Oct. 17th, 2015

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I’ve been avoiding tumblr lately, mostly because I have a lot less free time and when I do check it out there’s way too much stuff for me to scroll though, even with liberal blacklisting and muting. I end up missing a lot of the original and/or personal stuff mutuals post because they’re buried under ten thousand reblogs of the dancing pumpkin man and that picture of candies that are extremely unlikely to be drugs but tumblr is convinced they’re drugs, BE CAREFUL. I only seem to find out about mutual’s personal stuff when they reference it in a later post, and then I feel bad for not seeing or responding to the original post, and then I get all this anxiety about interacting (or rather, not interacting.) So my tumblr experience, of late, has been wasting an hour wading through meh reblogs to reach posts that make me feel mildly guilty, which is not exactly a pleasant way to spend the limited hours between ‘work’ and ‘sleep.’

anyway that’s why I’ve become slightly more active on DW again.

some stuff that I’ve been mulling about:

★ Tomorrow (well, technically today) I’m dropping in at the annual local anime convention--which has become a bit larger as it’s relatively close to Boston and only one of two conventions that take place in New England during the fall. (The other is in Vermont, which I’m also attending, but that’s not until Halloween weekend.) I have a new cosplay I’m planning on wearing...maybe. I dunno. I get a lot of anxiety just before I wear a new one, and I’m trying not to talk myself out of it. If I end up doing it I’ll post pictures. Maybe. I’m even more self-conscious about posting pictures of my cosplay than I am about actually doing it. ~_~

★ Might start doing something like “Music Monday” posts--I’ve been thinking a lot about what I listen to and how to explain why I like it. Describing music in concrete, understandable terms is something that’s always been difficult for me, but I’d like to get better at it...if I go through with this idea, expect a lot of rhythm game and not-Touhou bullet hell/shmup tracks.

★ November is coming and I think I’m going to sign up for NaBloPoMo again. I had a lot of fun doing it before, I miss livejournal-style blogging, and there are a lot of things I keep thinking about but never get around to discussing. Challenge blogging tends to help with that.

★ On that note, there are a few games that I keep thinking about, despite not playing them often (or ever) because they utterly enraged me. Resident Evil 6 is one of those games, and I might actually pick the chapter-by-chapter review I started years ago, because I still remember every obnoxious moment of its excruciating campaigns. The 3rd Birthday is another one: it had some seriously high production values for a PSP-exclusive sequel to a series that had been dormant for years (and only mildly successful at that,) and when judged by its gameplay/graphics/sound presentation it’s a decent game. But the story is so awful it pretty much renders T3B unplayable. Aaaand then there’s Pink Sweets, an shmup that’s obscure even by shmup standards, which I have never beaten without using a gazillion continues and is the only game where I’ve sincerely thought “The developer behind this hates people and does not want them to be happy.” It’s also the only game I go back to even though I despise just about every mechanic/design choice unique to it. I think part of it’s because it destroyed me so badly I have to try beating it, and partly because, despite hating it so much, I don’t know if I can call it a poorly designed game, just one determined to make you suffer.


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