Nov. 1st, 2015

terabient: Noel smiling while wearing her NOL uniform and cloak (Blazblue: Noel portrait)
Things I did this weekend:

★ Visited my brother in Burlington to attend this year's Bakuretsu Con; we had attended once before in its inaugural year, 2001, when we were both in high school, but my brother hadn't been back since, and I hadn't been since...2007? 2008? Anyway, it was a fun ~blast from the past~ for both of us, and I tried to get my brother caught up on various nerd culture things since he's a bit out of the loop when it comes to anime/manga things.

★ Signed up for National Blog Posting Month, so expect...regular updates for a month?! Yes, it's true. (Unless I flake out, which is quite likely.)

On to something I always mean to do after cons but never actually get around to doing...

a post-convention summary! )

That's about all the convention specific stuff out of the way! Tomorrow, I'll try to post some pictures of myself stuff I bought over the weekend, and maybe talk about some of the horror movies I watched on Saturday.
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