Nov. 23rd, 2015

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It was my sister's birthday today, and she stopped over at the house before I left for work this morning. She brought her dog Byson, who is a a Cane Corso breed and kind of takes over any house he is in through sheer size and enthusiasm. He's well-behaved and so is Momo, but she gets rather upset when people coo over Byson instead of her. She spent the morning yipping and wriggling her way in between Byson and whoever was petting him, then hopping on the person's lap Byson who the boss was, I suppose.

Sister liked the pajama set, but tonight when we went out for dinner she said the cloth eyemask that came with it had shrunk to the point of uselessness when she washed it. I guess we should have expected it, given that the eyemask looked like scrap fabrics stitched together.

On the subject of dinner, it was kind of disappointing. Sister wanted sushi, so we went to the closest sushi-serving restaurant, a Hibachi grill/modern 'Asian fusion' place that appears to be staffed primarily by white people. This was not especially weird since we happen to live in a place where 98% of the population is white (there are more confirmed opioid addicts than people of color here) but given that this restaurant advertised its authentic Japanese cuisine it was a bit odd. But it was also ~~modern~~ and ~~fusion~~ and ~~inspired~~ so we figured the food would be really good and unique, or...a trainwreck. In the end, it was neither of these things, although it was decidedly leaning towards 'trainwreck' and not unique. The beef negimaki was waaaaay overcooked, but the peanut sauce chicken wings were good; the sushi rolls looked like they had waaaaaaaaay too much going on but the one we ended up ordering turned out to be pretty nice, even though I couldn't tell you what was in it besides tuna, avocado, and tempura flakes. I only remember there were like, 3 different sauces and at least two other fish, and cucumber might have been in there??? Anyway, like I said, a lot going on. But it tasted alright. The entrees were literally forgettable, as in, my server packed up whatever I ordered and I didn't remember to take it with me and didn't realize it until I was halfway home. I didn't go back to pick it up; IIRC it was ginger orange duck? The duck was overcooked just like the negimaki, and the orange sauce was okay but there was way too much of it.

The pumpkin pie cocktail was pretty good though. I wasn't aware that pumpkin flavored vodka was a thing yet, but it is. Next year, I expect everything edible in America will be pumpkin infused from September to December.

and that's how the day went.


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