Nov. 6th, 2015

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I wonder why video gamers as a group are so eager to take abuse from gaming companies.

Like, I was reading an opinion piece on microtransactions in premium-priced games, and you'd think there'd be like 95% agreement on these things (i.e. they're unnecessary and manipulative) but no! There are lots of people who are defending the right of corporations to charge money on top of a sizable entry fee, ostensibly because something vague like 'the servers need money to stay open' or 'development costs so much these days' so it's okay to create inherently manipulative systems to drain your wallet of $0.99/$5/$9.99 at a time? I understand that creating games is expensive and you have to pay the people who work on them, and servers require maintainece; but ffs your business model is to charge $60 to play the game. it's not my fault if a publisher spends an outlandish amount of money on promotional mountain dew flavors, or decides to go over budget by cobbling together a multiplayer mode a few months before release so that they can add microtransactions in the first place. i am literally and morally outraged that companies raking in hundreds of millions of dollars a year have the gall to insinuate that they need $60 AND my lunch money in order pay their (overworked, underappreciated) workers and shit out another premium priced game in a year.

But apparently not everyone has the same problem and don't mind getting charged over and over again. :|


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