Nov. 10th, 2015

terabient: Yu Narukami sings the Junes theme song with Nanako (P4: Everyday young life)
Poor life decisions )

Anyway, here are some amusing links:

PLEASE WATCH THIS AWFUL VIDEO REVIEW OF EARTHBOUND IT IS UNBELIEVABLE. Okay, technically it is two guys commenting on an awful video review of Earthbound, but please do not let that deter you; the source video is spectacular. It's 1:42 minutes of a guy rambling about the most obvious features of Earthbound while poorly chosen gameplay footage plays in the background. Also, there's pizza. TV Tropes has a bit on the history of the review show, which is even more amazing than this review. If you have the time or inclination, I strongly suggest watching the Final Fantasy VIII review--or maybe it's a walkthrough of the first five minutes of the game?--which ends on a somewhat horrifying note of hyperbolic disappointment. Also, cites Titanic as an ideal example of epic romance.

★ National Public Radio ran this bizarre piece on Jeb Bush, most notable for being the son and brother of unpopular presidents and doing poorly in televised debates. The quotes featured are cringe-inducing in how tone-deaf they are, and NPR includes the actual audio so you can really wallow in the secondhand embarrassment. Highlights: An actual utterance of "Praise Jesus" in relation to the stock market; the phrase "unleash American's animal spirits" because of course a speech on energy policy is a very exciting event requiring the unleashing of animal spirits.


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