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Halloween night I hung out with my brother, sister-in-law and one of their friends and watched horror movies. They were...okay? They weren't particularly scary, but they held my attention, I was curious to see their endings, and each had at some memorable scenes and intriguing character dynamics...for zero-budget, director debut films, that's a lot more than I expected.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown: A semi-sequel to a 1976 slasher film of the same name--according to my brother, the '76 movie inspired the Halloween series. The premise: some guy with issues tries to recreate ~~the horror~~ of the original movie and the true serial murder case it was based on, picks a really unfortunate teenage girl to be his 'messenger,' and the girl tries to piece together clues from both the old and the current case to solve the mystery because of course the police force is useless and all the officers just sit around in the office, spouting exposition while saying things that literally just happened could not have happened, everything's crazy!

So it was a pretty standard slasher. Visually it was rather modern, with oversaturated colors, tilted camera angles, and lots of odd screen pans and transitions that were probably meant to surprise and scare viewers, but mostly came off as confusing. Brother's friend said it looked like an ameteur photographer's Instagram, which was not an inaccurate description. The over saturation effect got pretty annoying--I think maybe it was supposed to highlight the buckets o' blood onscreen but it tended to make scenes more comical than not. But maybe that was the point?

The killer's true identity was kind of...spoilers )

Plot aside, there were some really "ugh that's AWFUL" cringe moments during a few of the murders, which is better than the numbness that generally sets in during slasher films. Some of the trying-too-hard cinematography ends up being genuinely striking. The main character's narration isn't terrible?

I'm not sure I'd recommend it, but it's certainly not the worst slasher film I've seen. It's basically average, slightly above that if oversaturated colors and tilted wide angle shots are your aesthetic.

Mulberry Street: This is essentially a zombie/infection apocalypse film but instead of zombies people turn into poorly designed rat creatures. To disguise this quality, the rat creatures are shot in low green light and shaky 'documentary' camerawork is overused. The overall effect, once again, is that of confusion rather than creepiness. But at least no one was giggling at the rat creatures, which probably counts for something. Also the rat angle allows for some infection-as-social-commentary lines, but that's something expected in the genre so....whatever.

The movie spends a lot of time establishing the ensemble cast, and while the characters are stock horror movie types (washed-up boxer dad; sassy drag queen; tough soldier daughter; single immigrant mom with miserable teenage son; cranky, disabled vet and the cranky son who takes care of him...) they have believable dialog and the actors really inhabit their roles, and as a result they feel like actual people. So once the inevitable siege of rat creatures begins, you feel some sympathy for the characters and want them to survive.

The relationship between the washed-up boxer dad and the sassy drag queen is particularly well-done. They're roommates, and it's established early on that they don't have a sexual relationship, but it's also clear they have an intense, close relationship and the final scene between the two of them comes across as romantic, and intentionally so.

Recommended if you like infection/apocalypse horror films, silly-looking rat creatures, and/or well-developed characters and relationships. Not recommended if shaky-cam and dark green 'night-vision' lighting makes you nauseous (or frustrated) or you're sick of infection apocalypse movies.
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I've been thinking about signing up at [community profile] inkingitout this year. I'm pretty terrible at completing any sort of challenge, especially if it involves writing, but finishing National Blog Posting Month has given me some confidence in my ability to blather away in a semi-intelligent manner about things that interest me. I wasn't able to write about everything I wanted to last month, and part of that was due to putting up an entry every single day, oddly enough. There were a lot of times when I abandoned a post because it kept growing in size and I didn't have the ability to write about everything I wanted to. Having a word count goal instead of a daily post one might be a better fit for me.

That said, I'm not sure what I'd sign up to do. I mean, I guess essay/review-ish stuff about things I'm watching/playing/reading, but reviews and essays imply some level of objectivity and coherence, not OMG FEEEEEEEEEEEELS which is about the level that I write at. :P Of course, signing up for a challenge would be a pretty good incentive to approach and write about media in a more thoughtful manner than I do now.

I might also put 'fanfic' in the hopes of one year actually finishing a fandom bingo challenge because. Um. I've yet to do that ever. I am the least productive fan person. :[

In more things I keep thinking about doing, but never get around to: I reeeeeally want to try making a Let's Play for some of the Xbox-exclusive shmups. Specifically I'm thinking of Trouble Witches Neo because...well, I like it a lot and would like an excuse to play it some more. :P There are technically two Trouble Witches Neo LPs on youtube already, but...they are kind of terrible. Like, they're both blind playthroughs, it's obvious that the players have little/no experience with the genre, and the commentary is mostly forced humor that boils down to 'Japan has a thing for cute little girls, HUH?!?!' and just, ugh. I really hate LPs that are made solely because the person making them wants to make a name for themselves and picks an obscure game to play because no one else has done it. Unfortunately, while I have recording equipment, it only has composite inputs, so anything it records looks terrible. (I've recorded a few videos, but the results aren't very watchable. ;_; ) And a screenshot LP isn't much of an option for a shmup. Sigh. I might look into getting some better recording stuff after the holidays, if my finances aren't too strained.

Aaaaand as far as [community profile] fandom_stocking goes, I have made a list of all stockings with anime/manga/gaming requests but I'm still formatting it; it should be done by the weekend for anyone who'd find it useful.
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I spent most of the day doing laundry. (I foolishly let it pile up until the last piece of clothing. WHOOPS.) The remainder was spent spoiling my dog Momo. Yes, mine is a life of excitement and never ending thrills, and certainly the envy of many.

Here are a few links that have cruelly and unexpectedly robbed me of my time:

Paint Your Own Nebula and Koalas To The Max: websites that can basically be summed up as wave your cursor around and watch wonderful things appear.

The Useless Web, which my cousin tweeted to me a few days ago. Some of the sites linked here I've seen before; most I have not. They are all pretty stupid and they will suck the time right out of your day. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Not related, but if you're in any video game fandoms and looking for some inspiration, [community profile] areyougame has opened up prompt-claiming for their next round. GO GO GO and claim to your heart's content~

Also! Someone opened up a general discussion DW community, [community profile] ffa; so far there's only been a little, but steady, activity and it would be ~pretty awesome~ if there were more posts. (Embarrassing confession: I haven't replied to any of the posts yet. /o\ But I'm gonna make more of an effort to participate in the future!)

Tomorrow's post: I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking maybe...BULLET HELL DISCUSSION?!

Bullet hell is the best hell.
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I am super tired from today's clinical so today's entry will be short, and about ADORABLE THINGS.

My brother showed me MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON, which is sort of old youtube vid (like, 2010 old, but that's ages in youtube-time) about...a shell with shoes and also a face. It is bizarrely cute and uplifting, and I have watched it at least once a day since discovering it because it makes me feel inexplicably happy!

The point is, if you haven't seen Marcel you should, and if you have...watch it again because there is never a bad time to watch cute things.

Speaking of cute things here are some videos of corgis being corgis. I may have shared these already, IDK. If so, enjoy them again! Or not.

Corgi puppy going down steps

CorgiCam (it's showing pre-recorded footage right now, but they will have a new litter sometime this month)

Corgis playing tetherball

No, there is no real reason for this entry, aside from personally-enforced daily posting. Maybe I shouldn't do National Blog Posting Month? WRITING INTERESTING THINGS IS HARD.
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I had approximately TOO FUCKING MANY appointments today and my family is coming over in about half an hour for...I don't know how long. Probably most of the evening, though.

Since I'm not sure how much time I'll have afterwards to post for Blog Posting Month here is a placeholder so I don't miss a day. Is this cheating? Probably. I'm doing it anyway. When I get back I'll fill it with something that is more interesting. Hopefully.

self why do you fail at time management

So okay it's 2am and I'm back from watching Skyfall with my brother and sister. It was good! Not as good as Casino Royale, but better than Quantum of Solace.

Thoughts, cut for massive spoilers )


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