Oct. 24th, 2015

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I've been trying to make time to play Dance Dance Revolution on a regular basis. I try to get in at least one session a week, more than that if time allows. There are a few reasons for doing this--I started the year with a vague resolution to be healthier this year, and frankly playing DDR has probably been my most enduring source of exercise since college, if not the most consistent. And I've always wanted to consistently pass the level 10 and higher songs...something that I was almost capable of doing back when I played regularly, but I never quite got to that point. I guess my ultimate goal is to finally pass PARANOiA Survivor Max, something that always eluded me when I was semi-serious/competitive. There are easier level 10s, but I just prefer PSM (both the stepchart and the song itself) to the others.

Anyway, my progress has been, uh...discouraging, as of late. The arcade closest to me has Supernova, which isn't my favorite release, but whatever, gotta take what you can get. Anyway, I figured I'd start by playing all the level 7 songs with the x2 speed mod enabled, to ease back into the game and gauge where I'm at, skill-wise. Things I have discovered after playing about 20 songs:

★ My endurance and speed is atrocious :( Like, even just a year ago, I could play 4 or 5 sets without getting winded (not just 7s, but everything below a 10), but now I do like...two and I'm so beat. It's super disappointing because I can't do nearly as many songs I'd planned and even though I cut my sessions short, after about six songs (which amounts to two sets) I'm so tired it starts affecting my accuracy to a noticeable degree. UGH
★ If a stepchart has lots of gallop/offbeat steps I PROBABLY hate it, and guess what Supernova original charts have a lot of??? also the charts seem to be synced...poorly. But I could have lost my sense of rhythm, too HAHAHAsob ;_;
★ The songs unique to Supernova are mostly boring. At least it has my favorite Bemani song, Rainbow Flyer! Only, they removed the Sana vocals from the DDR version for whatever reason, which makes me upset again.
★ The volume of the arcade machine is horrendously low and I don't know why. Who decided to TURN DOWN the volume so that it's barely audible when you're standing on the pad? I'm pretty much playing a rhythm game by sight alone which defeats the purpose of a rhythm game. BLAH

On the plus side, I can still pass Orion .78 -AMeuro mix- with relative ease and people still stop and go 'oooh' when I play it, so that's cool.


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