Nov. 18th, 2015

terabient: A dog is on your head. You are about to get married. (PQ: Koromaru is very excited...)
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I don't know what else to do for today's entry, so...time to work on the Borderlands meme.

Day 5: Did the Sheriff of Lynchwood deserve her own introduction?

AAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHA what an oddly specific question. I DO remember back in the day when the Gearbox forums and tumblr tags were obsessed with this particular issue, though, so not only does this date the meme as 'a few months after BL2's release' I'm also familiar with the internets scuffle it refers to.

IIRC, the problem was something like this: given that very minor mini-bosses like the Badass Nomad 'guarding' the Bloodshot Stronghold get a name and a title card, why didn't the Sheriff of Lynchwood--the boss at the end of an extensive (by Borderlands standards) questline, and a character who had direct ties to Handsome Jack--get the same treatment? Some people suggested it was due to sexism, but the truth is almost certainly less nefarious: Lynchwood and the Sheriff's questline are entirely optional, and none of the optional sidequest bosses got formal introductions, even though many of them were more memorable and influenced the main plot more than a lot of the mini-bosses in the main quest.

Going by that reasoning: no, the Sheriff didn't deserve her own introduction.

Besides, Nisha became a playable character in the Pre-sequel and is possibly the most overpowered one, to boot; clearly she's moved on from this cruel oversight. :P
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