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I am a very mature individual, and I took some time to take pictures of dolls action figures toys decorative items because I was tired of just looking and admiring them on shelves and/or my keys. Also it was easier to take silly pictures than write something for my last post of the month.

On that note, I actually completed a monthly challenge what is this. Hooray for sticking to schedules, or something like that!

hey homura
how u doin

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I have a brutal headache atm.

I got it because i had to ride the T too fucking long to get to/from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

I would regale you with the thrilling tale of adventure my sister and I had today, but that would require us to have experienced a thrilling tale of adventure. Instead, we had a pleasant day of getting lost in the museum and taking pictures and eating yaki soba before enduring the hell of Boston's public transportation system.

also, Boston Bruins fans are the worst people in the world. The worst.

Here is a picture of a cool sculpture from the MFA. I am posting it because I can and also maybe it will make this entry less boring??? My head hurts too much to cobble together a more coherent, interesting post.

there is symbolism here, CAN YOU FIND IT?

(pretending all art is like Where's Waldo? is fun!)
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old pictures are old.

moth 05

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Oct. 4th, 2009 01:59 pm
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went to the state fair this weekend~

deerfieldfair 021

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a few more photos (and 800x600 versions of the above) at the flickr set.

to end: 20 seconds of PIGLET VIOLENCE!!!

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