Nov. 22nd, 2015

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I did a fair amount today:

★ Worked until noon

★ Got my sister's pajama set, which was way more than I was expecting, $56...! They came with free slippers which are supposedly ~$26 in value~ which I doubt, but they do look cozy, at least.

★ Made my way to the arcade and played some rhythm games for the first time this month. I am getting better at Pop'n Music after years of hovering around the same level, EXCITING. And I tried jubeat on an arcade machine for the first time. (I've played the iOS release) I was a bit surprised to see that the arcade machine doesn't utilize a touchscreen, it's just clear plastic buttons in a does make tapping the right beats feel a bit more satisfying, but hitting multiple notes or 'following' a fast beat as it moves across the grid is harder.

★ Did some grocery shopping and made...way too much stuffing dressing for 3 people. I had a mild moment of panic when I discovered that we were way lower on rosemary and parsley than I thought, and I forgot to put in craisins, but the stuffing ended up tasting fine, which is the important thing.

★ Watched 90 Day Fiance with my mom, which has become our guilty pleasure watch. We both hope the Filipina girl who might possibly marry a man who is old enough to be her grandfather decides to go home instead. In some kind of reverse miracle, the guy's advanced age is the least creepy thing in their, um, relationship: he talks constantly about his ex-wife (who was also Filipina) to the point where he buys his bride-to-(maybe)-be the exact same car and compares their behavior constantly. Also his house is trapped in the 80s and he gets really upset when someone tries to change it, has an alarming amount of books about divorce with titles that sound suspiciously wife-blamey, and just...good lord. Absolutely no woman of any age should marry this guy, he is the sort of person who will passive-aggressively comment a woman into misery then blame her for the inevitable divorce.


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