Nov. 8th, 2015

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Yet again it is late evening and I don't know what to write about. Good (bad?) thing that 30 day memes exist.

Day 3: Favorite Gun Manufacturer more difficult to answer than the first two. I tend to pick favorite guns by type rather than manufacturer, and with the sheer amount of guns in Borderlands, combined with red-text special effects, means that even if though I may dislike a manufacturer's gimmick (hello, Hyperion reverse recoil) they probably have at least a few guns that I make regular use of. (In the case of Hyperion, their Legendary-tier shotguns are all incredible and among my favorite weapons in the game.)

But if I had to choose a single manufacturer, I'd go with Dahl. Their gimmick is extremely low recoil and burst-fire when aiming down the sights, so overall their guns offer a lot of precision and control. The burst-fire while aiming annoys a lot of people, particularly when it involves Dahl's snipers, but Dahl snipers are actually my favorite kind for a few reasons. The stability and lack of recoil means Dahl snipers are extremely accurate when hip-firing, especially at a high rate of fire. (Vladof snipers can fire faster, but practically you have to pause every 3-4 shots to manage the recoil; Hyperion's reverse recoil means they're more accurate over time, but as a matter of principle I won't use a sniper rifle when its' initial shot is almost guaranteed to miss. :P) The burst-fire while aiming can be annoying at first, but again having low recoil means the burst fire doesn't get out of hand and it's possible to have all 3 shots in a burst hit a crit point, which makes Dahl snipers an ideal fit for Zer0's Critical Ascension skill.

I do find Dahl's in-game company theme to be...uninspired. It's a standard military theme, hence the low recoil gimmick--it's supposed to represent dependability and practicality and stuff. It's an attitude that I like as a player but in a universe where the competition is like, sleek and space-agey with an overwrought, poetic naming scheme and just comes off as totally inappropriate for a weapon manufacturer, (Maliwan) or run by a guy who fucking loves explosions (Torgue), being 'the military manufacturer' is pretty boring in comparison. I think Dahl's lols potential got a decent boost in the Pre-Sequel, though--I liked how they were in charge of the New-U stations, and the contrast between the generic 'army strong' encouragement and the absurdity of reconstructing your character over and over again.


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