Sep. 14th, 2015

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I finally upgraded my old, not-smart cell phone for a Droid Turbo, which means...I don't know. I bought it so I'd have access to gmail and google calendar at all times, but I can also buy android games and experience the horrors of tumblr mobile first-hand. That's exciting, sort of? spoiler: i haven't downloaded tumblr yet

I have downloaded Pokemon Shuffle and Love Live!, and I have a few rhythm games that I might check out if I end up getting bored of the first two. Pokemon Shuffle is mostly a terrible, Candy Crush-ified version of Pokemon Trozei--which I already have--and yet I find myself booting up Shuffle at least twice a day for about 3 minutes of not particularly satisfying Match-3 action. I guess the whole convenience factor of the phone makes it more palatable; it's easy enough to use up all my hearts when I have a few minutes of downtime while working, and fiddling with a phone is more discreet than pulling out a portable video game system.

Love Live! is...kind of confusing? I downloaded it with the vague awareness that it was a popular rhythm game that became a popular anime...or did the anime come first? Did they come out concurrently??? I have no idea. I just recognized the Love Live! name when searching for rhythm games. I understand the idea is to make/train an idol group, and the rhythm game itself is pretty self-explanatory, but the story and collecting members aspect is what I don't understand. The story is just explaining the game mechanics very slowly with lots of cute anime girls yelling at each other, and...I get multiples of the same member??? what do i do with them??? i don't get it.

I haven't really gotten to a point where the characters are anything more than obvious stereotypes, but Nozomi is my favorite at the moment. I like her hairstyle, that she's a bit thicker than the other girls, and she's sort of a geek-chic fortune-teller? Hoping there's some lesyay with her and the student council president, given that Nozomi mentions her a fair amount in the menu screens. :P


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