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So [community profile] fandom_stocking is a thing that is happening on Dreamwidth RIGHT NOW. Basically it is like Yuletide, but only the Yuletide treats part--you leave a fandom wishlist at this post, it's posted as a 'stocking' in the comm, and then people make/give you things based on your wishlist. Even if you don't want to leave a wishlist for yourself, there are a lot of lists already up so if you're looking for something to do you should check it out, maybe?


In order to make this post more than just a signal boost, here are some perplexing things from the internets.

First is this image. It's from Konami's Beatmania DJ simulation game. I have no idea what music video features this particular picture, but I'm dying to find out.

what a mean banana :( )

Next is a Beatmania IIDX video parody thing. Ronald McDonald is prominently featured.

Beach Side Bunny Burger )

Finally, seeing as it's December and the holiday season is upon us, now is as good a time as any to bust out my favorite 'cooking' videos of all time: Sandra Lee's Hanukkah and Kwanzaa cakes. If you aren't acquainted with Sandra Lee and her semi-homemade aesthetic, well...I'm sorry. And if you do know who Sandra Lee, but haven't seen these clips? Well...sorry for that too, because even for a woman who is most famous for making liquor-heavy cocktails for lunch and coining the phrase 'tablescape', this is some hideous work. I've posted these before, but ever since discovering these crimes against taste I have made a point of sharing them again when seasonally appropriate, for they never cease to shock me.

Cultural ignorance ahoy! )

I hope something in that pile of random was entertaining. ^^
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HEY GUYS! Do you know what was released today? If you guessed Skyrim, YOU ARE CORRECT!!!

BONUS QUESTION: Guess what I DIDN'T get today? ...that's right, it's Skyrim. I didn't preorder it and when I went to the local Gamestop they were all sold out of the 360 version. OH NOOOOO T_T

On the other hand, I wouldn't really have much time to play it tonight and tomorrow is the wedding so realistically if I had it, I wouldn't around to popping it in until Sunday night at least. Possibly longer. Besides, I also have this silly game to waste my time:

Otomedius Excellent )

It's another shmup (japanese arcade shoot 'em up) based on the Gradius series. Only instead of ships, they're cyborg girls or something, because somewhere along the line shmups changed from being about sci-fi space war sagas into magical and/or cyborg girl stories. (Okay, Touhou probably had a big hand in that...)

Anyway, until I can devote my life time to Skyrim this is pleasant tide-me-over.

This also seems as good a time as any to link to the quite possibly faked, but still hilarious, account of a guy coming home drunk and destroying Cyrodil while not remembering a moment of it.
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I have yet to decide on a theme for the whole NaBloPoMo thing, unless 'whatever gets me to post something each day' is a theme, in which case I am one awesome possum at fulfilling it.

Today's prompt didn't particularly ~inspire~ me, so in lieu of actual written content have some links to stuff written (or drawn, or recorded) by others. ;p

An awesomely horrifying NaBlo post about sourdough gone wrong

In Tennessee, you can buy $50 chicken pox lolipops

A November sketchbook challenge!

The most wonderful rage comic ever

A little penguin getting tickled

Madoka-themed shimeji so your desktop can be covered with ~MAGIC~ (an explanation/download of shimeji is here)



May. 23rd, 2011 06:58 am
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New book reveals the 'real' story behind the Roswell landing

Brief summary: The Roswell Not-A-Weather-Balloon was not filled with aliens, but gentically mutated child Soviet pilots.

But that's not the funny part. As is generally the case with internet articles, the really juicy stuff is in the comments. OBSERVE:

I have a personal friend who is dead now that reviewed the autopsy reports and this was not human remains as we know it by today's biology of anatomy. The crafts two number crashed with dead aliens and live aliens at the scene. This lady needs to get a life and some other field than writing science fiction.

The irony, it is delicious!

Try reading Timothy Goods books on this subject a brilliant authour and one of the best in ufology!

Brilliant author in ufology



Nonsense. It was an extraterrestrial craft and any other stories that suggest otherwise are pure disinformation.


Just something to lulzify your Monday. :)
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This is terrible



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