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2016-09-06 12:06 am
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just the thing you needed: another social media platform

i've mentioned this on twitter and tumblr, but for those who don't follow me there, i have an imzy account now. i'm @janejana over there. i have a few invites left if anyone wants one--just PM an email address i can send it to so i can get a free t-shirt. :)

a few places i've been lurking in:

reads: generally, nonfiction articles that aren't designed to be simple clickbait. i have already lost a few evenings perusing this comm, though there's little in the way of discussion at this point. :c

100 words: a straightforward drabble prompt community. Accepts both original and fanfic material.

The Cookbook: Comm for recipe sharing and general cooking questions

that's about all i can recommend so far. i've searched for some fandom-oriented communities and while plenty pop up most of them appear to be placeholders--understandable, but i do wonder if/when fandom activity will pick up. the lack of a traditional profile/personal blogging space makes me kind of nervous about posting stuff over there.

if you're on imzy let me know what you think of it so far! i'm...cautiously optimistic. ^^
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2016-08-11 12:10 am

indecision 2kforever

For the first time in months, I do not have anything pressing to do on my day off. Which means I am now paralyzed with indecision with a WHOLE DAY OF NO OBLIGATIONS. Do I take an hour-long drive over to an arcade to play a bunch of rhythm games during off-peak hours? Do I go to the beach and walk my dog along the boardwalk because the state doesn't allow pets on the beach proper and Momo doesn't particularly like getting wet anyway? Do I just sit around and enjoy the innumerable video games and anime series that I haven't had a chance to touch yet? The possibilities are not endless, but numerous enough to make a course of action difficult.

which means I'll probably sit around at home with a mild sense of unease due to 'wasting the day away.' On the plus side, the temperature is supposed to get real high tomorrow--the reports are saying into the triple digits--and the house has air conditioning, so lounging about sounds like a pretty good idea.
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2015-11-30 08:00 pm

Someone said "Your fault is to put anything off !"

Hello, Dreamwidth! It is the end of November and thus, the end of National Blog Posting Month--for me, at least. While I wasn't able to write much of what I planned beforehand, I'm glad I didn't miss a day, especially given that this month was busier and more stressful than I had anticipated. And my little sidebar calendar is all filled out!

I...don't really have much to discuss today. I have to go to sleep pretty early for work tomorrow, and I need to figure out what's up with the NAT settings on my router before I go to bed, so I'll just leave a few links to things that have amused me recently:

Kickstarter Nonstarters: petsu.it: Here is a video of two guys commenting on a Lovecraft-inspired pet site Kickstarter. Yes. Kickstarter is truly the place where dreams come true, nightmares become reality, and two or more tastes of varying greatness are inexpertly mashed together.

Baron Vaughn on insects: A stand-up routine that has the truest depiction of crickets and bees that has ever existed. I didn't know about Baron Vaughn until I heard this bit on Bullseye yesterday, and...I wish I had heard his stuff earlier. Well, now there's another show to add to my Netflix queue.

Chocolate Philosophy (Long version) from Pop'n Music: This is an adorable song from Konami's Pop'n Music series; it's described as a 'swing waltz', which I think means a swing-inspired song in 3/4 time? Anyway, if you like acoustic guitars and piano with and a breathy female voice singing some truly incomprehensible, allegedly English lyrics, please listen. Even with a transcription, I can't figure out what the song's supposed to be about; I think it's about a girl who everyone thinks is lazy, but she insists that's not true--she just loves everyone (or 'you') so much that it takes everything she has to deal with it, so how can anyone expect her to keep her room in order? That's a super cute sentiment, although I'm only 50% sure that's what the intention is. If you do happen to listen, let me know what you think is going on. :P
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2015-11-15 11:58 pm

attention seeker

I had work today, but only for 4 hours, and I was finished by noon. What did I do with a whole Sunday afternoon, you ask? I slept. I slept until 5:00 and then I stayed in bed for another hour to fully enjoy the sensation of being snug and warm in bed on a cold Sunday, with no pressing obligations until tomorrow. Part of me is regretting all those 'wasted' hours, part of me feels nice and refreshed and...ready to sleep another eight hours, lol.

I still need to sort out the clothing donations, though....


In search of inspiration for writing fandom essay-ish type things by reading old posts at [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto, which has been dead for awhile but still has a template for use and interesting posts in general. It's helped me structure my thoughts about a few ships that have been taking up space in my brain for awhile now, but that I've never really talked about--P4/P3 protagonists and Tsubaki/Noel being foremost in that category, but nearly every piece of media I've consumed in the past few years has had a character or pairing I've enjoyed. But I don't discuss why, partly because I'm uncertain my friends through LJ/DW would be familiar with the fandom and finding people who want to analyse rather than squee is a lot harder to do. It's not just a 'tumblr problem' either; the fact that 'fandom' takes place across many different social media services and sites, and the most popular ones are not geared towards long-form, slower discussion styles is the real issue. Tumblr's just a symptom of a larger trend in fandom participation that was occurring long before LJ activity collapsed. And it's not something I want to whine about all the time--complaining about the way the internet has changed is not interesting to read or write about--I miss the creation very small, specialized communities of people who were willing to discuss something as silly as a non-canon, video game slash ship with great detail and over a long period of time. It's hard to talk about what you like and don't like when there's no one around to listen to you. :(
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2015-11-10 11:25 pm

"i hope one of the lovers dies"

Poor life decisions )

Anyway, here are some amusing links:

PLEASE WATCH THIS AWFUL VIDEO REVIEW OF EARTHBOUND IT IS UNBELIEVABLE. Okay, technically it is two guys commenting on an awful video review of Earthbound, but please do not let that deter you; the source video is spectacular. It's 1:42 minutes of a guy rambling about the most obvious features of Earthbound while poorly chosen gameplay footage plays in the background. Also, there's pizza. TV Tropes has a bit on the history of the review show, which is even more amazing than this review. If you have the time or inclination, I strongly suggest watching the Final Fantasy VIII review--or maybe it's a walkthrough of the first five minutes of the game?--which ends on a somewhat horrifying note of hyperbolic disappointment. Also, cites Titanic as an ideal example of epic romance.

★ National Public Radio ran this bizarre piece on Jeb Bush, most notable for being the son and brother of unpopular presidents and doing poorly in televised debates. The quotes featured are cringe-inducing in how tone-deaf they are, and NPR includes the actual audio so you can really wallow in the secondhand embarrassment. Highlights: An actual utterance of "Praise Jesus" in relation to the stock market; the phrase "unleash American's animal spirits" because of course a speech on energy policy is a very exciting event requiring the unleashing of animal spirits.
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2015-11-02 10:56 pm


Halloween night I hung out with my brother, sister-in-law and one of their friends and watched horror movies. They were...okay? They weren't particularly scary, but they held my attention, I was curious to see their endings, and each had at some memorable scenes and intriguing character dynamics...for zero-budget, director debut films, that's a lot more than I expected.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown: A semi-sequel to a 1976 slasher film of the same name--according to my brother, the '76 movie inspired the Halloween series. The premise: some guy with issues tries to recreate ~~the horror~~ of the original movie and the true serial murder case it was based on, picks a really unfortunate teenage girl to be his 'messenger,' and the girl tries to piece together clues from both the old and the current case to solve the mystery because of course the police force is useless and all the officers just sit around in the office, spouting exposition while saying things that literally just happened could not have happened, everything's crazy!

So it was a pretty standard slasher. Visually it was rather modern, with oversaturated colors, tilted camera angles, and lots of odd screen pans and transitions that were probably meant to surprise and scare viewers, but mostly came off as confusing. Brother's friend said it looked like an ameteur photographer's Instagram, which was not an inaccurate description. The over saturation effect got pretty annoying--I think maybe it was supposed to highlight the buckets o' blood onscreen but it tended to make scenes more comical than not. But maybe that was the point?

The killer's true identity was kind of...spoilers )

Plot aside, there were some really "ugh that's AWFUL" cringe moments during a few of the murders, which is better than the numbness that generally sets in during slasher films. Some of the trying-too-hard cinematography ends up being genuinely striking. The main character's narration isn't terrible?

I'm not sure I'd recommend it, but it's certainly not the worst slasher film I've seen. It's basically average, slightly above that if oversaturated colors and tilted wide angle shots are your aesthetic.

Mulberry Street: This is essentially a zombie/infection apocalypse film but instead of zombies people turn into poorly designed rat creatures. To disguise this quality, the rat creatures are shot in low green light and shaky 'documentary' camerawork is overused. The overall effect, once again, is that of confusion rather than creepiness. But at least no one was giggling at the rat creatures, which probably counts for something. Also the rat angle allows for some infection-as-social-commentary lines, but that's something expected in the genre so....whatever.

The movie spends a lot of time establishing the ensemble cast, and while the characters are stock horror movie types (washed-up boxer dad; sassy drag queen; tough soldier daughter; single immigrant mom with miserable teenage son; cranky, disabled vet and the cranky son who takes care of him...) they have believable dialog and the actors really inhabit their roles, and as a result they feel like actual people. So once the inevitable siege of rat creatures begins, you feel some sympathy for the characters and want them to survive.

The relationship between the washed-up boxer dad and the sassy drag queen is particularly well-done. They're roommates, and it's established early on that they don't have a sexual relationship, but it's also clear they have an intense, close relationship and the final scene between the two of them comes across as romantic, and intentionally so.

Recommended if you like infection/apocalypse horror films, silly-looking rat creatures, and/or well-developed characters and relationships. Not recommended if shaky-cam and dark green 'night-vision' lighting makes you nauseous (or frustrated) or you're sick of infection apocalypse movies.
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2012-12-13 08:37 pm
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Things I Might Do, Maybe

I've been thinking about signing up at [community profile] inkingitout this year. I'm pretty terrible at completing any sort of challenge, especially if it involves writing, but finishing National Blog Posting Month has given me some confidence in my ability to blather away in a semi-intelligent manner about things that interest me. I wasn't able to write about everything I wanted to last month, and part of that was due to putting up an entry every single day, oddly enough. There were a lot of times when I abandoned a post because it kept growing in size and I didn't have the ability to write about everything I wanted to. Having a word count goal instead of a daily post one might be a better fit for me.

That said, I'm not sure what I'd sign up to do. I mean, I guess essay/review-ish stuff about things I'm watching/playing/reading, but reviews and essays imply some level of objectivity and coherence, not OMG FEEEEEEEEEEEELS which is about the level that I write at. :P Of course, signing up for a challenge would be a pretty good incentive to approach and write about media in a more thoughtful manner than I do now.

I might also put 'fanfic' in the hopes of one year actually finishing a fandom bingo challenge because. Um. I've yet to do that ever. I am the least productive fan person. :[

In more things I keep thinking about doing, but never get around to: I reeeeeally want to try making a Let's Play for some of the Xbox-exclusive shmups. Specifically I'm thinking of Trouble Witches Neo because...well, I like it a lot and would like an excuse to play it some more. :P There are technically two Trouble Witches Neo LPs on youtube already, but...they are kind of terrible. Like, they're both blind playthroughs, it's obvious that the players have little/no experience with the genre, and the commentary is mostly forced humor that boils down to 'Japan has a thing for cute little girls, HUH?!?!' and just, ugh. I really hate LPs that are made solely because the person making them wants to make a name for themselves and picks an obscure game to play because no one else has done it. Unfortunately, while I have recording equipment, it only has composite inputs, so anything it records looks terrible. (I've recorded a few videos, but the results aren't very watchable. ;_; ) And a screenshot LP isn't much of an option for a shmup. Sigh. I might look into getting some better recording stuff after the holidays, if my finances aren't too strained.

Aaaaand as far as [community profile] fandom_stocking goes, I have made a list of all stockings with anime/manga/gaming requests but I'm still formatting it; it should be done by the weekend for anyone who'd find it useful.
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2012-11-18 07:42 pm

NaBloPoMo Day 18: Lazy Sunday

I spent most of the day doing laundry. (I foolishly let it pile up until the last piece of clothing. WHOOPS.) The remainder was spent spoiling my dog Momo. Yes, mine is a life of excitement and never ending thrills, and certainly the envy of many.

Here are a few links that have cruelly and unexpectedly robbed me of my time:

Paint Your Own Nebula and Koalas To The Max: websites that can basically be summed up as wave your cursor around and watch wonderful things appear.

The Useless Web, which my cousin tweeted to me a few days ago. Some of the sites linked here I've seen before; most I have not. They are all pretty stupid and they will suck the time right out of your day. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Not related, but if you're in any video game fandoms and looking for some inspiration, [community profile] areyougame has opened up prompt-claiming for their next round. GO GO GO and claim to your heart's content~

Also! Someone opened up a general discussion DW community, [community profile] ffa; so far there's only been a little, but steady, activity and it would be ~pretty awesome~ if there were more posts. (Embarrassing confession: I haven't replied to any of the posts yet. /o\ But I'm gonna make more of an effort to participate in the future!)

Tomorrow's post: I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking maybe...BULLET HELL DISCUSSION?!

Bullet hell is the best hell.
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2012-11-12 07:54 pm

NaBloPoMo Day 12: Mondays are Hard

I am super tired from today's clinical so today's entry will be short, and about ADORABLE THINGS.

My brother showed me MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON, which is sort of old youtube vid (like, 2010 old, but that's ages in youtube-time) about...a shell with shoes and also a face. It is bizarrely cute and uplifting, and I have watched it at least once a day since discovering it because it makes me feel inexplicably happy!

The point is, if you haven't seen Marcel you should, and if you have...watch it again because there is never a bad time to watch cute things.

Speaking of cute things here are some videos of corgis being corgis. I may have shared these already, IDK. If so, enjoy them again! Or not.

Corgi puppy going down steps

CorgiCam (it's showing pre-recorded footage right now, but they will have a new litter sometime this month)

Corgis playing tetherball

No, there is no real reason for this entry, aside from personally-enforced daily posting. Maybe I shouldn't do National Blog Posting Month? WRITING INTERESTING THINGS IS HARD.
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2012-11-09 06:02 pm


I had approximately TOO FUCKING MANY appointments today and my family is coming over in about half an hour for...I don't know how long. Probably most of the evening, though.

Since I'm not sure how much time I'll have afterwards to post for Blog Posting Month here is a placeholder so I don't miss a day. Is this cheating? Probably. I'm doing it anyway. When I get back I'll fill it with something that is more interesting. Hopefully.

self why do you fail at time management

So okay it's 2am and I'm back from watching Skyfall with my brother and sister. It was good! Not as good as Casino Royale, but better than Quantum of Solace.

Thoughts, cut for massive spoilers )
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2012-11-02 05:53 pm

NaBloPoMo Day 2: Too Many Opinions

I was reading the posts I wrote for last year's NaBloPoMo and if there's one thing hindsight makes clear, it's that reading posts about daily activities and meme responses are not very interesting. This year I'm going to try posting things more substantial than shopping adventures and family events, which works well with my recent desire to write tl;dr posts about my current favorite shows/games/comics/whatever.

Some topics that have been banging around in head for awhile:

★ Puella Magi Madoka Magi meta
Which mostly means posts on why Madoka is my favorite character, why I like Sayaka's character arc so much, and maybe some thoughts on the design of the witches' inner space and the magical girl costumes. Might not be the most original topics, but honestly outside of the Puella Magi wiki I haven't seen much analysis or meta about PMMM.

★ DC's New 52
I haven't been reading many comics from DC lately but I really like the ones I've stuck with. I also have a whole boatload of opinions about Batwing and the direction I'd like to see the book take; expect at least one rant on how they really should focus on Batwing's civilian identity. :p

★ Blazblue
So yeah, Noel is one of my favorite characters in BB and it's something that initially baffled me, because she's very clearly designed as creepy otaku bait and my first impression of her was not positive in the least. After a lot of thought I've pinned down why I like her so much, but it's complicated. Will probably involve overanalysis of a few specific scenes and some discussion about moe characterization.

★ Soul Calibur V
I haven't yet seen a comprehensive defense of SCV's story and characters--lots of pithy, salient points, but not a tl;dr explanation about various developments, why they don't suck, and why a lot of fans need to take off their nostalgia goggles and realize that SCII was not the greatest game of all time. Also Patroklos and Pyrrah are totally awesome AND I AM GOING TO TELL YOU WHY. (Capslock may or may not be involved.)

★ Tumblr
Okay, I just want to bitch about things like hate-tagging and some other tumblr-specific practices. I mean, I like Tumblr well enough, but damn are there a lot of annoying fandom behaviors that Tumblr's exacerbated.

★ Thor/Journey into Mystery
I've been poking at the idea of making an 'Introduction to Thor comics' for a few months now--it would probably just be a list of 'essential' reading with (hopefully) helpful descriptions, clarification of what's in and out of continuity, and maybe a list of stuff readers should avoid. My only concern is that I haven't read enough for such a list to be as comprehensive as it should be. I'd also like to write some stuff on the more meta components of Journey Into Mystery and how the Disir are amazing, but again, I'm not entirely confident in my ability to write intelligently about these sorts of things.

And I will be continuing with the excessive RE6 playthrough thoughts, although I probably won't stick with one chapter per post. Gonna try to spread those posts out so that people get a variety of tl;dr, instead of just RE flavor. :P

I'm also concerned about time constraints, because I take forever to compose my thoughts. But hopefully I can keep the 'posting for the sake of posting' entries to a minimum.
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2012-10-30 03:01 pm
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my dog has a better costume than i do

★ I had nothing to do today! Except pick up some Halloweeny things to wear to tomorrow's clinical, as my instructor was adamant that showing up without appropriately festive attire would be a horrifying breach of fun. My Arakune costume is still in the works (so unfortunately, barring a miracle, he won't be ready for this Halloween) and even if it was finished it would be pretty impractical. So I have taken the lazy route and bought a witch hat, a tiny stuffed black cat to stick on my shoulder, and an extremely cheap glowing pumpkin charm bracelet. I have no idea what I will say if anyone asks what I'm supposed to be.

★ LJ has put its new friends page into open beta, which by LJ standards means 'expect this to be adopted with little to no bug fixes in about a month's time.' I remember one of the comments in an old DW news post off-handedly mentioning that LJ didn't want to be like Facebook, they'd rather be like Tumblr, and the new flist/ability to promote posts seems to bear that out.

★ But wait, there's more! Apparently, paid accounts will be phased out completely next year. That's the most telling upcoming change, personally; it's pretty clear that at this point LJ doesn't see its paying users as necessary to its continued survival.

★ I signed up for National Blog Posting Month again. WILL I ACTUALLY POST ALL 30 DAYS THIS YEAR?! I dunno. Every single time I've missed a day, it has been for the stupidest, most preventable reasons, so it's likely that I'll do the same this year too...but maybe I'll buck the trend of accidentally falling asleep at 9pm and waking up at 1am. At least NaBloPoMo gives me a reason to post about my overwhelming video game ~feelings.
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2012-09-23 11:17 pm
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more RE: Retribution stuff

Was reading this thorough review of RE: Retribution; it's really good.

Anyway, it mentioned the fact that Li BingBing, who played Ada Wong, had been dubbed over. I HAD NO IDEA. I SPENT THE ENTIRE FILM THINKING 'Oh wow her English is amazing!' (I've only seen her in one other film, Detective Dee, which obviously is in Chinese.)

I don't know how I feel about knowing this now. :( I went and watched some clips of her acting and in some interviews and yeah, she and her dubbed voice don't really sound alike at all.

Kinda embarrassed that I wouldn't have realized she'd been dubbed if it hadn't been pointed out to me. /o\
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2012-08-29 02:18 am

"We've identified the type of people who can eat here"

One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality tv shows, specifically the fix-it type shows where failing businesses are visited by a person with a lot of experience in running said business. (See: UK Kitchen Nightmares, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, Bar Rescue) They're not something I make time for or DVR or anything, but I like to put them on when I'm doing something like cleaning or cooking or whatever, so there's something interesting but not distracting while I work.

SO, there's this new Fox/Gordon Ramsay show called Hotel Hell and it's basically Kitchen Nightmares, but with hotels instead of restaurants, and I wasn't planning on watching it because the Fox-produced Ramsay shows are pretty awful to watch because they're basically 45 minutes of screaming and crying and outrageously obtrusive music/narration. (Master Chef being something of an exception.) BUT I had to clean the kitchen today, and the show was on On Demand, so I watched the two-part premiere episode.

and omg, it was, oh wow I do not know how to describe it. Like, it was actually kind of awesome, but not because of the format? (One nice touch: Ramsay handles the narration, not some annoying state-the-obvious voice-over.) Basically the owners were such bizarre and abject failures that the tropes of reality tv storytelling could not contain their weirdness. Also the business in question was a Vermont bed-and-breakfast, and having stayed at two Vermont BNBs, I could totally call bullshit on a lot of the excuses the owner came up with in regards to how BNBs are 'expected' to operate.

a decidedly unsophisticated summary/review )
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2012-08-26 11:29 pm
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internet, attend to my highly specific fandom desires better

★ Apparently I can only focus on one site at a time when it comes to fannish participation. I'm sure there are people who frequent both Tumblr and LJ/DW without falling behind on either, but I'm certainly not one of them. I spent most of the summer on Tumblr, and basically ignored DW happenings until this month, when I started lurking on anon memes/[community profile] fandomsecrets. So now I miss, I dunno, approximately a bazillion posts on Tumblr each day I don't visit. Normally I wouldn't care because Tumblr is 90% amusing but ultimately disposable gifs, but in an ~unexpected twist~ I've been sending in asks and messages to other people/blogs and now I'm having trouble finding the replies, OH NOOOOOOOOO. I feel like I've blown them off. :(

★ Have been reading a lot of ani-manga and comics related meta and it makes me wish there were more communities and journals on DW/LJ for meta. There's a fair amount of discussion on the anon memes/F!S, but I'd really like to drown in some good old fashioned TL;DR fan essays on like...everything. WRT anime and manga, [community profile] frillsofjustice and the Magical Girl Project have been pretty good sources for mahou shoujo, but for Western comics there's...I dunno?

I've heard there are some tumblr users that post meta, but I'm not particularly interested in looking them up. I'm a skulking lurker type at heart, but even so I'd like the option of an involved discussion which tumblr does not facilitate well.

★ Speaking of TL;DR, I have a lot of FEEEEEEEELSSS some strong opinions on Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan, mostly wrt the pitfalls of using time-travel and pseudo-quantum theory bullshit as a plot point/trope; if I ever get my shit together I might even post them in a semi-readable manner. This is because most of the reactions I've read fall into three categories:

-Complaints about the writing/handling of the Before Watchmen series as a whole (with little in the way of specific criticism)
-Is it homage or plagiarism?

Of course I may just let this beautiful 'shoop illustrate my feelings.

what's quantum )

★ The two fics I'm currently working on for [community profile] kink_bingo are completely different from the ideas I initially had a few months ago. I don't know why I keep outline things only to throw them out before even starting them properly.

I am going ahead with Skullgirls, Painwheel-centric creepy!fic, though. It just doesn't involve Valentine anymore.
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2012-05-31 08:53 pm
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boo insurance


didn't mean to be away for most of the month, medical insurance drama ate up a lot of my time and willpower :/

going to start finishing some stuffs around here...
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2012-02-14 09:08 pm
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signing up for TOO MANY things

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Remember, Godzilla loves you.

i signed up for the most recent [community profile] no_true_pair round. i admit my only motive going in was to make up some lists and revel in the weirdness that would ideally pop out after the prompt reveal, BUT! i think i might actually be able to write something? I am really bad at writing for prompts though.

anyway here the prompts i ended up getting. i submitted two lists, one made up of Final Fantasy girl crossover magic, and one Soulcalibur because fangirl.

FF: Magical Girls prompts )

Soulcalibur prompts )

...i'm gonna have to cut this interest-list down if i want to finish anything.

also: giggling over prompts shouldn't be this...thrilling. ^_^
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2012-01-23 03:21 am
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get at me blazblue

so someone posted this video of Relius performing his Astral Finish on every character.

-Arakune in a beaker
-Makoto being called a lab rat

-Relius being a creeper in general. (I'm usually all over creeper!scientist character types, but Relius just upsets me for reasons i cannot quite articulate.)

in other gaming news: SOUL CALIBUR V IS OUT AT THE END OF THE MONTH OMG OMG OMG \o/ i've been trying to avoid reading too much new information so that I don't get all, like, hyper-excited and stuff, BUT. this close to release it's hard not to get embarrassingly impatient. it sounds like at least half my xblox friends list is planning to get it and aaarrgggghhhh i just want to play it RIGHT NOW /fan hysteria

There are some gaming shops in MA that are having midnight openings for SCV, and while I haven't decided whether or not to go to one, I'm leaning towards HELLS YEAH. Both stores are pretty out of my way, though, and idk if I want to go driving around MA in freezing weather at 12am. I wouldn't have thought a second of it a few years ago, but I'm significantly less...adventurous these days. :P

FFXIII-2 is out the same day, and I was planning on getting both, but looking at the costs of buying two new games at once, plus the list of other games I'd like to get in the next two months, I am probably going to pass on it until it drops in price. Having played the XIII-2 demo, my impression is that it's essentially XIII with about a million more menu screens between you and the paradigms you want to set up. I guess all the extra stat adjusting is supposed to convince you that XIII-2 is more fun than XIII? Compared to the jump in style from X -> X-2, the XIII-2 system just feels like an extensive update - something like an add-on - and not a completely new game as X-2 was, coming from X.

also from what little i've picked up story-wise, it sounds like it will be about as coherent and engaging as The 3rd Birthday, which is not a compliment in any way, shape or form.


I deleted my livejournal earlier in the week, and then this post showed up on their front page, which had a link to an article detailing LJ's plans moving forward. At the end was this little gem:

"LiveJournal's leadership has made it clear that their future American business strategy lies in generating new traffic rather than catering to the service's current small-but-loyal membership."

i guess i made the right decision, wouldn't want to burden LJ with my old-user money or anything :|


Speaking of both gaming and leaving LJ! I wonder if I should do another video game friending meme, since there have been so many new people signing up for DW?

...I'll probably end up posting one later in the day. XD
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2012-01-10 07:01 pm
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Primary day

So, I happen to live in New Hampshire, which is holding its first-in-the-nation primary today, which means the state is currently in a civic-duty fervor. Also, overrun with news vans eager to hear ~Your Opinion on the Candidates!~ and take pictures of cute dogs. You know, to get some authentic local flavor.

I ended up voting in the Republican primary (NH independents can vote in primaries, although you have to re-declare your independent status after casting your vote or you will be re-assigned to the party you voted for) and it was, um, disappointing? Man, having been inundated with debates and candidates crashing diner brunches for months, I like to think I have a handle, of sorts, on these people, and pretty much all of them are stupid misogynistic racists. I was more than a little concerned that I would get to the voting booth, look at the ballot, and just start breathing fire.

Thankfully Jon Huntsman is neither stupid nor racist and an actual moderate - I don't approve of his anti-abortion stance or his civic-unions-but-not-marriage for GLBTs, but the rest of his policy ideas and views are reasonable and he's the only candidate that sounds genuine when he talks about bipartisanship. I was also impressed with the way he defended his work as the ambassador of China, and that he able to articulate a reasonable, complex stance regarding foreign policy (instead of an easy-to-remember, hollow soundbite). I voted for him so that hopefully, a win or strong showing will help knock out one of the truly horrible human beings Santorum Gingrich out of the race. :/

There were also a ton of other candidates on the ballot who basically had the resources to get their names on the NH ballot (it's pretty cheap to get on it, as I recall, something like $150?) one of who I actually knew of, the excellently-titled "Vermin Supreme." He's for mandatory tooth-brushing, zombie apocalypse preparation and ponies for all Americans, and he was part of the group that ended up crashing a Newt Gingrich rally (or their headquarters, or something) last week. I really thought it might be a fun thing to throw away a vote for him, but then I decided to put it towards...something...useful, maybe?

OTHER PRIMARY THINGS: My brother and I have, like everyone in NH, been bombarded with political mail begging for donations in a variety of ways. Ron Paul sent a 'family cookbook' with a request for a) money and b) a recipe for their family cookbook that they were planning to send to other people as a gift, I guess. So we sent a donation of twenty Monopoly dollars and a recipe for 'beer-battered pizza' which we made up in about 5 minutes. It involves ordering a pizza, buying some beer and then eating the pizza and drinking the beer. IT'S VERY DELICIOUS!


Tentative date for livejournal deletion: January 14th. I may just end up deleting all the journal entries there and stop crossposting, though - that way I can still comment on the few people and journals who aren't making the move to DW.

Just in case anyone cares. x_x
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2012-01-04 02:10 am
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A new year for NERDING OUT! \o/

Have been waffling over joining in on the Snowflake Challenge that's been spreading around. Is there a due date on some of those challenges? Haha, probably not - regardless, I'd really like to do the Day 2/Rec list part. I haven't done a good, quality fanwork recommendation post...well, ever. Should get on that, huh.

Looking at the Snowflake challenge has made me realize that my admittedly small amount of fanfic is scattered all over the place and my favorites list/bookmarks at FF.net and the AO3, respectively, are terribly out-of-date and tiny. Sooooo if you notice a sudden flurry of favoriting/bookmarking on older fic...er that would be me, updating years after the fact. ^_^;

Also, imported my LJ today and WOW that was fast. I thought there still might be a waiting period after queuing up the request but nope, everything was done in about 30 seconds. I had no idea importing would be that fast. :o I'm not sure when/if I'll be deleting [livejournal.com profile] m_aenea - probably when I finish archiving everything properly at AO3. ^^;; So maybe in a week or two.

Tomorrow is *sigh* bridesmaid dress shopping. uuuuggggggggghhhhhhhh. I hope it's not too hard to find something decent.