disappointed if there wasn't another Borders staying open about the same distance away from me. so basically: cheap(ish) books with none of the drawbacks! sort of.


no, i have no idea what this entry is for
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