Nov. 27th, 2015

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ahAHAHAHA i was making such a big deal over whether or not to get a next-gen console (well, I guess current gen by now...) last night, and then parents went out Black Friday shopping, and around 10am my mom called me and said: "JANE. THERE IS AN XBOX THING HERE IT'S $300 AND HAS [asks salesperson a question]...GEARS OF WAR? DO YOU HAVE THIS XBOX. DO YOU WANT IT IF YOU DON'T???"

I waffled for a minute but then said, I did want this Xbox. I have an Xbox. Which I've yet to play, because I've spent literal hours waiting for Destiny to download/install updates (SEVENTEEN POINT THREE GIGABYTES OF UPDATES, FFS BUNGEE). It literally has just finished installing so I am going to check it out for like, ten minutes before I go to bed for my 11 hour shift tomorrow.

Some other things I have been excited about:

★ I have two days off a week instead of one going into December. HOORAY \o/

★ My Persona OTP is MAKING A SNOWMAN even though one of them is pretty dead:

It's just (just?! screams my not-very-inner fangirl) an advertisement for a Persona event at a ski resort (where you can rent/buy Izanagi snowboards and Thanatos skis, from what I've gathered from Twitter) so, you know, promo image, but look, sometimes you get excited over fictional characters hanging out in art.


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