Mar. 31st, 2015

terabient: by <user name=xfreischutz> (Default)
surfacing from the depths to ask a question:

there's an inactive fic challenge community that i want to post to--like, i finished the community challenge (well, one of them) and i could post the fic whenever, but since there are no mods checking claim requests i can't have my request approved.

BUT i do have posting access to the community, so i technically don't need mod approval to post the finished fic. that okay, or should i not post to the community and just keep it to my personal accounts? or should i try getting in touch with the mods...? i dunno.

it's not like it's especially scintillating fic that MUST BE SHARED, i just want to get back in the habit of posting stuff i've written publicly, even it's kinda meh
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