Nov. 7th, 2015

terabient: A distressed Kotori Minami, covered with birds (Love Live: SAVE ME FROM THE BIRDS)
My work schedule for this month has me working 6 days a week, with Saturday being 11 hours long and a 40 minute drive to get there on top of that.

Pros: Friday is my off day; Wednesdays and Sundays are only 8am-12pm so I have plenty of time to do errands and stuff; lower chance of getting called at the last minute for fill-in shifts; MOAR MONEY and quicker accumulation of earned time off.

Cons: Well, uh, working six days a week, I guess, and that most days I have to budget about two hours to get to/from my home to my client's homes.

other difficulties )

Anyway, long shift is long and that's why today's entry is short. ^_^;; Gonna try to write something more substantial tomorrow!
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