Nov. 15th, 2015

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I had work today, but only for 4 hours, and I was finished by noon. What did I do with a whole Sunday afternoon, you ask? I slept. I slept until 5:00 and then I stayed in bed for another hour to fully enjoy the sensation of being snug and warm in bed on a cold Sunday, with no pressing obligations until tomorrow. Part of me is regretting all those 'wasted' hours, part of me feels nice and refreshed and...ready to sleep another eight hours, lol.

I still need to sort out the clothing donations, though....


In search of inspiration for writing fandom essay-ish type things by reading old posts at [ profile] ship_manifesto, which has been dead for awhile but still has a template for use and interesting posts in general. It's helped me structure my thoughts about a few ships that have been taking up space in my brain for awhile now, but that I've never really talked about--P4/P3 protagonists and Tsubaki/Noel being foremost in that category, but nearly every piece of media I've consumed in the past few years has had a character or pairing I've enjoyed. But I don't discuss why, partly because I'm uncertain my friends through LJ/DW would be familiar with the fandom and finding people who want to analyse rather than squee is a lot harder to do. It's not just a 'tumblr problem' either; the fact that 'fandom' takes place across many different social media services and sites, and the most popular ones are not geared towards long-form, slower discussion styles is the real issue. Tumblr's just a symptom of a larger trend in fandom participation that was occurring long before LJ activity collapsed. And it's not something I want to whine about all the time--complaining about the way the internet has changed is not interesting to read or write about--I miss the creation very small, specialized communities of people who were willing to discuss something as silly as a non-canon, video game slash ship with great detail and over a long period of time. It's hard to talk about what you like and don't like when there's no one around to listen to you. :(


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