Nov. 11th, 2015

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a story about work )

I spent the morning getting an oil change then doing one out of three hampers of laundry. The two I didn't finish are the ones destined for the donation bins; they've been in storage for years and I'm under the assumption that they're full of yuck and empty of clothing anyone actually wants, but I haven't actually looked too deeply into the hampers. I did today and discovered a number of non-clothing items (just plastic...stuff???? didn't look too closely) so I'll have to *sigh* go through them and toss out all the not-clothing stuff before bringing them to the laundromat. OH WELL. It will be good to have the extra space for all of a day before it gets filled up with more stuff from some other corner of the house no one is using.

Still haven't gotten around to cleaning the house! :T

To end, a couple of interesting game music tracks to consider:

J-E-N-O-V-A, arranged in Mario Paint Composer Looking up Mario Paint composer arrangements of other video game tunes is one of my favorite niche past times; this J-E-N-O-V-A arrange is remarkably close to the original, and uses the "dog bark" note in lieu of timpani. The addition of dogs is always an upgrade, so in some ways this is an improvement on the original piece! :P

Metal Gear Solid theme, arranged for the Gameboy Color Things that will never stop amusing me: the fact that a Gameboy Color port of Beatmania exists; the fact that the Metal Gear Solid theme is a playable track--complete with video overlay!--in said GBC port.

Aquatic Ambiance, re-arranged by Masashi Hamauzu To end on a very different note, here's a beautiful re-arrangement of the Aquatic Ambiance track from Donkey Kong Country. Hamauzu says he was really happy to work on this track, which isn't surprising since it features the atmospheric, chromatic harmonies that he favors in his own compositions. Also: piano and violin solos! ♥


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