Nov. 5th, 2015

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there's a character in this screenshot i swear

Soooo, Mushihimesama (translated: Bug Princess) is a CAVE-produced shooter and the game that preceded Mushihimesama Futari, (translated: Bug Princess Duo) a game I have mentioned on occasion and one that I greatly enjoy, despite not being particularly good at it. Mushihimesama was released on the 360 in Japan, but it was region locked--even though the sequel, Futari, was not. I'm not sure an official reason for the region lock was ever given, although from rumors and things other Japanese developers have said, apparently Microsoft Japan was cool with region-free games some years, and other years...wasn't. Which makes no sense, but then again, it's Microsoft so whatever. And it would explain why about half of CAVE's 360 releases were region-free and half were region-locked, with no real reason cited by CAVE regarding the changes.

Because Mushihimesama was region-locked I was seriously considering importing a Japanese 360 in order to play it...but now that it's available world-wide on Steam, I don't have to! Thanks, Degica~ (they've been releasing a ton of quality shmups on Steam, if that's your kind of thing ;)

available for everyone not from space

Anyway! The Mushihimesama series is somewhat infamous for bullet patterns so ridiculous that it inspired this youtube video, the hardest video game boss ever, and the highest difficulty setting comes with this warning:

it's like dark souls but with a crazily-proportioned anime girl

But fear not, Mushihimesama is not all excruciatingly hard bullet patterns: there are beginner modes. And perhaps more than any other shooter I've played, Mushihimesama rewards staying still and sticking to the middle of the lower half of the screen. There are also a lot of bombs available. So you don't have to have fast reaction time or memorize a ton of tough patterns, you can chill and admire all the neat bug sprites before you destroy them.

Anyway if you have Steam, and would like to try Mushihimesama out, let me know~~ I will try to gift it to you--disposable income permitting--and hopefully you will have as much fun as I have had while playing it. ♥

confession time: i put off posting until the last minute today because i was playing this all evening. which is why today's entry reads like a poorly written advertorial. YOU'RE WELCOME \o/


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