Jan. 7th, 2015

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A forum I lurk at posted a '3 in January' challenge, which only asks that participants finish 3 video games in January. Since I'm pretty good at starting games but terrible at finishing them, it's like this challenge was made for me!...if I can decide what games to work on finishing.

Tentative three:

Persona Q
I was going to finish this in the near future, regardless, and I'm getting towards the end, sort of; I'm on the 3rd floor in the Inaba Regional Exhibit labyrinth, and I think there's only one more dungeon after this one. I had to take a break because IRE is one long, one-note gay panic 'joke' and I couldn't stomach the prospect of another cutscene starting with Yosuke baiting Kanji and everyone freaking out over the existence of burly gay men. The puzzles are also pretty involved at this point, and I'm stuck on one particular piece of one very large puzzle, so holding off for a few days seemed like a good idea. I just hope the last dungeon isn't as gigantic/puzzle-heavy as the IRE because ugh that would be unpleasant.

I'm gonna grind it out, though, if only to drown in the feels after my ship-of-the-month (Minato/Yu) inevitably has to part, never to see each other again.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
This is probably cheating, since I've beaten the main storyline in New Vault Hunter Mode already, but I won't feel like I've truly completed it until I get my character to level 50. There's also the matter of Tiny Tina and Brick's TVHM-only commentary as a draw, but ugh there's like nothing to do but the main quest from level 45-50 and that's when the exponential level scaling really starts to have a significant negative on under-leveled equipment. That coupled with the general lack of fun areas for treasure hunting, doesn't make me super-excited to start playing again...but I want to fight the raid boss. I actually love playing as Claptrap (he might be my favorite character in the whole series just because he's so fun to use in TPS) but there are so few areas and bosses worth fighting again. In BL2 there were lots of places that were fun to load up and run through just to kill stuff and check treasure chests for new equipment...oh well.

Caladrius Blaze
This is a pretty obscure shoot-em-up (actually...are there any non-obscure shoot-em-ups in this day and age?) that I bought just before Christmas and is totally embarrassing because one of its selling points is that you rip the clothes off of the bosses as you injure them (it's even called a 'Shame Break', gawd) and if you manage to beat the boss without getting hit yourself, you're...rewarded...with a picture of the boss miserable and in strategically placed tatters. Your character's clothing is also shredded up as you take on more and more damage, so, um, yeah. A lot of mildly risque stuff. I mean, I knew that going in, but I'm still kind of embarrassed to play it even though it's enjoyable. There are a lot of characters and each one has 3 'spells' they can use in addition to their main shot, and those can be upgraded by items you collect while playing. The bosses have some really cool (and difficult) shot patterns and the music is pretty nice although that almost goes without saying for a shmup.

I've technically finished this game already, but only in the sense that I've cleared the first 5 stages with one character, while credit-feeding. I won't consider it 'finished' until I've used all the available characters and have reached the final stage/boss.


I guess that's my fun goal for January. (There's a lot of real-world shit that needs to get done this month, but ugh who cares.) Here's hoping I don't just give up on all of these right after posting about them like I normally do. :P


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