Jan. 2nd, 2015

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hello i am just dropping in to say 'yes i am here, lurking, always.'

i have been playing a lot of Persona Q lately. thoughts: it's graphically lovely and i wasn't expecting that, gdi i want Minato and Yu to be loser protagonist boyfriends so bad, teddie is unbearable as he has been distilled into a creature that obnoxiously hits on women and occasionally makes bear puns. it is much worse that it sounds. also the dungeon crawling is legitimately fun; I've never played the etrian odyssey games but if this is what they're like--mapping huge labyrinths, puzzles that actually require you to write the clues down so that you can work through them later, and turn-based combat where turn management is really important--then I should get around to playing them at some point.

i was playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for awhile, but I burnt out on that after a few weeks and just ended up playing more Borderlands 2. It's not that the pre-sequel is bad, necessarily; it just...isn't as good as 2, and the writing is really uneven, moreso than in 1 or 2. I'm still trying to decide if it was 'ambitious' or 'hackish.' I dunno, maybe the writers were trying to make people think about what 'morality' means in a universe where nearly every human being is despicable by normal means, OR they were trying to go for the tried-and-true 'descent into darkness' storyline but forgot that nobody wants to see Jack as morally ambiguous.

it's a good game but i feel like it's not, like, $60 good, especially if you have unplayed campaigns or characters in the first 2 games.

i was planning on putting a few more things here but wow suddenly i'm exhausted. gn dreamwidth you're still cool.


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