Nov. 17th, 2015

work drama

Nov. 17th, 2015 08:29 pm
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Yesterday, I got a notification from my office about new shifts opening up for those still looking for work. Thing is, they're for a client and a shift that I'm currently working, so...basically, they're looking to replace me. That's happened before, and the case managers have always explained why a change was requested. But they didn't this time, and I'm also still scheduled with this client for the foreseeable future, so I don't know what's happening. Naturally this has been eating at me since I received the email. In absence of any direct information, I suspect there are two possible explanations for this oddity:

-I am mistaken. When the office sends out these work notifications, they're absent of most personal information; all that's given is the shift time, town/city, whether the client lives with family or not, and a general overview of the type of assistance required. (e.g., safety supervision, help with ADLs, PT assistance, transportation) So it's possible the email wasn't about my current client, just one in the same town with the same needs and the same living situation with my exact shift times. Possible, but I find it...rather unlikely.

-The family has requested a change, but my office can't find anyone suitable. This seems obvious, but's not the first time I've worked with someone and they've requested a replacement, just the first time I've never been told about it! The office has always been very good at not only informing me promptly about these changes, but why they happen, whether it's something I can improve (like hesitating too often) or not (I'm too young-looking and the client can't get over it, haha). I've never been in this situation, where the office is looking for a replacement but not taking me off the case, nor informing me that this is occurring.

So I'm left speculating at what the problem is, if there's something should (or can) do to help mitigate it, and if I'm not replaced, how I'm going to handle this week's visits...I'm thinking that the office isn't enthused about looking for a replacement, I'm under the impression that this family has been through quite a few caregivers. Of course, whether the office is fed up with the family or not is beside the point. I know I should contact the office and ask them directly, but I'm a bit miffed that they haven't told me anything at all and I only know about it because of a mass email. And--well, working with this client/family has been pretty stressful even without this complication; I'm not looking forward to working with them for an extended period with this simmering in the background. Is it unprofessional of me to say that I'm mostly grateful that I might not have to work with them again, ever? It probably is.

Well, I'm off to die in Mushihimesama before I melt into the bed for the night.
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