Nov. 4th, 2015

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I've had plenty of free time to write today, and...there's nothing in particular I want to write about. so it looks like it's CHALLENGE TIME!, a.k.a. answer another question from that Borderlands meme that will probably take me two years to finish. d^_^b

Day 2: Favorite Vault Hunter

Well, that's easy. It's this mega-dork.

things i've learned from borderlands: what 'on fleek' means

Zer0 was my favorite Vault Hunter from the moment I saw the introduction; I am not immune to the cool factor of a gender-ambiguous humanoid slicin' and dicin' bandits and robots. I was pleased to discover that in-game, I could recreate the exact scenario presented in the intro! Kinda. Sorta. Okay, no. But I was able to distract enemies with a decoy then stab them in the back, which was satisfying enough.

To be honest, I probably wouldn't have played Borderlands for as long as I did (between the 360 and PC, I have 765 hours logged) if Zer0 didn't offer so many ways to approach the game. I started out as a pistol/melee hybrid, then moved to a pure melee build after hitting level 50 until I reached the end of Playthrough 3, and after that, I began experimenting with different builds...for months. I did things like kill Terramorphous with melee only (possible, and you only need to hit him about 4 times, but setting up each strike is obnoxiously difficult) or wipe out a Constructor bot using only kunai and AoE damage from Zer0's decoy. (also possible, and kind of hilarious???) In short: I became a BL2 elitist for Zer0. Which is kind of awful, I guess, but I try not to be a douchey elitist. I just have really strong feelings about weapon/skill synergy and damage formulas and the most efficient use of skill points, OKAY.

Gameplay aside, I love how Zer0 almost always speaks in belabored haiku, how his electronically altered voice can be, uh...awkwardly sensual at times, that he's Probably Not A Human but that's about as much as we'll ever know about his origins or personal life. Actually, that's a lie, his voice clips confirm that he's totally a nerd under the Grey Fox suit.

fun fact: this is one of my most reblogged gifs on tumblr

And that's why Zer0's my favorite. ♥


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